cxtcnd an alrcady protractcd running timc. Sclcctcd rclcasc.

Death on the Nile (PG) 00 (John (iuillcrmin. I'K. I978) I’ctcr l'stinoy, Bette Davis. Mia Farrow. David Niven. l-i0min. Sloppy Agatha (‘hristic whodunit that was clcarly just an cxcusc for this bunch of actors to gct on the radgc in Iigypt. An hcircss is murdcrcd whilc on a cruisc stcamcr on thc .\'ilc. Luckily annoying old l’oirot is thcrc to cat all thc dcsscrts. This is not half as good as .llun/vr on "11' ()I‘Ir'ltl lit/Hr.“ but a lot bcttcr than (iuy Hamilton's Miss Marplc adaptation The .llirmr (racked. (irosy‘cnor. (ilasgow. The Deep End ( IS) 0000 iScoii Mc(ichcc. David Sicgcl. IS 2001 ) Tilda

Sw inton. (ioran \‘isnjic. Jonathan Tuckcr. 99min. Assurcd adaptation of lilizabcth Sanxay Ilolding's I947 crimc noycl about a mothcr (Swinton) attcmpting to conccal thc murdcr of hcr child's low lifc loycr. Ilcr actions arc complicatcd by a blackmailcr (Visnjic) who thrcatcns to cxposc thc crimc and thc romantic affair thus ruining thc tccnagcr tchangcd from thc book's daughtcr to a gay son. which cffcctiy‘cly updatcs thc drama). Thc traditional wcb of intriguc is rcplaccd by thc cmphasis on hiding a crimc within thc coiilincs of domesticity. a brilliant moyc on Mc(ichcc and Sicgcl's part. and onc which show s grcat fidclity to llolding's much undcry'alucd writing. Adam Smith. Kirkcaldy. G Dinner Rush t 15) 0000 iBoh (iiraldi. IS. 2002) Danny Aicllo. Viy ian Wu. lidoardo Ballcrini. 93min. Ncw York rcstaura- tcur Bob (iiraldi has madc a mouth-watcring moy'ic about onc night of busincss and plca- surc in a popular Italian catcry in .\'cw York (’ity. And this sclf-sty lcd wisc-guy has sct thc wholc drama trcminisccnt of Anthony Bourdain‘s rcstaurant mcmoir Kin/mi (unfit/(HIM!) in his own downtown cstablish- mcnt in 'l’rch('a. It‘s to (iiraldi's crcdit. and his writcrs Rick Shaughncssy and Brian Kalata. that thcy wcayc a numbcr of plot strands togcthcr likc a big. tasty bowl of spaghctti. Thcir film is fully satisfying. ('amco & I‘ilmhousc. Iidinburgh.

Divided we Fall t 12) 000 (Jan Ilrcbcjk. ('zcch chublic. 2000) Bolcslay I’oliyka. Anna Siskoya. (‘songor Kassai. 133mm. (‘Icch black comcdy that harks back to thc good old days of Milos I-orman's A I’in'mun 's Bull and Jiri Mcn/clis (Tow/y ()lisi’riu/ 'I‘ruinx. Na/i hcld (‘zcchosloyakia is a strangc placc to bc cspccially if you takc in lodgcrs. (il’l‘. (ilasgow; Iiilmhousc. lidinburgh. Dog Soldiers 1 l5) 0... (Ncil Marshall. (K. 2003) Scan l’crtwcc. Kcy‘in McKidd. Iimma (‘lcasbyz 104mm. This British wcrcwolf moyic dcliy‘crs llcsh-ripping gorc. cdgc-of—thc- scat suspcnsc and w ickcd black humour. lcaying onc draincd but thoroughly it ncycr short-changcs its dcftly‘ drawn charactcrs. a squad of British soldicrs on manocuyrcs in thc Scottish Highlands who fall prcy' to somc lanky lycanthropcs. I’itting down-to-carth soldicrs against dow'n-and-dirty w'crcwolycs. dircctor .\'cil Marshall strips away any supcrlluous supcrnatural drcssing. Ironically. thc scaricr thc film gcls. thc funnicr it bccomcs you laugh out loud just to rclcasc thc tcnsion. l'(i(' chfrcw Strcct. (ilasgow.

Dragonfly ( l3) 0 «Tom Shadyac. IS. 200] ) Kcyin (‘ostncr. Kathy Batcs. 103mm. Kcy‘in 'dcspcratc for a hit' ('ostncr gcts 'l'lu' Sixth Smut Ilc plays Joc Darrow. a gricy‘ing doctor who sccs dcad pcoplc. l-‘or somc rcason hc tray-cls to thc junglc and finds rcdcmption. l’oor old Kathy Batcs plays his lcsbian ncighbour. Ayoid as if your lifc dcpcndcd on it. Scc rcyicw. Sclcctcd rclcasc. Sclcctcd rclcasc.

Dreaming of Boys l 18) (Bayo l)cfunc. Bclgium. 1990 2000) Variotis. ()Smin. Part of thc lcsbian and gay I‘ilm fcstiyal. This is a tributc rctrospcctiyc to thc work of Bay'o I)cfunc w hosc tilms cnchantcd with drcamlikc visions of bcautiful boys caught in a world somcwhcrc bctwccn thc tcchnicolour hypcr rcality of Picrrc ct (iilcs and (‘octcau Thc films on show arc .‘lI/(llllfL Rally/mo], Saint. Sui/or. I’urliumrl_y now in Spring and ('ump/in'. Thc lattcr has also bccn rclcascd on \ idco with othcr Dcfunc films and was rcy icwcd in thc last issuc of 7714' list. (iI'VI‘. (ilasgow.

ECA Degree Show/Animation ithc) i\'arious. l'K. 2002) Various. tbcmin.

Highlights from thc lidinburgh (‘ollcgc of Art Animation. Film and TV dcgrcc shows. l‘ilmhousc. Iidinburgh.

ECA Degree Show/FiIm/TV itbc) (Various. l'K. 2002) Various. min. ‘Tis thc scason for thosc studcnt showrccls. Talcnt scouts alcrt? I'TIIIiIiousC. Iidinburgh.

Elvis Live: That’s the Way it is - Special Edition (1') 000. (“Hits Sandcrs. ITS. [970/200] ) 97min. Sandcrs' original documcntary. chronicling Thc King's first stagc shows in morc than a dccadc ttimc spcnt dcycloping an almighty drug habit and appcaring in tcrriblc rom-com niusicals). was a soporific affair. This Spccial lidition. boasting around 40 ncw minutcs. is a rcyclation with four morc songs and loads morc insidcr footagc. Within scycn ycars lily is was dcad. a bloatcd parody of what hc was hcrc. This is onc musical and historical documcnt you do not want to miss. (irosycnor. (ilasgow. Eternity and a Day (PG) 0000 (Thco Angclopoulos. (ircccc. I998) Bruno (ianl. Isabcllc chauld. l32min. 'I‘ypically clcgant mcditation upon lifc from thc (ircck autcur. (ian/ plays a w ritcr who is prcparing to lcayc his lifclong homc by thc sca. Discoycring a lcttcr from his long dcad w ifc. hc bccomcs cnsnarcd by his mcmorics of hcr. .\'ot quitc on a par Angcloupoiulos’ mastcrwork I'llysws (itlft’. this is still a ccrcbral trcat. St Lukc‘s (ircck ()rthodos (‘athcdraL (ilasgow.

Evil under the Sun «mo 0 ((iuy Hamilton. I‘K. I982) I’ctcr l'stinoy. Janc Birkin. (‘olin Blakcly. I 17min. Appalling Poirot my stcry sct on an Adriatic island. hill of camp thcatrics. gaudy costumcs and bitchy back biting. A w astc of a good cast. Thc ('olc l’ottcr scorc is nicc though. (irosy cnor. (ilasgow. Fading Away l l5) IIIL‘IIL' Toft Jcnscn. Dcnmark. I997) 57min. l)ocumcntary about thrcc pcoplc with Motor Ncuronc l)iscasc MIND) by a dircctor w hosc own mothci' dicd from thc discasc. (il’l‘. (ilasgow.

40 Days and 40 Nights 1 )5) COO (Michacl l,chmann. IS. 2002) Josh llartnctt. I’aulo ('ostan/o. Shannyn Sossamon. 95min. ()n thc rcbound from a long-tcrm rclationship. a San lirancisco w cb-dcsigncr giy cs up st‘\ for l.cnt. llis ncwly' madc yow is challcngcd w hcn a ravishing bcauty comcs his way. Thc attraction's mutual. but can hc last‘.’ Falling into thc rcccnt spttlc of ['5 sc.\ comctlicx 4f) 40 managcs to stand a cut aboy c thc rcst. With a snappy and sharp dialoguc. this film is surprisingly likcablc. (icncral rclcasc.

Gone with the Wind it’(;) 0000. (Victor l-‘lcming. IS. 1939) (‘lark (iablc. Viy icn I.cigh. ()Iiyia dc Ilay'illand. l.cslic lloward. 320mm. 'lhis ncw print has rcstorcd thc original colour to thc classic. fifty -thrcc-ycar-old talc that brings aliy‘c thc cra of thc ciin war through gripping narratiyc and charactcrisation. rcmaining faithful to Margarct Mitchcll's

pow crful noy cl. (irosycnor. (ilasgow. Gosford Park l I5) 0... IRobcrt Altman. l'S/l'K. 200] ) Michacl (iamhon. Kristin Scott Thomas. Kcliy Macdonald. 137mm. Thc Agatha (‘hristic-csquc murdcr my stcry at thc ccntrc of (ins/ind l’urk is thc lcast compclling part of Altman's othcrw isc lincly -obscrycd pcriod piccc. Sct in Noycmbcr I932 oycr a fcw days during a shooting party at thc cponymous country cstatc of Sir William Mc('ordlc ((iambon) and Lady Syly ia Mc(‘ordlc iScott Thomas). (ins/(ml l’urk dctails thc rclationship bctwccn thc filthy rich uppcr class and thcir put upon scryants. And what dctail thc film flcshcs out all 25 mcmbcrs of thc cchllcnt cnscmblc cast. along with thcir individual storics. .\'o casy trick in two hours. ()dcon ('ity ('cntrc. (ilasgow; \cw I’icturc llousc. St Andrcw s.

Le Gout Des Autres t )5) COO

(Agnas Jaoui. lirancc. 200i ) Jcan-I’icri‘c Bacri. Annc Alvaro. (lérard l.anyin. l 13min. Britain docsn't hayc cxclusiy c rights on thc pi‘oy incial class comcdy. [.4' Hull! shows lhc workings of a small town. which arc brought into focus w hcn Jacqucs ('astcllo (Bacri) falls for actrcss and linglish tutor ('lara (Alyaro). a bohcmian looking for loy c but hardly cspcclmg it from Bacri‘s crudc factory ow ncr. Thcrc arc a numbcr of othcr sub-plots that show s Jaoui borrowing as rcadily from farcc as thc provincial comcdy. Thc surprisc is that thcy ‘i'c combincd to makc for sonicthing morc

w istfully w inning than cithcr form usually offcrs. ('amco. Iidinburgh.

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Events in August

Look out for Celtic Nights Too during this year’s Festival a celebration in the best of celtic, world and Americana music.

We welcome back:

Aly Bain and Phil Cunningham, The McCalmans, Dougie Maclean,

Blazin’ Fiddles,

Deaf Shepherd and the Kate Rusby Band, and we give a great qh welcome to Sunhoney, Nusa,

Back of the Moon,

Fine Friday and many more. including rare appearances by The Cauld Blast Orchestra,

The Alison Brown Quartet,

Chip Taylor and Spain's superb Radio Tarifa.

It’s gonnae rock!


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