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Memora re The last hours of Mary Queen of Scots written and directed by Martin McNaughton with original music by Louise Burnet

The last hours of Mary Queen of Scots written and directed by Martin McNaughton wrth original mUSic by Lourse Burnet

It is the last evening of her life. In the morning she Will be executed Denied the comiort of religion. Mary explores the nature of her life as a woman not IUSI as a queen through an imagined and much desrred meeting wrth Elizabeth Stripped of the romantic view of her life and loves the venal brutalities of power politics and images of her sexuality that oppressed her in her own time and down through history. are revealed. along With the oppreSSion ot mis-placed love

Tickets Tues 25/2 Wed - Sat {8/4 from Collins Gallery tel: 0141 548 2558

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Glasgow Drama


253 Argyle Street. 090] ()22 ll.‘\()(). |W(‘. WAI Ubu the King t’ntil Sat 22 Jun. 7.30pm. £6 (£4l. RSAMI) linal year BA lacting) students present I)ayid (irieg's translation of Alfred Jarry's satire about the grabbing middle classes in the form of Pa ['bu.

Cabaret Sauvignon Sun 23 Jun. 8pm. £6 (£4). A platform for new and established artists wishing to perform and experiment with new work.


()3 ()5 llyndland Street. 357 3868. Ill. W('. WAI

Rainbow Bridge Fri 2] Jun. 7.30pm. Free. An exploration of what it means to

be human in this collalmratioii between

Boogie Theatre. (‘ommon (irotind.

l‘ableyision and (iltlsgtm‘ ('ity (‘ouncil I’urr rift/re ll'r'sl liml I'k'slii‘ul.

Runman with Reem Sat 2‘) Jtiii. 7pm. £9. Scottish l‘riends of Palestine presents a show in two parts: l)a\'id (ir'ieg’s comedy. read. written and performed by (irieg. about loye and checkpoints; and in part two. Reem Kelani sings inspirational laments. l’ur! rift/re Her! Ifm/ I’eslii‘ul.


‘) l'niyersity Ayenue. 330 5523.

Speed the Plow Mon 24 Jun. 8pm. £6 (£4 l. Rapture Theatre presents l)a\ id Mamet‘s comic look at two writers trying to cook tip the perfect Hollywood screenplay.


397 Bath Street. 287 55l I. [ll. W('. WAI Oliver! l'ntil Sat 22 Jun. 7.30pm (Wed & Sat mat 2.3llpnii. L‘b L‘lo. (ilasgow ‘s Apollo Players presents the popular musical reworking of (‘harles Dickens’ tale.


l2] Renfield Street. 332 I840. IP. W('. WAI

Peter Powers Fri 21 Jun. 7.30pm & midnight. L‘ll). The telex'ision liypnotist performs his niesiiierising feats in front of a liye audience.

The Celtic Story Thu 4 Jul Sat ll) Aug. 7.30pm (Wed & Sat mat anil.

1: ll) U5. The epic history til Scotland‘s green and white sporting institution is retold through blood. sweat and tears of laughter.


87l) (iarscube Road. 946 6600. [WAAI American Trilogy Sat 22 Jun. 8pm. £7.50. Strictly Songtime performs works by America's legendary tunesmiths. Kern. (iershw'in and Porter.


()8 Ingram Street. 553 348‘). IP. W('. WA. WA A]

Memorare Tue 25 Sat 2‘) Jun. 7.30pm. £5 £8 (£2 £4i. A collaboration between Sti‘athclyde Theatre (il'ttllp and


Running Girl Paul Pinsoii's production of Gary Young's script for Boilerhouse coiiihines sr'Jectacular visuals with clever and insightful dialogue. Join Kale Dickie's central character on her run through the dark hours in the midst of crisis. confronted by society's night people. Edinburgh. Corn Exchange. Thu 4 Sat (5 Jul.

Carmina Burana Birmingham Royal Ballet's production sees a semi mythic world created. where temi')tation is CVt’HyV/llOFO for priests swearing celibacy. lhis large-scale production promises controversy. sexiness and some fine dancing. Edinburgh. Festival Theatre. Wed Zti-Sat 95) Jun.

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7 Thursday 20

l'hu the King


Cottier Theatre GilmorehillG12 King’s

Pavilion Ramshom BSAMD

Tramway non


Alma l-‘lamenca


A Venetian ()uarrel

(‘herry ()rcltard

Friday 21 [hit the King Rainbow Bridge Alnia l-‘larnenea ()lru'r'

Peter Powers

A Venetian ()uarrel

(‘lier'ry ()rcliard

' Saturday 22 I [hit the King See l-olk Alma l‘larnenca



Sunday 23 Monday 24

See (.lasslt'al

Speed the How

See (‘lasstcal

('lierry ()rchard

mesday 25 Wednesday 26 '

\t't' I't‘lls JJ/l 50C (ildssltxtl See Jtlll See .l.‘t// I ).III\ C S. llltlll \leiiioiarc \leiiioiaic Scc l‘olk Sec ('lassitxil liiln llie \t*\x

Into the \t‘“

.lalcu J.ilco

Brunton Church Hill Corn Exchange Festival Theatre King’s Netherbow Playhouse Royal Lyceum Theatre W’shop haverse 1 haverse 2

a: o r: a d: E 0 III

Mora}: Alemnder

[p [p and Away

llcayen ('an Wail

See Kids

Brave New World

[p (p and Away

Heaven (‘an “an 51.1“ Kids

The Start

Sec Kids

The Stair

See Ja/l

[p ['p and Away

lleayen ('an Wait

The Stair The Start

Sec Rock «k l’op

liraye New World

“Time .ttc we Now

Big ('ountiy

()liye ()Iiye

llig ('ountry

[Time New World

this is \lodeiii

liiiiiiirigltuii Royal lialkt

The Start llic Stair

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