Summer’s around the corner and everyone’s heading to far flung places for their cultural fix. But wait! There’s an array of untapped treasures just sitting on your doorstep.

Words: Anna Millar


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ll‘ thc World (’up lliix got _\our pulses racing. )ou could do a lot \\ni'\c than a trip to The Scottish Football Museum tllanipdcn Park. (3”) ()llllll.

Alec McLeish's 1990 World Cup shirt (left), Kenny Dalglish's Silver cap and Gordon Strachan's 1986 shirt (right) at The Scottish Footbal Museum

The Scottish Football Museum includes Kenny Dalglish’s 100th cap and Archie MacPherson’s sheepskin’s coat

l)ixpl;i}x includc Kenny I)a|g|i.\h'\ lllllth cap and Archic \lacl’hcrxon‘s sliccpxkin's coal. Rcal hardcorc l‘anaticx can c\ cn hang out in thc \pccial reconstructions ol‘ thc lainon llampdcn i’i'cxx Box or llic original homc tlt'cxxing

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Permanent Attractions Special

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Discover the truth about the birth of modern football at the Scottish Football Museum. Enjoy the sights, sounds and stories of the world's favourite game. See the oldest surviving cup in the world, the oldest international ticket and oldest international cap. These, and hundreds of other original artifacts, help make the Scottish Football Museum at Hampden Park an exceptional attraction for visitors of all ages.

Adults £5.00 Children £2.50

Adults £2.50 Children 21.25

National Stadium, Hampden Park, Glasgow G42 98A 15:. 0141 616 6100 FAX 0141 616 6101 emu. wee

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