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It’s not only Scooby-Doo who doesn’t have a scooby, it’s the whole lot of them. Every cartoon TV dog that ever there was is a basket case. We got our resident canine dogtor, er doctor, to assess their mental health.

GEOFF ELLIS, promoter of T 4"“ ~ in the Park, on - the most memorable moments of T in the Park.


1 Radiohead 96 When I thanked them for playing. they said that they were glad they could repay me for feeding them when they were a support band at Tut's and for

preparing the food personally.

Muttley Huckleberry Roobarb Spike 2 Travis and Oasis Having them Dick Dasiard/y'g Hound Bob Godfrey 's shaki/y- Tom adversary and mm as T in the Park head'mers sidekick in the Wacky A true Southern gent, animated rival to Jerry '3 pa], after they had played lower down Races, famed for his the easygoing hound Custard the cat. ‘Displays an obsessive the b'" In the firSt year Of the event toothy snigger. amb/es his way through ‘For all his eagerness to paternal fixation and 3 Noel Gallagher When he {With his psyChF’pathiC {ifej _ . create inVeUtionS. he is behaviour that verges joined Paul Weller on stage last year augh, compulswe His repeated srnging of a simple minded mutt on the destructive. to play ‘That's Entertainment'. WW) and SUbVerS'Ve 'MY Darl'ng Wlth deIUSIonS of

behaviour. Muttley is a Clementine’ is an grandeur.’ 4 Kylle When trying to organise her danger to society.’ obsession too far.’ safety to go into the signing tent,

she turned the tables and suggested that she should be my bodyguard as l was the one in crutches.

5 Sunday night Each year looking out from the Main Stage as the piper comes on and seeing so many happy faces. it is the most uplifting experience imaginable.

"0"“ BEST: 9’“ Hong Kong Snoopy Deputy Dawg 333:: 2;“, ; Phooey A Sheepdog and his Hyper intelligent Deputy sheriff battling catwalk names 1 ' Quicker than the dachshund pa/ get into companion to Charlie against Muskie and her tavoufite ' human eye. Number various scrapes. Brown. Vince. ‘Dag nabit' was fashion one super guy. ‘I‘ve never heard of ‘He may be smart, but his catchphrase. designers. ‘He is a janitor. We them, but they sound he’s scheming and ‘Don’t be fooled by the know he is a janitor, like two stupid dogs.’ manipulative. showing Southern drawl: this but he has disturbing early signs of dog's just plain 1 Amanda wake|ey When you superhero delusions.’ megalomania.‘ remedial.’ wear one of her evening dresses you really do feel the most elegant

woman in the room. and you are.

2 Max Mara Their look never dates. I bought one when l was pregnant to hide the bump and I still managed to look good.

3 Paul Costelloe The look is smart but casual, it's easy dressing but you still look smart. Jackets and

trousers tend to be quite baggy or A / 'Oose for max'mum 00mm”- Dogtanian and Snowy Droopy Dougal .. the Three Tintin ’s faithful sidekick Long running Tex Avery Shaggy Magic 4 “ohm”. ' Ve never been one Muskehounds with the impossibly character famed for his Roundabout favourite. for flowery printed fabrics but I like The Alexandr . - i . ~ - - . . . e Dumas white coat. laconic deadpan His sugar addiction is a the way they mix printed fabrics t b . . .H. I h I. ed t d I. t f together giving an almost eccentric s ory re orn in canine IS aco o ism ne .5 o e ivery. _ symp pm 0 severe. patchwork quilt effect. form. be addressed and his love This morose, manic depresswe tendenCIes. ‘His desire to avenge of Loch Lomond whisky depressive He is no model to 5 Zara it's great value for money his father’s death is a merely exacerbates his sadomasochist is in dire young children.’ They can kit out the whole family, classic reverse- smart arse French need of Prozac.’ And they do a 36in inside leg and l Oedipal complex.’ superiority complex.‘

don’t have to pay through the nose.

Saint Germain SECC. Glasgow

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Dead laid back. " Vonuo's shite. Liko having tho supoiivrsoi but a rubbish iiiiissios class. hand in your living A good llllX of venue. Still room. (lifforont (iiiite an up for sounds. it crowd, though.

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