V I saw you


(0 Iiayourit.

(0 the North Indian I‘ilmhouse. (0 play on your floor.

((1 go-kart speed.

(a peace in my bed.

You're onely. Bandy xxx.

Box No [744.3/24.

V I saw you after 'I‘ackno wearing a sailor hat by Nicholson Sq. You asked if yott and your friends cottld crash at my place. I suggested (ireenlield Lab instead. Hope you found a taxi Box .\'o [7443/25.

V I saw you Monday. walking

a dog named Snoopy. 'I‘ransftxed tne talking. at risk of sounding loopy,

can I w in‘.’ Irwin ...I"rench fot‘lllxhnottt"? Box No [7443/26.

V I saw you Yorkie (iirl. grumpy bttt gorgeotts. I wish I cottld tnake you happy. Annoying Boy. Box .\'o [7443/27.

V I saw you Miss Iladfteld. buying a Nessie pencil case and .\lilky \Yay (‘rispy Rolls. You eyidently haye exquisite taste. . . .\liss Xittg Ytt. Box No [7443/28.

V I saw you heayenly dancing girl with an ostrich fetish . . . w ill you share my Ple 'n' mix‘.’ Box No [7443/2‘) V I saw you pulling pints in I’iyo on Jubilee Sttnday. Me with btw cut and contusing you oyer drinks - fancy haying our own drink stllllCIIlllL‘ to sort it out .’ Box No [7443/30.

V I saw you (‘heryl on the 22 bus on thurs 23. I Used to see you in a llat in Broughton St. a little while back. can I see you again‘.’ Box .\'o [7443/3 I,

V I saw you in the Liquid Rooms on Friday 3lst May. You were sexy and Italian with a great taste in music and a name that's really hard to pronounce. I was called Simon. (iiye me a call. Box No [7443/32.

V I saw you weilding a weapon worthy of battle ~ African Sudan. return to me I wait. x. Box .\'o [7443/33.

V I saw you on the top deck of the nttmber 44 on Satttrday I Jun. I got off after Meadowbank. Were you staring because you thought I was a freak or would you like to meet‘.’ Box No [,7443/35.

V I saw you on the road to Vegas. I was the White Rabbit and you were the King. We got lost in Bat ('ountry. Come find me at the Black Jack table. Box No [7443/64.

V I saw you with your silky ginger tresses blowing in the bree/e as you looked tip into my eyes and stood on your little lippy toes to reach my lips. Box .\’o [7443/05.

V I saw you both. blonde and brunette. You sat in the corner of the 'l'rayerse scheming all night. Iiy il. ey i| children. You \Httll catch IIIL‘i Box No [744.3/66.

V I saw you wrapped around a buxom blonde in Scrttbway. ('onsider yourself dumped! Box No [7443/67.

V I saw you sexy grumpy grey bear at the 'I'rayerse. Give me your homey and I‘ll be yours forever. Xxx. Box .\'o [7/443/68.

V I saw you in your luminescent [IV skirt and sexy silyer string top sipping cocktails a the bar. Call me and let‘s get tropical in the jungle. Box No L7443/6‘).

V I saw you funky lady with the chin stud at the Standing Order. May 30th. Liked the Becks hairdo. You tiny with the blue top. me the quiet type. Fancy meeting up? Box No [.7443/70.

V I saw you at the Filttthouse Bar and later at Bottoms [7p. Stupid Man. Box No [7443/7 I. V I saw you with your funky Dead Bear top with holes in - Japanese (iirl. you're so cool! Box No [7443/72.

V I saw you beautiful fat woman. You're the bomb. Wanna blow up my world'.’ Box .\'o [7443/73.

V I saw you shaft in lilll on Sunday night. I like the look of your pistol. can I see it again sometime. Box .\'o [7443/74. V I saw you (0‘ yo? Below working. You have V. sexy ()7. accent. I was girl you were flirting with oyer the beer tap. (‘an we get down & dirty“.".’ Box .\'o {7443/75.

V I saw you at the Wild type gig at the Bomgo (‘Iub. You said they were great and I agreed. 'I‘hey rocked my world and so did you. Be mine you redheaded goth girl. Box No [7443/76.

V I saw you gorgeous man working at the I’ilmhouse. You dark hair and ponytail. Me dark hair and ponytail. (‘ould it be more than a hair match'.’ Box .\'o [7443/77.

V I saw you at the Honeycomb. You had Itish dark spiky hair. I asked you if] knew you cos you kept pinching my ass. We kissed but then you left. ('all me. Rx. Box .\'o [7443/78.

V I saw you Anders with your I’owerbook. How about buying that airport so that you can fly me away“? In Steye we trttstl Box .\'o [.7443/7‘).

V I saw you Mr 0. in Iguana. No longer there bttt the computer still loves you! Box No [.7443/80.

V I saw you sexy chicks at the Honeycomb. blonde and dark curly hair. You took my breath away. The way you shake it. Ijust can‘t resist. Please call. Loye your blonde-tipped. spiky- haired bartnan. Mx. Box .\'0 L7443/81.

V I saw you blonde Irish Cameroon girl. We spoke about Irony"? Me taII. shayen. transluscent specs. . .You know! Box .\'o L7443/82.

V I saw you chasing the moonrise. You left tne eating cucumber cubes on cocktail sticks. IIappy memories. XXX. Box No [7443/83.

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[ll IO

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2O Jun—4 Jul 2002 THE LIST 125