I Saw You


V I saw you ya big Alan with your cute pair of mushrooms Would you look after me in teknivals in France this summer'.’ ['r love bitch xx. Box No [7443/1.

V I saw you .\'urse Julie Sat 8 June. Corinthian. Glasgow downstairs. You were gorgeous I was average (your words). I would really like to see you again. Maybe show you around paradise. Box .\'o [7443/2.

V I saw you in Happy Hippo's too scared to jump down the chute. .\'ever mind. 1 still fancy you any way. Box No [7443/3.

V I saw you calling Victoria who was at The ['nit on Saturday 8 June ‘02. where did you go'.’ (‘all me on ()141 422 2269 or email the at derrick(a‘ Box No [7443/4.

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' QiFutz,

V I saw you I didn't see you but two of you helped me home on a Sunday night not too long ago! ljust wanted to say thankyou! Box .\'o [.7443/5.

V I saw you at never get out the boat. 2nd June. You were a small guy. spiky hair with white beads round your neck. You were with a girl. 1 was the tall guy. dark hair who gave you half my pint of lager when you were danceing. l also spoke to you as you were leaving do you remember? Box No [.7443/6. V I saw you Minty Pentland 9F ladies! You have been bags ofgiggles all year and will he dearly missed! Let‘s make sure we mess around and get naughty together next year! Vernon4eva! x. Box No [7443/7.

V I saw you A.\'(i. nosegrinding your way around the bowl. catching 21 Madonna after your handplant and finishing off on a Japan air. Ride with me. l'll kick your ass. Box No [7443/8.

V I saw you at Melting Pot. Sunday 2 June! You had a white dress on. short hair. beautiful eyes I think you work in Bar 10. You are gorgeous! Just thought you should know. Box No [.7443/9.



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V I saw you gorgeous TV girl Jackie in Strata Saturday 1 June. You made me smile . . . a lot! Could be fun if you get in touch. xx. Box No [7443/10.

V I saw you shoe-less girl on Byres road. You were beautiful and drunk and stranded late and in the rain and I gave you a lift to Broomhill. If you

are interested in meeting for a drink or two. get in touch. Box .\'o [7443/1 l.

V I saw you handsome on Byres Road then next morning in Ashton Lane. You used to serve tne cappuccino in Beanscene and I used to like it. Where did you go‘.’ Box No [7443/12.

V I saw you Lee. Citrus Club 7 Jun ‘02. We danced as a group. 3 women. 3 men. You are lovely! Contact 80‘s girl. We spoke too. Briefly . . . Sarah (black outfit & big heels). Box .\'o [7443/34.

V I saw you super-cute Kat'leen after Supertly last month. but not llit too quick - how 'bout meeting again'.’ Box No [7443/36.

V I saw you naked in my arms. trashing up my bed. singing Joni and lilla. I'd have liked to meet again. Nothing heavy then again nothing ventured. . .take good care. 1). Box No [7443/37.

V I saw you mad sexy hair from Balloch in Waxy's after the rugby. 1 June. Short (you) & sweet (me) but you are nameless "Aint that funny?" Box .\'o [7443/38.

V I saw you Stu when you served me in the Tinderbox. looking sexy as you served my coffee. I noticed you. but did you notice the? Tall. dark haired and a great body. Box No [7443/39.

V I saw you Good Looking in dentist's reception. Dumbarton Road on Thu 30 May. Remember! Interested in meeting up'.’ Can't improve that smile. Box No [7443/40.

V I saw you in your low cut dress. black in colour. although 1 only saw the colour flesh. l was mixing a few tunes in the corner of Brel's Sunday 2/06/02. Box No [7443/41.

V I saw you Dougal with your hairy side-burns. did you enjoy the play? Ha ha ha hee hee hee hoo hoo ha ha ha hey hoo xx. Box No [.7443/42.

V I saw you (‘arol of the Tron. flaming red hair and personality to match. You will be sorely missed by us all. Box No [7443/43.

V I saw you good looking. Polo Lounge/Bar Moda. Sat 1st Jun. You Barcardi Bree/er man. Lots of eyes - too shy to talk. Interested in meetin"? xx. Box No [7443/44.

V I saw you on the tube. 6.30pm 01/06/02. looking beautiful my lndian Rani. Let me be your Raju. Make tne a date & this time I'll wear the pink flower! Box .\'o [7443/45.

V I saw you (,ieorge. you inspired my curiosity (0‘ Brel. Does Monkey gibbon know that monkey love exists'.’ Box No [7443/46.

V I saw you and l was too embarrassed to say "Hi". Your name's Stevie and you were at Stirling [Fni in the mid-80's. We had a brief encounter. Never expected to see you at the Citizen's Theatre. How we've both grown! Almost a teenage crush Still too shy to tell you who 1 am. Handy hint: Long bar. long vodka. Love you long time. Box .\'o [7443/47.

V I saw you Italian boy behind the bar in Blackfriars. Do you want to see my compass box'.’ Box No [7443/48.

V I saw you Justin. cookin' up a storm with your nimble lingers - heat my ring tip anytime honey love. princess the beautiful one. Box .\'o [7443/49.

V I saw you hot blooded girl winning the pub quiz in (ireenock. I was the man at the bar who gave you your vodka at the end. Too shy. Would love to make your Mediterranean blood boil! (And teach you a better song for the liurovision song contest). Box .\'o [7443/50.

V I saw you in Blackfriars. you blonde doll with a tight top on. Are they motmtains‘.’ Would like to help clean your pipes. Box No [7443/51.

V I saw you anthropologist/ psychologist. shaking your sexy arse on the dancefloor. Fancy going out fora drink with possibilities for

more. . .dancing'.’ Box No [7443/52.

V I saw you Val Kilmer/(ieorge Micheal lookalike in ()ffshore Thursday 3()th. 1 was the cute blonde in the corner. You can have coffee with me anytime! (Day or night...) Box No [7443/53.

V I saw you in Blackfriars on my birthday (31st May 9.15pm). You sexy off-blonde and sleeveless. Me Mr all black and mysterious. Let's meet soon! Box .\'o [7443/54.

V I saw you at the Spunge gig. You Chester "Lincoln Park" lookalike. Me slim guy with glasses. You were with a girl but I saw the way you looked at me...Box .\'o [1/443/55.

V I saw you at the beach party. You tall thin guy with yellow + black sockgloves dancing round big brown 'handbag'. You said you knew me. 1 was shy. Wanna dance sometime? Xx. Box No [7443/56.

V I saw you pair of blonde stunners behind the bar @‘ Blackfriars Thu 3()th. You can pull our pints anytime. 2 guys at table under mirror. Box .\'o [7443/57.

V I saw you Claire li.. looking as beautiful as ever. Now you can feel special too! Much love. M xx. Box .\'o [S/443/58.V I saw you Zippy. kickin' my chewin' gum up in the sky. and fallin' for my promises of apple pie. everybody clap!! - Lee. Box .\'o [7443/59.

V I saw you in the Tinderbox. June 1st. red hair and silver dolphin earrings. enjoying life. What's your secret'.’ Call me for fun and frolics! Box No [7443/60.

V I saw you in Bar Brel. blonde bob. gorgeous figure. Wiggling your bum. ('all me?! Daft guy xxx. Box .\'o [7443/61.

V I saw you (a‘ the 13th .\'ote (‘lub & (0‘ ()ptimo working as a bouncer. You've got a shaved head and often wear great red converse shoes. I think you're linglish'.’ l'm the girl who gives you a smile in passing - dark brown. shortish hair and deep brown eyes & lots freckles. We always seem to be on the verge of saying 'hi' so next time I'll try to be brave & break the ice. ()nly if you smile back though! Box No [7443/62.

V I saw you (ieri - the loveliest Box Office manager that ever was - leaving the Arches on yer last day. Miss ya loads babycakes! Sandra xxx. Box No [7443/63.


V I saw you expertly mixing the delinative sound of a generation at AshBOX. You're more sexy than any other 1)]. You know who I am. just think about it logically. Box .\'o [7443/13.

V I saw you and woo'd yott. but you left me in the lurch. .\'ow I pine fir yew. so don't be such a birch. and let me know you're oaky. Your (tree) feller. Box .\'o [.7443/14.

V I saw you Hugo W. cycling through the meadows 6 Jun ‘02. It's been a while but you still make me smile! Box .\'o [7443/15.

V I saw you (a the Bongo Club on sat S Jttn ‘02. You: full time musician. me: student nurse. You're so ace. walk me home next time'.’ Box .\'o [7443/16.

V I saw you bespectacled Leith Walk ()ddbins man. You're so cool! l'm fast becoming an alcoholic. so whisk me off to fruit juice heaven. Box .\'o [7443/17.

V I saw you Michael ()wcn look alike. Behind bar in Frankies. Remember me pinchin u cute bum xx. Box .\'o [7443/18.

V I saw you Hey Big Boy why not download yourself next to my pc and let me take a byte of your apple. Box .\'o [7443/19.

V I saw you smiling raggamuflin (0' Manga. We can be ()BSCENI‘L and get up to sotne MISCHIIili Do remember to Behave'.’ though. Box .\'o [7443/20.

V I saw you at AshBox Ashley. send me a mail soon. xxx. Box .\'o [7443/21.

V I saw you on Saturday 1 June. round about midnight at The Bridge Jan Bar dark- haired girl on the front table. Tall male onlooker was impressed. Box .\'o [7443/22. V I saw you my friends. in my best memories of Edinburgh! I'll miss you all! See you all in a year! Stay in touch! Candy and Tony. look after the family and (‘rispy don't work to hard! Love you all loads!! Frankie xxx. Box .\'o [7443/23.