TECHNO TRANCE THE SUBLIME FINALE The Honeycomb, Edinburgh, Fri 21 Jun

Sorry may be the hardest word, but goodbye must run a pretty close second. After over 250 events, Sublime is calling it a night with a combined birthday and closing party that will feature Polish techno DJ Atmos, plus residents Kev Wright, Idge, Gary Mac and Flix. They’re not giving much more away.

‘Our birthdays have always been mental,’ explains promoter Scott Conchar. ‘And this is the last one ever. I think it’s going to be one of the maddest nights Edinburgh’s ever seen. Everything’s being kept under wraps so it’ll be a surprise to everyone. People will have to go to experience it.’

Seven years is a mighty long time in clubland, so it shouldn’t be too much of a surprise that Sublime are hanging up their hats. The last few years have hardly been trouble free: the night was raided by the police in March 2001, resulting in the closure of Wilkie House. After a brief, unsatisfying stint at the Venue, Sublime moved to the Honeycomb, a venue that proved more suited to the club, but attracted early flack for its strict door searches.

The current climate is not an ideal one for techno nights, but according to Conchar, Sublime is finishing

Brazil’s not just about great football



Bebado at Riverside Club, Glasgow, Fri 28 Jun; Manga: International, La Belle Angele, Edinburgh. Fri 28 Jun

Coming from one of the most impoverished countries III the world DJ. Marky might well consider himself

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lucky to be getting plaudits and more importantly the cash rewards for doing something he loves -— producing and DJing. Hot on the heels of his EPs. compilations; and his current system shaker 'IK'. anticipation of a blinding night is tangible on both the East and West coasts. where he will play on the

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Th Sublime crew in full effect for the final time

out of professionalism not necessity. ‘It would be a travesty if we just fizzled out,’ he says. ‘I think a lot of businesses, not just in the clubbing industry but as a whole, finish because it’s forced upon them through financial reasons whereas we are in the fortunate position where we can choose to go out through aesthetic reasons and go out on the highest high possible.’

They’ve had quite a few highs. Guests such as Timo Maas, Oliver Leib and Alex Patterson have tasted the vibe that’s made Sublime one of the most respected nights in Scotland, the residents have made their own names (Kev Wright’s weekly show on Forth 1 will continue as before) and the club has toured Australia, Turkey and the US. Not bad for a night that had its genesis after a Meadows kickabout in 95 when Conchar met DJs Kev Wright, Idge, Gary Mac and Beany and co-promoter Graeme Anderson and headed back to theirs for a cheeky smoke.

‘The scene was great then,’ Conchar recalls. ‘You had to go out and find it and that fuelled people’s enthusiasm. I remember people coming into Sublime and literally running onto the dancefloor, no jacket or anything like that. It was phenomenal, and I think that has been lost because dance music is everywhere now, and it’s difficult to filter.’ (James Smart)

same night. But for a man who has weekly residencies in London. Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo. a drive down the M8 shouldn't prove too demanding.

Speaking to Goldie a few months back he reminisced about his first encounter with the Brazilian drum & bass don: 'I remember going to Brazil six years ago and giving a kid [Marky] a Metalheadx ice hockey top and then seeing him in London a few years later DJing. The reward of that is that kids geing to go on and inspire twenty other kids'

And he isn't kidding; lvlarky's popularity is as such that both Glasgow's Bebado and Edinburgh's Manga l1 1pm on stage you have been \ivarnedll are happy to announce that they have secured his sen/ices. The night also signals the launch of Manga: International (also featuring Patife and l\4ovement's Stamina MC) which will act as an outlet for globeti'otting d&b talent. Bebado. on the other hand. will welcome Marky to the fold with the assistance of resident II‘.’(} samba crew. the Bebado Allstars and DJ the Chief. from the ridiculously talented Irian Jaya. lStewart Dalleyl

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party at Ego on Sunday 2 June raised almost £2000 for Pride Scotland. Well done chaps and chapesses and don’t forget Pride itself is on Saturday 22 June. Loads of DJs will be performing at the Rainbow Party (alongside the lovely Atomic Kitten and Freddie Mercury tribute geezer Gary Mullin to boot) on Glasgow Green, then Colours goes all Purple hosting the official Pride after party featuring Jon Pleased Wimmin, Tommy Kay, Fisher & Price, Lisa Loud (pictured) and Steve Thomas.

ANOTHER NIGHT THAT IS gonna be ab0ut all the right reasons coming up on Wednesday 17 July is the Party for Peace. Part of the Glasgow wide Party for Peace event raising funds for Spirit Aid. The Tunnel WI“ see DJ action from the Jengaheads. Harri & Dominic. the Simian Art Koncept. Sole Music and more. They're all donating their fees for the event. why not go and help them out.

IF YOU DIDN’T THINK T IN the Park was hot enough already, what with the exemplary Slam Tent an’ all, details of the Bacardi BBar have leaked out. With a line- up including Paul Cawley, Dominic & Harri, Nick Peacock, Mathew & Murray, Billy woods and Basil Isaac on percussion it’s just one more reason to get muddy on the weekend of 13 & 14 July.

RADIO MAGNETIC. SCOTLAND'S best internet radio are to start broadcasting live. and excluswely. from PressLire. To tune in log on tO www.radiomagnetic.Com at the apprOpriate times (ie. when Pressure is actually on. check listings for detailst In similar news the Arches' own websites club section is now fully operational and up dated on a regular baSis ViSit and click on Clubs for all the latest.