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DO THIS DO THAT FEATURING MR 0 Honeycomb, Edinburgh, Sat 15 Jun Packaging is central to pop, which is one reason why shite compilation manufacturers, PR people and journalists are so keen on coining distinctive terms for essentially similar genres. DJs aren’t usually so keen. ‘lt’s just music,’ they clamour. ‘Why do you have to categorise it?’

Ex-Shamen frontman Mr C is the exception to the rule. ‘I have been blamed for tech-house, because I gave Eddie Richards a mix tape with that name back in 92, and I called up loads of DJs and said: “Let’s use this name.” That’s how techno started, there were six producers in Detroit and they started calling what they did techno. We wanted to do a similar thing in London, and now the genre does exist: it goes at about 130bpm and it’s funky and edgy.’

The Shamen were a psychedelic rock band until a move from Scotland to London turned them on to the acid house RIP parties run by Richard West, better known as Mr C. C, who describes his own contribution to the scene as ‘legendary’ guested on ‘Move Any Mountain’ and became the band’s frontman just before ‘Ebeneezer Goode’ incensed the Daily Mail and shot them to Number One. Since then he’s spent his time DJing, producing (his debut LP, Change, was released last month) and running London club the End and its associated record label.

By playing Do This Do That, Mr C will be entering good company: past guests have included Jon Carter, Slam and Lottie. DTDT was set up in 1997 at Dundee’s student union and, when promoters Neil Anthony and Emma Craythorne moved down to Edinburgh, the night came with them. Anthony describes the policy as underground house, but seems just as excited about what’s happening in the second room. ‘We’re having a bit of salsa, but there’s going to be loads of musical

DJ Raoul guests at Tronicsole’s opening night

NEW NIGHT TRONICSOLE The Arches, Glasgow, Fri 7 Jun

Belgium: home of Sprouts. hardcore. Eurocrats. faceless techno and deep house. Don't believe me? Well. you've

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obViously never sampled the delights of deep house funksters. SWirl Reorgle. who make muSic With enough sure- footed Cunning that it's comparable to the Drop Boys or Deep Sensation.

DJ Raoul. one half of the production

Tech-house’s cheekiest chappie Mr C

styles,’ he says. ‘We want it to be very different. I don’t think anyone else in Edinburgh is doing anything quite as free-standing with their backroom.’

If Mr C has his way, the front room will be pretty exciting too. ‘I want you to have a lot of fun, with a capital F, because no matter how serious people get about electronic music, its objective is to be a music you can have a good time to. So come along and jump around like nutcases. And buy the new album. Make Mr C a popstar again. So many people are listening to crappy cheesy trance and mainstream lowest- common-denominator house: let’s get some proper old school attitudes and proper futuristic music going.’ (James Smart)

Outfit. started DJing in the early 908 on his local radio station. Since then. he and his partner in crime. Dimitri Deweyer. have produced a number of damn fine dance tunes. full of sharp beats. Crazed keys. filtered moods and plenty of happy Vibes. “He is quite possbly one of. if not the best. DJs I’ve heard.’ says Tronicsole label manager. Chris Harris. ‘l've played alongSide Raoul at Ultragroove and a couple of times in London, and I'm really looking forward to this one.‘

The mainstay of big nights but. is of cowse. big name DJs. and Harris has a few more up his sleeve. Its the Arches. wnich lS the best venue in Glasgow. so we have Quite a line-up for fonhcoming nights. But it's not all about. big names. it's abOut duality. Tronicsole WI“ he a representation of what the label is all about: duality deep and funky house.‘ he says. 'l'n‘. just aiming for a good quality night but. where people who oniOy good music can (:on‘o down and enjoy themselves. want the whole place Jtiinping.' iGillian McCorn‘ack‘;

Word Up

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DETAILS OF CLUB ACTION throughout the Edinburgh festival are leaking out. Across the city various quality DJs will be taking advantage of those 5am licences in August. Expect to catch Josh Wink, Darren Emerson, James Lavelle, DJ Die, Q-Bert, Dimitri from Paris, Kenny ‘Dope’ Gonzales, Groove Armada (DJ set), Fabio & Grooverider, Paul Daley (Leftfield) and Kevin Saunderson (pictured) with more to be confirmed.

CREAMFIELDS HAS annOunced yet another huge Club event in Ireland at Punchestown Racecourse in Dublin. On Saturday 31 August the likes of Faithless. Underworld. Sasha. Judge Jules. Futureshock and Our very Own Slam will lOln the line-up for Ireland's largest dance fest (30.000 capacity). Should be a good Craic as they say.

CAST YOUR MINDS BACK to Friday May 17. You were out clubbing hoping to catch your favourite DJ as they flew into town for one night only. But a system crash at air traffic control caused flights to be cancelled and delayed across Europe. This led to several guest DJs (Andy C, Cristian Vogel etc) being stranded. A number of promoters have been in touch to let it be known that they were as gutted as you, and DJs will be rescheduled for the earliest date possible. YET MORE SAD NEWS FOR Edinburgh's techno and trance faithful. Pill'oox has deCideo that it is gonna go Out With a bang with a full-0n residents biOW Out. So catch 'em while yo..- can on Friday 14 June.

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