P 'I K h. All the time trying to make stuff happen. trying to get it to be. reminds

you that it. above all else. is not happening. Getting the kid to brush teeth

The tOOtha the Whale tOOth and the whole time means it isn‘t happening. nothing but the tooth The film is a eulogy to emptiness. an epic un-epic. a mix of nothing and non-myth. It so heavily relies on pre-conception as to remind me of 1] the time. a” mm. the lands. there exists mg concept of the the weight and gravity of things that really did matter to become myth. brushing of teeth. Within this concept is the area that sometimes The animated Binks still can't walk; there are amazing areas of

failure opened up. All those millions to create entire worlds and

landscape and they are still left in a position where someone

says: ‘We have run out of rockets.‘ just to keep the story

subsidiary to the action.

1 Well that‘s the whole point: story is what it is and is amazing because of the details that let it last.

Trying to film ‘the amazingness‘ means you invent

worlds and do it in a way that secretly says you don't

think this world is enough. They kept juggling up Yoda‘s words like it was

kids don‘t want to brush them and have to be convinced it is a good idea. On and on and on at them we go to brush your teeth. brush your teeth or they will fall out.

Have you cleaned your teeth‘.’ Like fucking Yoda.

On and on at them to brush their teeth unless they’ll fall out when we know that that is exactly what they are going to do anyway. Telling them they only get one set when that is exactly the only thing we know: another set grows in.

So then the kid brushes his teeth and at some point the teeth fall out: the brushing is causing the loss. he

could Viubh. deciphcn 1 just that he spoke changing the order. It‘s not that How abottt reversing it and telling the kid with i it " , at 21“- Yoda speaks in phrase and aphorism where

the word order is not so important: the relevant meaning emerges. At one point they make Yoda say: ‘Around the survivors a perimeter form.’ Forcing it. forcing morality and goodness. means it isn‘t happening. This is unlike the first film which took this world as the given truth from which the created one sprang and relates to explain and celebrate. The first scene is a space cruiser dubbed to sound like an early 50s jet. The golden age of flying when (Luke as) Lucas was ten. In deeper

The is a cultures men ofthis age would not be allowed to

make action films.

the first set: brush if you want to. You may as well. because your teeth decay and kind of fall out if they get food left on them.

Then the kid hardly bothers except twice a week when you ask. and then his teeth fall out and. oh my God. he realises the error of his ways. And then. then. then: the new teeth grow in and he gets a second chance.

A second chance and the kid thinks: ‘Wow a second chance more teeth. I am certainly going to make sure 1 care for them. these mystical teeth.‘

George Lucas mav have marvellous teeth. though I think the logic that underpins this to Hollywood is the builder of an army of rather shakv model above may be 'lI‘l of n cloned films. None of the reviews seemed to H ,H . ., p.~ emptlness, _ h._ ,g “P 1. w” explaining why I thought the Attack of the F an un_e ic mention t is utter sou essncss. am it was .1 (lanes film was so awful. p that I felt really.

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