According to readers of The List, the Traverse Bar Cafe - affectionately known as "the Trav" - has the best staff in the city

Style conscious single malt, Glenfiddich, offered the "must have" new Apple Mac as a prize to encourage List readers to nominate their favourite style bars in Edinburgh or Glasgow in three categories :

0 Cool Bar Staff 0 Most attractive clientele 0 Most stylish surroundings.

Hundreds of readers put fingers to keyboards to email their responses and what follows is the

' first of a series of reviews of the bars that you think are the places to see and be seen.

Glenfiddich Style Bar with the Coolest Bar Staff 1) The Trav (Edinburgh) I 2) Human Be-ln (Edinburgh)

3) The Arches (Glasgow)

The Traverse

10 Cambridge Street Edinburgh

(0131 228 5383)

Subterranean and cavern-like, the Trav attracts a mixed crowd of theatregoers and trend setters, all of whom seem to appreciate the bar staffs’ friendly and efficient service. Designed by Nicholas Groves-Raines Architects it replicates the atmosphere of a theatre with the bar taking centre stage and featuring an excellent selection of stylish single malts and draft beers. Added attractions include an extensive food menu of dishes from around the world that don’t cost the eanh.

The Trav bar manger Jeremy Adderley was keen to share the secrets of his bar staffs’ success:

What makes the Trav’s bar staff the best?

" It’s not one thing but a combination. They all receive proper training which helps, but their own personalities have a big role to play. When I’m recruiting I look for people who are confident, have common sense and also have what I call the "charm factor", a sparkle in their eyes, spirit - you can teach,bar skills but you can’t teach an interest in people . Our staff really want to make sure the customers are having a great time. They also enjoy working here and it shows."