What kind of people come to the Trav?

We get a really mixed crowd but in the most part its 25-35 years olds. Only about half of our customers come here to go to the theatre, the rest come just because they like it. We’re really lucky to have a loyal following of regulars - the business types who come in for lunch and after work, students and pre-clubbers. It’s a very diverse mix of people but all of them find

something here that keeps them coming back.” .

Why should The List readers drink in the Trav?

Our logois a chameleon and that’s because our bar is whatever you want it to be. The atmosphere is stylish but relaxed. We provide the stage and the setting but after that the customers all get something different from it. It’s a place where everyone can feel comfortable and hang out.”

Always at the cutting edge when it comes to developing the whisky sector, Glenfiddich has created a range of "essential serves" new ways to enjoy this classic single malt by combining it with other natural flavours that bring out the characteristics of the whisky. Glenfiddich Oriental is a combination of Glenfiddich Special Reserve with fresh ginger and an orange twist served over crushed ice. Make it yourself or challenge a bartender to mix it for you.

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