Art listings

Edinburgh Galleries continued


S Advocate's (’lose. 22.5 927 l. Daily

l L30am 5.30pm tclosed Wed).

The New Wave of Primitivism l)om is an arts project established in NW) by a group of international artists working in Scotland. With a constantly changing exhibition of artworks. the gallery houses sculpture. stained glass aitd paintings by artists who practise primitiye art.

EDINBURGH COLLEGE OF ART Lauriston Place. 221 (i000. .\Ion Thu 10am 8pm: l-‘ri Stiii 10am 5pm. OEdinburgh College of Art Degree Show 2002 t'niil 'I‘u‘ 2S Jtiii. An opportunity to see the artists of tlte future in this showcase of work by 400 graduates. Subjects on show include ceramics. fashion. performance costume. furniture. interior design. jewellery and silyersmithing. textiles. glass. painting.

tapestry. printing. sculpture. photography.

animation and more. See llitlist. LAST CHANCE TO SEE.


20a Ilundas Street. 557 5002. Mon l‘ri l0ain 5pm; Sat 10am lpm.

Summer Exhibition Sat 22 Jim Sat 27 Jul. A mixed show of work by gallery artists.


2.3 [mini Street. 557 247‘). Tue Sat 10am opin.

In Colour . . . Abstract Prints l'ntil Sat 13 Jill. Abstract prints by Albert lry in. John .\lcl.ean. Terry Host and John lloyland.


North (‘ampus. 347 Piltoii Ayenue. 332 24‘)l. Mon 10am 4pm: Tue Thti 10am 8pm; Fri l0am 2pm. Exhibition 2002 l'ntil l'ri 2l Jtiit. Annual end of year show featuring the work of art and design students in foundation aitd llNl) courses. including illustration. ptiblic art. graphic design. creatiye embroidery. photography. multimedia. sculpture. fashion and textiles. LAST CHANCE TO SEE.


2l (ieorge l\' Bridge. 220 5355. Mon Siiii Sam llpiii.

Look No Grey hut! in 28 Jun. Paintings by .\lartine .\lc('loskey.

THE ENGLISH SPEAKING UNION 23 Atholl ('rescent. 455 5203. Mon Sat 9.30am 5.30pm.

Photography & Imaging Degree Show Wed 26 Sun 30 Jun. l‘inal year show of work of graduating students from the photography and imaging course at Napier liniyersity. See llitlist. NEV.’ SHOW



By Virpi Nurmi

A vivid collection of semi-precious and gloss Finnish jewellery.

'lst - 29th June

Mon - Thurs lOom - 8pm Fri lOom - 5pm Sat 90m - lpm

NEWINGTON LIBRARY 17-21 Fountainholl Road, Edinburgh EH9 2LN

92 THE LIST .7", .l ii: .1 Jo! 7.1,?


SS Lothian Road. 228 2688. Daily

10am l0pm.

twilight ghosts dreaming t'ntil I‘Ti 28 Jun. Photography by Mark .\lorrish. (iordon l)odds and Tony Jackson. Nature as Inspiration Sat 2‘)

Jun Sat 27 Jill. Paintings by ('laire Cooper-Walsh.

Animation Degree Show Thu 20 Jun. (1pm. Degree show films by students from the department of animation at lidinburgh (‘ollege of Art.

Napier University Degree Show Mon 24 Jun. (ipm. Degree show films by students from Napier l'niyersity‘ including a documentary on the one-time political life of Spanish exiles in London and a family journey across the former Yiigoslayia.

Film & TV Degree Show wea 26 Jun. 8.30pm; Thu 27 Jtiii. (ipm. New shorts by students from lidinburgh (‘ollege of Art liliii and TV' department including a tale of loye where flowers are used as currency and a comedy about attending your own ftmeral.


35 William Street. 225 2196. Tue liri llam 5pm: Sat llam 2pm.

John Lowrie and Kieran Mclnnes l'ntil Sat 2‘) Jtiii. Semi- abstract landscape paintings of Life and the West (‘oast by husband and wife. John Low tie and Kieran .\lclnnes.

Nick Sargent Tue 2 Jul Sat 3 Atig. New work by Nick Sargent. NEW SHOW.


() West Port. 22l 0237. Daily 1 lam 7pm. I need a hero! t'niil Wed 26 Jun. Lithoprints and screenprinted digital images on fabric. styled into child-si/ed military uniforms by Natasha Pcstich-Lo. a professor of line art at Tylor School of Art. Temple l'niyersity. Philadelphia. LAST CHANCE TO SEE

Trapped in a Man’s Body Hi 28 Jtin Wed 24 Jul. (‘ollaboratiye digital images from I'isll} wiyes. NEW SHOW.

FOUNTAIN PARK LEISURE COMPLEX liotintainpark. Dundee Street. 0370 ()02

The Dapuri Botanical Drawings on show at the Royal Botanic Garden

04l7. l)aily 9am midnight.

Window Dressing t'ntil l‘ri 21 Jun. Housed in the walkway connecting l‘oiintainpark‘s leisure complex to the multi-screen cinema. an exhibition of work by lidinbtirgh (‘ollege of Arts third year tapestry students. The show features traditional textiles. multimedia and three dimensional works. LAST CHANCE TO SEE.


45 Market Street. 225 2383. .\lon~Sat

l lam 5pm; Sun noon 5pm.

OThe Great Divide t‘niil Sat 27 Jul. A group show of work by artists. designers. craftmakers and woodmakers whose work explores enyironmental issues. Featured artists include Thomas Joshtia (‘ooper. Alison Hayes. Andy (ioldsworthy. Roger Ackling. llamish l-‘ulton. Jtidy Spark and Alex Hamilton. The Great Divide Film Programme t'ntil Sat 27 Jul. '11) accompany the exhibition. a series of films haye been programmed loosely based on themes of Scottish land use and the eiwironment. Running continuously during the show. films include Anne Makepeace's lit/it'an/ S. ('iu'li's: (inning In Lie/i! (2000) shown from Sat 22 Jun at l lam tSat. Tue & Wed): Stiii lpiii and Thu 3pm. Also Fredrick Buck's 'I'lit' .llun lL/ll) l’lunli'i/ 'I'rcvs t l%’7l on l‘ri 2] at lpiii and then Sat and Tue at 3pm and Werner Kissling‘s [iris/my A Poem ()I‘Rt'mult' l.ll'(’.\ t l‘)34l at 3pm l-‘ri & Stiii and Ipm Wed. ('ontaci gallery for ftill details.

Artists’ Talk: Natural History Wed 26 Jtiii. 7 9pm. Andrew Patt‘i/io is in conyet‘sation with Stefan (iec whose sculptures deal with issues of migration and displacement. to coincide with his new publication on (iec's work.

Janice Galloway Thu 4 Jul. 7pm. Janice (ialloway reads from her new book ('lum. based on the life of pianist ('lara Schumann. wife of Robert Schumann. See Books.


46a Raeburn Place. 3l5 2003. Mon Sat l0am 5.30pm.

Summer Exhibition t'niil Wed 3t Jul. A summer collection of new

jewellery plus ('hinese and South liast Asian furniture.


2| Rutland Square. 221 9377. Viewing by appointment and all day l‘ridayl

I Knew That Before t'niil lit 28 Jtiii. Drawings and paintings by littie Spencer inspired by the natural environment.


(iallery & Shop. 77 I)undas Street. 556 3l5‘). .\lon -l-‘ri l0am~—(ipm: Sat l0am-5pm.

First Anniversary Exhibition L'ntil Wed 24 Jul. The gallery celebrates its first birthday with an exhibition of work by new and regular exhibitors including Natalie (ierad. Jo Brown. Lil. .\lc(’arthy. Steye Whitford and Helen Johnson.


22a Dundas Street. 556 218]. Tue l‘ri 10.30am—(ipm; Sat 10am ~4pm.

Lynn I-Ianley t‘niil Sat 22 Jun. Architectural and cityscapes of lidinburgh in gouache by Lynn llanley. Summer Mixed Exhibition Sat 2‘) Jun Sat 20 Jul. A summer show of paintings. prints. sculpture. ceramics. jewellery and crafts by oyer 40 gallery artists from Scotland and abroad.


(‘astlehilL Royal Mile. 473 2000.

Mon Stiit 9.30am~ l0pm.

Elin I-luws: Textiles and Frances Priest: Ceramics t'ntil Sun 21 Jul. An exhibition of woven textiles by lidinburgh-based artist lilin lluws and bone china ceramics by Frances Priest.


()6 (‘umberland Street. 558 9872.

Mon l-‘ri l0am (ipm; Sat l0am 4pm. Post War British Printmaking l'ntil Wed l0 Jul. An exhibition of British post-war printmaking featuring work by Robert (’olquhoun. Beit Nicolson. Bridget Riley. V'ictor Pasmore and Patrick (‘atilfield

Emma and John Gale t'iiiil Sat () Jul. Jewellery by limma (iale and porcelain bowls by John (iale.


(i ('arlton Terrace. 556 4441. Wed Sat l0am 5pm.

GJames Hugonin t'niil Sat 20 Jul. A rare chance to see the work of the internationally renowned Northtimberland-based painter James lltigonin. His works. which are com- posed of marks of colour within an underlying grid. are worked on for many months. taking around one year to com- plete one painting. The litgleby (iallery will be show iitg three large paintings made oyei' the past three years. See


l3 Randolph ('rescent. 225 5366.

Mon Fri 0.30am 5.30pm; Sat

10am lpm.

Signs l'ntil “ed 3] Jill. A selection of works by young l’rench graphic designers.

K JACKSON’S PUBLIC HOUSE 40 44 Lady Lawson Street. 228 4284. Hampstead Achieved t'niil Hi 2! Jun. Pool table watercolours by Los Angeles artist lidgar Bryan attd a collection of men's ‘art/ines' from Scotland and London.


o5 The Shore. Leith. 553 5255. Tue l‘ri l lam 5pm; Sat 1 lam 4pm.

The Pure Landscape Sat 22

Jtiii Sat 0 Jul. An exhibition of paintings by Deborah and Douglas Phillips. pltis glass by Ti/iana Bendall Briinella.

jewellery by Katherine ('ampbell Legg

and ligtiratiye works by gallery artists. NEW SHOW.