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Glasgow Mondays: Pre Club

I Salsa Vida at llavana. £4. Weekly. l‘cel the rhythm. This is a rela\ed and friendly salsa class i\\ itlt teacltcr :\lltl_\ Baird) for those wishing to dip their toes iii the salsa water.

I Cul De Sac at ('til Dc Sac.

0pm midnight. l‘ree. Weekly. Watch yoti don’t burn your lingers on Dr l’aul’s Quiz Mlfic

I Loose at the Variety Bar.

0pm ntidnight. l‘i'cc. Weekly. This itight tlt‘st‘lW L'\ l't‘\[k‘t‘l 101' ll\ ttllL‘lllpl :11 sortiething new .r\ classic 711s rock and blues from Paul Shields.

I Open Decks at Bar .ledi.

‘lpm midnight. l‘ree. Weekly. Your chance to show the world tor Bar Jedi at least) what you‘re made of. Dust off those 12s and spin to infinity.


I Burn at MAS. l lpitt 3am. free for staff ol any pith or club: £3 to everyone else. Weekly. 1).|s Norman and /.eus preside o\ er the biggest and longest running stall night out in history. l’i'eedom lttl' lllt' \\t)l'l\t‘l‘\.

I Phenomena at Destiny.

0.30pm 2am. £.\'i£5.5(li. 24.1un. Monthly. The l’anjahi Hit Squad celebrate the launch o1 their new album 'l‘lte Streets at this unique night of cutting edge hhangra itiglit. ‘l'igersty 1e and the Suh's llari‘i do lllc litiliottl's on llic tlt‘clxx so L‘\PL‘L‘1 c‘l;t\\.

Glasgow Tuesdays


I Billy’s Assorted Flavours at \ico‘s. ‘lpm midnight. I‘ree. Weekly. ('liccsy lla\oui‘s satist all students hefot'c they head oll otit into the strange night.

I Colin Davie d1 Spy Bar.

‘lpm itiidiiigltt. l’ree. Weekly. (‘olin Davie does his tliang. delnering some quality housc gi'ooxcs and \\ hatcv er the hell he lt'L‘lS like.

I Doctor Salsa at llataiia. S 1()piii. l'l‘t‘t‘. \Vt‘t‘lxl}. .\ \;tl\;t t‘l;l\\ littl’ lk‘glllllc‘lN w itlt Doctor Salsa. let the good doctor check your salsa pulse at this popular 'l‘uc class.

I Playstation League at Bar .lcdi. ‘Ipm 2am. lirec. Weekly. l-‘or kids sore of thumb and pallid of comple\ion. A case of lager is up for grabs for the top gtiii gamer. assuming you can drag yourselves away lrom llte 'station at home.

I Rueda de Casino at (‘uba None. ".Rllpin iitiditigltt. £4. Weekly. 11' fast- mo\ ing (‘uhan street dancing is your thing. then not only are you an intriguing human being. but you should also drop in tor this night. Dance instructors are froin tltc .'\L';ttlt‘llll;l de Salsa. so you're in safe. \c‘.) llillltl\.

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I Fool’s Gold at MAS. l 1pm—3am. £4 (£2 ). Weekly. Mod and funk in the light room is complemented by indie classics in the back. ('lassic formula iii nice surroundings.

I FUN at Cube. 1 l.3(lpm --3am. Free. Weekly. Sattie crew as the Mon night. really. btit that doesn‘t mean a let-tip in the craziness. Shawn and Georgy boy mati the decks.

I Fly at Alaska. 1 lpm— 3am. £5 (£3). Weekly. Student night at the super hip club. Jirti Da Best plays student anthems downstairs. while (‘olin and ()wen rip it tip upstairs playing funky house and dropping iii a few surprise tracks. Ridiculously cheap bevy and quality tunes.

I Juicy Tuesdays at the Velvet Rooms.l 1pm~~3am. £4 (free). Weekly. Billy Milligan spiits student classics in the tipstairs suite while Scott McMillan plays R&B arid hip hop in the downstairs lounge.

Chart & Party

I GI at Archaos. I lpm~3am. £3 (£2). Weekly. Dave (iilmotir and Mike Winters provide the cheezy pop and party anthems to the party minded students.

I Laid at Shack. l().3()pm~3am. £4

(£2 i. Weekly. The Shack is one of the busiest clttbs in town right now. This is a night of simple btit piquant pleasure. Pump tip the volume.

I Shooting Stars at the Garage.

1 1pm 3am. £4 (£3). Weekly. Gerry and laiit keep the drunk kids happy with charty house arid pop hits.

I The Shimmy Club at Bennet‘s.

1 1.30pm 3am. £3 (£1.50). Weekly. A straight-iin and studenty night at the gay venue. with Raytnortd Davren maintaining the party atmosphere.

I TIT at Trash. 1().3()pm—3am. £4 (£2). Weekly. Grahame Ferguson and Scott Free spiti garage and house in the main room. while DJ Robert keeps the kids entertained with plenty of cheese in rooin two. (ilt‘ls: diamante boob tubes are a must. otherwise you could look slightly underdressed.



I Fluid at the Polo Lounge. ltlpin— lam. Free. Weekly. DJ Wayne Dixon mixes tip classic ftiitk. soul and disco with a dash of contemporary tuneage. and there are half-price cocktails to make sure things go with a swing.

I Mark Robb at the ('ul de Sac.

9pm midnight. Free. Weekly. .Mark Robb of Btiff (‘ltib fame provides the Retro funk aitd soul grooves to the West lind massive.

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I Moda at Moda. Rpm—lam. Free. Weekly. Smooth and soulful R&B with DJ Niall. at one of the swankiest looking venues in town.

I Post at Bloc. 9pm-2am. Free. 3 Jul. Monthly. A new venture. Local artists. DJs. producers and musicians come together to fortn Post. and they want you to collaborate in future. Are you an undiscovered genius of the decks (or anything else. for that matter)? Then get in to Post.

I Russell’s at Russell's. 9—1 lprn. Free. Weekly. DJ Yaw brings his world tnusic extravaganza to the yuppie

I Salsa Fuente at Havana. 8pm—midnight. £4. Weekly. Salsa class followed by salsa DJ Jorjito through till closing time.

I Samba with Thalssa! at Cuba None. 7pm—midnight. £5. Weekly. Another good alternative to the house. techno and cheesy nights that dominate Glasgow‘s nightlife. Learn samba carnival style as well as chilling out to samba reggae beats. Or move upstairs to the tapas bar and get a bit ambient.


I Bennet’s at Bennet's. 1.30pm—3am.

£2.50 (£1.50). Weekly. Sara takes control once more in the club famous for madness and an. etn. liberal chat up policy.

I People Music at MAS. 1pm—3am. £4 (£2). Weekly. New night of hip hop and house from two of the better underground Glasgow boys. Michael Peck and Tom Reeve rack them up and knock them down. Great for a Wednesday.

I Elastik at Barfly (formerly the 13th Note Club). 1 lpm—3am. £2. Weekly. DJ ()na (aka Amanda from Bis) and DJ Mingo-go. take over the musical selection for the foreseeable future while 803 takes a break to concentrate on other things. Injecting some tnuch needed oestrogen into the world of [)Jing and playing some damn line electro mixed into a randomly selected soundscape.

I FAB at Babaza. l lpm—3am. Free before 1 lptn. £4 (£3) after. Weekly. DJ Sktid blends garage. R&B attd funky house. playing to a dressed-up crowd who help to make this one of the busiest midweek ni 'hts in Glasgow.

I Joints Jams at Cube. llpm-~3am. £3 (£2). Weekly. In the back room Harry B and Brian T present Lottngin'. a selection of funky tracks and laid-back tunes. while in the main room. a rotating roster of DJs supply R&B. hip hop and soul.

Chart & Party

I Fit at Archaos. 1 1pm—3am. £3 (£2). Weekly. Absolutely colossal student night with John Richardson and Gus Michaels supplying cheesy pop. party anthems and commercial house.

I Media at Media. 1 1pm—3am. £3. Weekly. Chartistry. karaoke and a rake of booze: what more could you possibly ask for? Drinks promos are the real bonus (all drinks £1 before lam).

I Shackass at Shack. 10.30pm—3am. £5 (£3). Weekly. The most cliched tunes laid down with affection for your delectation by Toast and DJ CJ. How can you resist?

I Klass at Destiny. 10pm—3am. £2 before 1 1pm; £3 after. Weekly. A night aimed at those who fancy a party night out but can't stand those pesky kids cluttering up the dance floor. Over 28s only.

I Souped Up at the Garage. 1().3()pm—3am. £3 (£2). W *ekly. You should know the score here. and if you don‘t then you must have been residing in a cave for the last ten years. Daft pop and stttdenty madness at the busiest cheesefest in town.

Regular weekly clubs plus one off events are listed by city, then by 1 day, then alphabetical by title. i Clubs will be listed, provided that up to date details reach our offices at least eight days before publication. Lack of information

may result in clubs being omitted. Edinburgh club listings compiled by Henry Northmore.

Edinburgh Thursdays


I Ballistic at City Cafe. 9pm—3am. . Free. 20 Jun. Dangerously bass heavy 1 funk and solid tunes frotn the Belive & Wreckage (Boogie Mo' Dynamo). i I Bar Union at Bar Union. 9pm—3am. 3 Free. Weekly. Party people in tha house say ‘fair‘ as Scratch DJ Lyley mixes up I the hip hop madness. I Beluga at Beluga Bar & Canteen Restaurant. 8pm—lam. Free. Weekly.

Yogi Haughton lets loose with some

house. garage and funked up disco

grooves (20 Jun) while the omnipresent Craig Smith gets bi-zay with the soulful house. badass boogie and broken beats malarkey (27 Jun) and Antony Small

dro s deep house grooves (4 Jul).

I ool Blue at the Wash (formerly

The Carwash). 9pm—1am. Free. Weekly. Relax and unwind to a smooth hip hop and soul selection. served up by DJ Ali : Campbell. I Drop & Shadowsklll at the Living Room. 9pm—midnight. Free. Weekly. Laying down the best in techno and drum & bass (pints at £1 until llptn a bonus). I Eccentric at Bam Bou. 9pm—1am. Free. 20 Jun. Fortnightly. Euan James. Stuart Sandeman and Lee Murray play US house at this oriental style bar session.

I Immersed in Music at Pivo Caffe. 9pm—lam. Free. Weekly. A new DJ schedule secs rotational residents Smokey & The Bandit. Silver Storik. Craig Gee and Beany warm up for the weekend with diverse takes on the funky house model.

I In House at City Cafe. 9pm—midnight. Free. 27 Jun. New quality house shindig from Lee Murray. Stuart Sandeman and Euan James.

I Made in Iguana at lgttana. 9pm—lam. Free. Weekly. Gareth Sommerville breaks the mould of his Ultragroove guise. playing wartn New York house. disco and old-school hip hop.

I Opal Lounge at ()pal Lounge. Noon—10pm. Weekly. Global jazz grooves and soul with Bob Cairns (noon—5pm) and disco. R&B and garage from Erik Da Viking (5—10pm).

I Smirnoff Experience at the Three Sisters. 9pm—lam. Free. 4 Jul only. A blend of house tunes from Mike Thornton.

I Suede at Madogs. 1()pm—3am. Free. Weekly. Lee ‘Curly‘ David takes us back to the heady days of Studio 54 with a mix of disco. funk. soul and R&B.

I Vol Below at Yo! Below. 9pm—lam. Free. Weekly. The sushi style bar gets funked up with Latin jazz and world music from DJ Lel.


I Ascension Goth Club at Teviot Row Union. 1().3()pm-3am. £5 (£4). Monthly. Next date 1 1 Jul.

I CC Blooms at CC Blooms. 1().3()pm—3am. Free. Weekly. Trip the light fantastic to Hi-NRG dance action at this ever-popular gay bar.

I Fusion at Po Na Na. 1()pm—3am. £2. Weekly. DJ Mark B (Studio Grand) plays vinyl gems in the realms of house. hip hop. funk and soul.