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Has this man ever had an idea of his own?

E Johnny Depp is in talks to appear in a pair of Disney action films. The projects in question are Pirates of the Caribbean and Takedown . . . Director of Pirates, Gore

- Verbinski is also X, gurus an provoca IOI‘I

Japanese horror flick

Music, book and film festivals update. Words: Mark Fisher Ring YOU know. the nce we hit July. it's festivals all the way and the updates meantime here are a few tasters. Tadpole is a smart sex comedy one about the videotape are coming in by the h0ur. The latest news is of unsigned starring Sigourney Weaver and John Ritter about a teenager who with the scary curse. bands at T in the Park. a call for new bands at Gig on the initiates an affair with his stepmother behind his dad‘s back. The new version will star

Green. additions to the T on the Fringe line up. the entire Changing Lanes IS a New York thriller starring Samuel 1 Jackson and Naomi Watts.

programme of the Edinburgh International Book Festival and sneak Ben Affleck from the director of Netting Hill. The Guru stars Heather previously seen in

highlights of the Edinburgh International Film Festival. Graham as an adult film star. Son of the Bride was nominated for an Mu/ho/land Drive. Didn't The Edinburgh International Book Festival will feature a record Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film and All or Nothing is the latest she do well? . . . Top

550 authors appearing in 650 events from 10—26 August. masterpiece from Mike I eigh. starring Timothy Spall. British TV writing double

Prominent among them will be Harold Pinter. making his first public With OaSis. ldlewild. the Hives and Badly Drawn Boy on the hilt. -t's act. Dick Clement

appearance since the announcement that he has throat cancer. no surprise that this year's T in the Park 113 8. 14 July) is the fastest and Ian La Frenais

Despite his condition. the playwright and political activist is said to selling eyer. There'll be extensive coverage in next issue of The / is:. (The Like/y Lads.

be determined to battle On and insisted that he jOined the line up. including a free T in the Park CD iout Thursday :1 Julyi. Meanvxlnle we Porridge) are hard at

He'll be talking as part of a series called Provocations. highlighting recommend you head to the T Break Tent and look out for August work scribbling on

cutting edge contemporary writing. 81. Odeon Beat Club. the Grim Northern Social and X-Tigers. Flushed Away. {1

And he'll be in good company. Names from world literature The following month. T on the Fringe has added Roddy Frame and claymation comedy joint making appearances include Alan Bennett. Garrison Keillor. Louis Natalie Imbruglia to a line-up that includes Livis Costello and love. effort from Aardman de Bernieres. Joyce Carol Oates and Amos Oz. Batting for the And finally. Regular Music is searching for tomorrow's stars to and DreamWorks. home team will be Irvine Welsh, Ian Rankin John Byrne. Kathleen play on the unsigned band stage at Gig on the Green i2: 8. 2i) about a posh penthouse

Jamie. Tom Leonard. Edwin Morgan and Don Paterson. Augustl. If youre interested. send your tape in to your local radio rat which gets

The full programme of the Edinburgh lnternatiOnal Film Festival. station: Scott Shaw at Forth One; Ross MacFadyen at Clyde One; accidentally dispensed which runs 14—25 August. wrll be released on 10 July. but in the The Weekenders at Tay FM; or Marion Scott at Ml-‘R. into London's poisonous

sewers . . . Now, no one has ever acoused Noel Gallagher of wielding an original idea. so it's no surprise to hear that

Pride comes in for a fall

Resignation and allegations at gay festival. Words: Jane Hamilton

he chairperson of Pride Scotland financial mismanagement. he is keen on getting has resigned on the brink of the As well as inappropriate timing. involved in a home video gay and lesbian festival's biggest the resignation has produced show based entirely on and most ambitious event to date. unfonunate publicity. confirming the success of Ozzy Jaye Richards. the organisation‘s first negative homosexual stereotypes and hiS crew . . . A transgendered chairperson. stood down and undermining the work put into couple of chaps with

only two weeks before the Glasgow Green the festival. Ironically. a great deal celebration. making allegations of financial of that work had been done by

ideas coming out of their ears are Vic Reeves

mismanagement. which have since been Richards herself. and Bob Mortimer. refuted. In her resignation letter. Richards Many of the celebrations have They are set to start also claimed to have grown tired of already started in cities around work on a new sketch defending Stuart Hammond. festival week Scotland such as Inverness. show entitled Vic and co-ordinator, whose past criminal Dundee and Aberdeen and the Bob '3 Secret Garden conviction had attracted attention. The march and Rainbow Party on which should see the Pride committee. however. was always Saturday 22 June are just waiting to announce that it is all systems go. The light sometime next year. aware of his background and continues to happen. Alister Blades. Pride's LGBT community have rallied This will be their first SUDPOrt him. management committee convenor. tremendously to ensure that the event foray into broken Glasgow City Council has reaffirmed its confirmed that everything was still going goes ahead and we are looking forward to comedy (as it‘s commitment to the festival. confirming its ahead: ‘Despite the departure of the a great day.‘ technically called) since 5220.000 funding. having checked the former chair and recent press stories. the I Pride March and Rainbow Party. Sat Bang Bang in 1999. books and dispelled the suggestions of board of Pride Scotland are delighted to 22 Jun. wwwpridesci)t/ g

4 THE LIST 20 Jun—4 Jul 2002