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Artistic director Anton Steele

‘Hair without colour is like a face without make-up.‘ says Jan Campbell. senior colourist at Anton Steele Hairdressing in Glasgow. Unconvinced. I ask artistic director Anton Steele whether colouring virgins have been taking the equivalent of bare-faced chic too far. “There's no way we would ever do a photo shoot or show without colouring the hair beforehand; it just completely alters the way a haircut looks.’ says the five-year veteran of Vidal Sassoon. 'Even if someone has brown hair. it you put a naturally brown colour through their hair that's exactly the same as their own colour. I guarantee the hair will look healthier.‘

Strong words. but. when they are spoken by a man with 15 years hairdressing experience. you‘re inclined to believe him. Steele launched his salon in January of last year and since then has built up a strong team of stylists and a regular customer base. Situated just off Buchanan Street. the airy first floor salon has a relaxed feel in contrast to its stylish surrounds. Quality hairdressing and first-rate customer service are the pillars of the company's ethos. and. judging by their returning clients and favourable comments in follicle bible Hair Magazine. Steele and co are delivering the goods.

This year. Steele won the regional final of the L'Oreal Colour Trophy and later competed against representatives of Harvey Nichols and Toni 8. Guy in the London final. Alas. victory proved elusive. but the company can take solace in the fact that. one-year-old. it is already among the leading salons operating

in Scotland.

Ouality hair products. too. feature very highly on the company's list of priorities. Steele. who trained as a freelance design artist with Sebastian haircare. explains why: ‘Our best advert is the client walking around. If they can get their hair looking as good as we can possibly get it looking. then I'll be happy. I think product plays a big part in that.‘ (Maureen Ellis)

IAnton Steele, 26 Springfield Court, Glasgow, 0741 229 7743

Black Tuplipe by Sally Mereland

.. " \ Necklace by Harriete Estel Barman

1 14 THE LIST 2O Jun—4 Jul 2002


Jewels in the town

lt's intriguing how fashions in jewellery permeate the high street. Was it Kate Moss' emerald engagement teaser or Britney Spears' jade knuckle-duster that inspired the deluge of green. blue and turquoise knick-knacks currently taking over the accessow stands? Then again, perhaps the source of inspiration lies further up the creative chain.

Anyone who doesn't regard Elizabeth Duke as the standard bearer of jewellery design will love the Schmuck jewellery exhibition. This international event began in Munich in 1959. annually showing cutting edge jewellery from around the world. This is the first time it has been held in Britain and. fittingly. two Scottish designers. Dorothy H099 and Adam Paxon will be among the 63 artists selected.

The international diversity is heightened by the range of materials. colour and texture of exhibits. Paper. perspex. wood. horsehair. leather and rubber aren't materials that spring to mind when you think of jewellery. but these are just some of the components on view. And watch out for the interactive pieces which possess kinetic Qualities. High street jewellery may never be the same again. (Maureen Ellis)

I Dick Institute, Ki/marnock, until Sat 27 Jul.


Spend, spend, spend. . .

I GLASGOW’S MILES better shopping status has just taken a severe blow to its bulbous head. Braehead Scotland’s answer to the Metro is no longer a weegie. Official bods at the council have taken it upon themselves to move the boundaries and Braehead is now part of Renfrewshire. Fear not shopping fans: big bucks have been set aside to revamp the Merchant City and Trongate areas of the city centre. to attract new investment.

I TO CONTRADICT entirely what’s just gone before, Zara, the Spanish fashion powerhouse, is set to go head-to-head with Mango with its affordable stylish essentials when it opens a store in

Glasgow. According to retail insiders, the company’s first Scottish address will be 12-18 Buchanan Street. Here at The List we got less excited about the prospect of Selfridges looking for a 300,000 sq ft prime Glasgow location. Or maybe only just.


Monster's Ball star Halle Berry in Lush. Kensington High Street, where she stocked up on no less than six of its tubs of Dream Cream body moisturisers. Six? Mind you. anyone‘s who's seen her latest flick will know Halle‘s skin gleams like a silicon-coated baby's posterior. and if that's her secret, we can see its best-selling body moisturiser becoming even more popular. For that movie-star glow. order online at or make like Berry and head into one of its many high street stores.


Jenners’ beauty department this month. Not only has the Edinburgh store’s perfumery and cosmetics area been expanded to house even more scrummy products and designer ranges, it will also be the first shop in Scotland to sell the exclusive skincare range SK-ll. Beloved of celebs such as Sadie Frost, Nicole Kidman and Jade Jagger, the range originated in Japan where a yeast extract, ‘Pitera’, was found to restore the skin’s natural rhythm and promote clearer, smoother skin. The power and ritual involved in using Pitera has been harnessed by SK-Il.

I WHY NOT TRAVEL in style astride Auto Express” “best scooter‘, the Yamaha Teos? The urban commuter came top in the awards which take into account styling. practicality. usability and running costs. Weighing in at only

1 13kg, the stylish roadster is light. agile and easy to handle.

You might want to start saving those bus fares. though, as the Teos will set you back a cool $32,599. See www.yamaha- to whet your appetite further. Still. ‘tis a thing of great beauty.

I PERHAPS MORE within a normal budget is the world’s first digital binoculars. Why would binoculars need to be digital? Well, those rather tabby creations store high-res and low-res photos at the click of a switch which you can later download onto a PC: like a digital camera and binoc- ulars combined. Not bad for £160. To order go to www. iwantoneoflhoseoom