S7 Broughton Street. 552 S773. \Ved Sat noon (tplll.

Mixed Exhibition This neyy gallery on Broughton Street. set up by the former

oyy ner of the Belley‘ue (iallery. (‘alluni Buchanan. features a changing selection of paintings by 20th century artists.


Belfol‘d Road. 024 (i200 (recorded information 332 226m. Mon Sat

10am 5pm. (‘afe.

John Bellany at Sixty l'niil Sun 23 Jtiti. Port Seaton-born artist John Bellany celebrates his both birthday later this year. and to mark that occasion. the gallery presents an exhibition of his paintings. spanning his whole career. Highlights include .-f//¢'emy. a three-panel painting made in I‘m-l; My Father and Illt' Ben'ui't'rl ()m' and liiieintu.

Viennese Actionism Mon 24 Jun. 12.45pm. Louise .\lilne from Napier l'niyersity giyes a talk.

A Purgatory Before the Paradise of National Collections Mon 1 Jul. 12.45pm1(iymnasiuini. (iill lledley from

the (‘onteniporary Art Society giyes a talk.

New: Recent Acquisitions of Contemporary British Art Sal (a Jul Sun 17

.\'oy; Ady‘aiice naming of this forthcoming exhibition which features recent acquisitions of contemporary art. The SClL‘Cllolt ltlL‘llltlL‘s Douglas (itH'tlUlhs Li’s! ut'.\'umm which n ill coy er the yyalls of the (iallery ‘s central staircase. plus \yorks by .\loyna l‘ldlllllgitll. ('had .\1c('ail. Smith and Steu art. ('hi'istine Borland and (‘allum limes. You can also \y in the chance to meet one of the successful exhibiting artists and attend the exclusiy‘e exhibition open eyent \y itli a guest on Hi 5 Jul. See competition on page ‘) 1.


The Hound. (L24 (i201) ti‘ccoi‘dcd information 332 22(ioi. .\lon Sat

10am 5pm. ('afe (until 1 Sept. Rosslyn: Country of Painter and Poet l'ntil Stin 7 Jul. £3 (£2 1. The first ey er exhibition dey‘oled to the Midlothian countryside location of Rossly n. famous for its remarkable 14% chapel. castle and glen yyliiclt has been the inspiration for many artists and literary figures. The slioyy features paintings. prints. drayy iiigs and images of the exquisitely cary ed ':\[)Pl'Cflllce\ l’lllttl". the focus of one of the most enduring .\lasonic legends of Rossly'ti.

0 Rubens: Drawing on Italy l'niil Sun I Sep. £3 lf2i. This major exhibition explores the ways in \yhich Rubens stud- ied. copied and adapted the yyork of the Italian artists atid brings together a range of material that the artist produced there. See preyieys and llitlist.

Mercury Bearing Psyche to Olympus by Peter Paul Rubens

liri 21 Jun. 12.45pm. Julia Lloyd Williams from the National (iallery of Scotland giy‘es a talk.

Buildings in the Background: Dutch Ecclesiastical Fri 28 Jun. 12.45pm. A talk by Alexander Sturgis from the National (iallery in London.


(ieorge l\' Bridge. 22o 4531. Mon Sat lllam 5pm; Stiii 2 5pm.

This Book Belongs to Me l‘niil Thu 3| ()et. lixplore the exciting and colourful World of children's books from the original 17th century '1an 'I‘liuml) to the latest Harry Potter blockbuster. From Accession to Coronation l'ntil Sat 3 Aug. A small display documenting the eyents from the Queen‘s accession on (i lieb l‘)52. to the coronation on 2 Jun l‘)53. through

neyy spapers. books and other materials.

NATIONAL PORTRAIT GALLERY Queen Street. 62-1 (i200 (recorded information 332 2266). Mon Sat

10am 5pm. (‘afe.

Facing the Light: David Octavius Hill and Robert Adamson l'niil Sun 15 Sep. The focal point of a series of exhibitions celebrating the bicentenary of l).(). Hill. for the l-‘esiiy'al. organised by Sc‘ottisli Society for the History of Photography. lining 'I'lu' Lie/ii features 2()() of Hill and Adamson's most famous images drawn from the Scottish National Photography ('ollectioii. held at the Portrait (iallery. The Perth-born artist and illustrator l)ayid ()ctay ius Hill

1 1802 18701 and Robert Adamson

f 1821 lx4h’i \y ere the first to realise the artistic possibilities of photography and the exhibition features a number of original negatiyes that has e been printed for the first time.

Scots in Film: Portraits by Donald MacLellan l'niil Sun l3 ()ei. Around 31) \yol‘ks by leading portrait photographer. Donald .\lacl.ellaii. yyhose first exhibition Black Power uas shoysn at the National Portrait (iallery in London in l‘)‘)h’. For this exhibition. .\lael.ellan has turned his lens on Scottish film stars. snaPlling Robbie ('oltrane. Alan ('umming. Tilda Su'iiiton. Billy Connolly. Robert (‘arly le. l)ougray Scott and many others. See rey‘ieyy.

Wendy McMurdo and the Roslin Institute Commission Wed 20 Jun. 12.45pm. Artist and \y riter Nicky Bird talks about photographer Wendy .\1c.\ltirdo‘s commission.

Collecting Contemporary Art in the 19th Century: Part I Wed 3 Jul. 12.45pm. The first in a tyyo part talk on collecting art iii the l‘)th century by l’rances lioyy le.


57 Home Street. 221 1141. Mon Sun 10am lflpni.

Gemma Dudjon l'ntil Sun 30 Jun. Photography by (iemnia l)ud_ioii

Roger Ackliiig ;

Nigel Bridges Carpenter Oak and_VyQ;6|and ,

Thomas Joshua Cbopcr '

Simon Cutts

fruitmarket the gallery

45 Market Street Edinburgh EH1 1DF

telephone: 0131-225 2383 facsimile:


Hamish Fulton-

Andy GoldswgrthyP . i ‘_

Dawd Grant . i . . l 4' Alex Hamilton s I' .-":‘ZI""" Alison Hayes '5 1‘, Wei'iiei Kissliiip


ESlst) Tvlllllllllsl“) l.lll Mat Kt‘iilit‘ liiily' Spat ls

Alltll cw Wl‘Jlllt‘l lit‘.l(l IIH‘ W\N‘1I‘s( lim il

reflecting the nature and beatin of Southern Africa.


43 ~15 High Street. 556 ‘)57‘). Mon Sat 10am 4.30pm.

Wish You Were Here? t'ntil Sat 2‘) Jun. An exhibition of 50s postcards.


1—1 New Street. 558 7604. Mon Sat llillilr~().5(lplil. l'ntil late on Bongo ('lub nights.

Symbol Life Exhibition l'ntil Wed 26 Jun. l'rban Art ()fficial. yy ho promote urban culture. present this exhibition of work featuring No of litirope’s best graffiti artists. Sliok l (Londoni and Seak ((‘olognel and photography by .\'e\y York artist ()liy'ia Malone.

Out Now Sat 2‘) Jun Tue lo Jtil. An

81% 12m:

listings Art

exhibition of work selected from this year's lidinburgh ('ollege of Art degree

.slioyy s. NEAA’ SHOM-‘r


17 21 l-"ountah1hall Road. 52‘) 5536.

Mon Thu 10am 8pm; l’i'i Illam 5pm; Sat ‘)ani 1pm.

Virpi Nurmi l'ntil Sat 2‘) Jun. Bead .ieyyellery by l’innish designer \'irpi .\'urnii.


55 Bread Street. 477 4522. Mon Sat

1 Iain (ipin: Sun noon 5pm. Contemporary Scottish Art l’niil liri 28 Jun. (ilasgoyy -based organisation The ligg present their first exhibition in lidinburgh featuring paintings and prints by the late Neilsoit. figuratiye paintings by Stuart Buchanan. and traditional Japanese uoodblock prints by Paul litiriieatix.

of Flight - near Haddington

g. I ..:.-.

"Photo 0 John Dibbé‘


IS JUNE 27 JULY 2002

i A! l\ .li‘” Bel's “‘55

‘1 a 74.." '

'Open Mon Sat l lam 6pm at ,. gs / Sur‘. IZQY‘J 5;":

Admission free

.e.-.:.yie: 512((‘lili‘lf‘l‘1.\_.u1(7 t"e Scott s" A' :s

" >

‘1 -'. .‘ THE LIST 93