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Activities Arid Fun

Pirate Magic Shows 'l‘hu 4. Jim I I (v Ihu IS .ltll. 2.30 3.30pm. £4.50 (£3.25 I. l he 'l'all Sltip at (ilasgow llaiboui. I00 Stobcross Road. 222 25H. I he (ilcnlcc‘s friendly pirate Jolly Roger entertains with magical mayhem. Ottakar’s Summer Party Sui () Jul. 0.30am. I'rcc. ()ttakai”s Bookstore. l'nit o. Buchanan (iallei'ics. Buchanan Street. ;53 I500. Party on down at ()tt:ik;i("s with all day entertainment. rclrcshmcnts and a Ircc pit/c draw.

Children’s Storytime Sui (1 tv Sui l3 .ltll. l latli. llot'tlL‘l'S Books. 235 Buchanan Street. 222 "700. Storytelling for 3 S ycur oids every Saturday morning. Endangered Species Face Painting Sui (i (v Sui I3 .lul.

I lain .‘plll. £5.50 £l4 (£4 £l0). (ilasgow Science (cutie. 50 l’aciIic ()tiuy. 420 5000. l-ind otrt more abotit illegal trade in wiIdIiIe before having your Iacc painted as a tiger. rhino. gorilla. oi c\cti sparkly dolphin.

Fun, Games and Art Sui () Jul.

I Iain .\ Ifillpm. Halfpenny Bridge llothc. opposite Botanic (‘i'cscan 530

S I 5‘). .\ day oI Itiii activ tires for children as part oI lsclv III Kulttrrc.

Back to School for Summer! Sun 5‘ Jul. 2 AP”). l-rcc. Scotland Street School \ltiscum. Museum ()I Izdtication. 22.5 Scotland Sti'ccl. 2b“ USU“. .loill icuchci .\liss Buster for a living history class set in Victorian times. Arrive I5 minutcs curly to dress tip in period costume beloi'c sccing props. a gcntrirrc gas lllttsk and [lie tli'cadcd lk‘ll.

Family Fun Afternoon Sun 7 tv Sun l4 .ltil. 2 3.30pm. £l.SII (£l.20l. ls’uthciglcn I’ool. 44 (irccnhill Road. Ruthcrglcn. 01” 4530. l'un Ioi‘ all ages

c\ cry Sunday on the new inflatable. Currant Buns 'I'uc () .lul. llani. £3. I’ollok lltllISL‘. l’ollok (‘otinti'y Park. 2060 l’ollokshaw s Road. (lit) ()4l0. (‘ltildt'cti .rgcd " | I can try their hands at baking traditional btiiis.

Performance Arts School Inc

‘) Sat 20 Jul. £200 ( £|00i. 'l'ramway. 25 .\Ibcr( Drive. 332 ‘)000. Ages t' l4. |.carn more about acting. singing and iiio\ciiiciil al this course which culminates in a pcrIormuncc.

Pirate Parties 'Iuc ‘) tk 'l'uc lo JtrI.

:. Hipiir. £4.50 (£3.25). lhc lull Sltip at (ilusgow Ilarbour. I00 Stobcross Road. 222 25 l 3. Walk the plaitk aitd track down lnddcn treasure Ill this pirate thciiicd day.

Wild in the City \‘t'cd I0 .ltrl. 10am .4. illltlll. ()uccii‘s l’ai'k. Victoria Road. 235.. 57275. l'ilitl out Ittol'c about the variety oI w ildliIc in the park at this biodiversity (hcincd Iarnily day. Reunion Day Sat H .Itil. I lain 5pm. I icc. Scotland Street School Mtiseuin. .\Iuscuin oI Izducatioii. 225 Scotland Street. 2S7 0500. Step back In little for (his \ icioriun reunion day for c‘.\-ptl[)ll\ and stall. Pirate Days Sat 13 & Sun l4 .ltil. noon 4pm, £4.50 ( £3.25). lhc lall Ship .il (ilasgow Harbour. I00 Stobci'oss Road. 222 25 l 3. (‘orlic dressed as a pirate to attempt to stop tltc full life pirates taking over the (ilenlcc. Summertime Placemat Inc to Jul. I l.tlll. £ i, I’ollok llousc. l’ollok ('otinti'y l’ark. 2000 l’ollokshaws Road. ()lo ()4l0. Design and make your own placental at (his creative workshop Ior‘ ages 3 7. Wild in the City \Vcd I7 Jul. Ilium i. illlllll. Spriiigburii l’al'k. ’r.il_'.'l.i_\lilll Road. 237 iSStS. Scc \‘vt‘tl lll .lul


The Time Machine (I’tii Sat (1 Jul l.l5pni. Star Wars II (l’(ri Sat (5 Jul 2.30pm. £2.25 (Iainin ticket 0)). (ilasgow l‘ilm Ihcati'c. l2 Rose Street. 332 SI2S. Sec l'lllll lndes.

Human Body (I’m; Everest (l'i; Dolphins (1'): Into The Deep (l'i. times vary. check l-‘ilin listings for showng times. £5 (£3.50). l.\IAX 'l’heati'e. (ilasgow Science (‘L‘ltlt'cfi .50 Pacific Quay. 420 5000.


The Singing Kettle’s Jungle Party Sat () & Sun 7 Jul. noon S; 3pm. £‘) (£7): family £25. (‘Iydc Auditorium. l-‘innicston Quay. ()S7() 040 4000. Dress up as your favourite wild animal and join the Kcttlcrs with new member Kevin fora tropical adventure with giraffcs. chimps and lions galore. Sing along with the gang to yotrr favotrrite songs and a few new ones too.

Activities And Fun

Quickies For Kids Royal Museum of Scotland. 2 ('hainbei's Street. 247 421‘). l’rce. 'l‘cn-ininute talks for children held every Sat and Sun at 2.30pm.

The Dino Dig l'ntil Strn 2| Jtrl.

Mon Sat I Iain. I.I5prn ck 3pm; Sun I.I5pm & 3pm. £l. Royal .\ltrsctrin. 2 (‘hambers Street. 247 421‘). Advance booking required. Ages over S. Venture back in lime to uncov er mysterious fossils and maybe dig tip a dinosaur. Discovery Centre Holiday Fun l'ntil Strn IS Atig. .\lon Sat 10am 5pm: Strn noon 5pm. liree. Royal Museum. 2 ('harnbcrs Street. 247 40‘)(). Peer inside a Roman soldier's kitbag. handle a \‘iking's sword or try otit rnulti-mcdia programmes at this hands-on activity /one. 'l‘here need never be a dull moment in the summer holidays when yotr can also try discovery trails. quiz/es and handling sessions.

Celestial Mosaics Thu 4 & 'I‘hu l I Jul. 10am Iprn. I‘rec with exhibition ticket. ('ity Art ('entre. 2 Market Street.

52‘) 3‘)‘)3. Advance booking required. (‘reate intricate celestial mosaics at this fun workshop for ages ‘)-— 14. Japanese Kites Thu 4 Jul.

I0uin [2 30pm & 1.30 4pm. £4.

i.aur rston Castle. 2a (‘i'amond Road South. 336 2060. Advance booking required. l'sing willow and tissue paper. design and make your own Japanese- style kites at this lvatttily workshop. Japanese Masks Hi 5 Jul.

10am 12.30pm & I30 4pm. £4. Lauriston (‘astle. 2a (‘rainond Road Sotrth. 336 2060. Advance booking required. A family workshop in making Japanese-style masks using willow and tissue paper.

Starstruck Drama and Storytelling Sun 7 Jul. 10am noon. Free with exhibition ticket. (‘ity Art Centre. 2 Market Street. 52‘) 3‘)‘)3. Advance booking required. A fun drama and storytelling workshop for ages 7 10. Make Your Mark! Sun 7 Jul. 2‘ 4pm. Free. Royal Museum. 2 (‘hambers Street. 247 421‘). Ages over 3. Help create a giant Imperial (‘hinese ‘chcop' or seal at this fun-tilled family event. Wacky Ceramics Wed (0 Jul. ltlum- noon & L30 3.30pm. £4. Lauriston Castle. 2a (‘ratnond Road South. 336 2060. Advance booking required. A family workshop to experiment with paint and ceramics. Swimming Nature Summer Fast Track Course Mon 15 Jul Fri 23 Aug. £45 £90. Aquatic Centre. l‘niversity of lidinburgh. St Leonard’s Road. 0870 ‘)()0 S002. Swimming Nature launches a new branch in lidinbtirgh with a series of fast track courses. Instructors stay in the water throughout the lessons. which are available in groups or in individual packages.

Futuristic Modroc Frames 'I‘hu IS Jul. l0ain lpm. Free with exhibition ticket. (‘ity Art Centre. 2 Market Street. 52‘) 3‘)‘)3. Advance booking required. Ages 7 12. l'sing lots of imagination and varied materials. create unusual and futuristic modroc frames.


The Singing Kettle’s Jungle Party 'l‘hti IS Strn 2| Jtil. 'I‘hu 2pm: l-‘ri Sat I lam & 2pm: Sun noon & 3pm.


£‘) (£7). l'cstival 'l‘heatre. l3 7 2‘) Nicolson Street. 52‘) (3000. See (ilasgow.


Hero Worship t’ntil Sui 28 Sep. l‘ree. Mtiseurn of ('hildhood. 42 High Street. 52‘) 4 I42. ('hildren’s heroes from past and present including Davie ('rockett. Shirley 'l‘crnple and Luke

Sky walker are celebrated in this exhibition. ('oinc along to take a trip down memory latte. dress tip as your favourite idol or add to the Heroes Wall of I‘ame.

This Book Belongs to Me t'ntit 'I'hu SI ()ct. National Library of Scotland. (icorge l\' Bridge. 226 455 l. lixplorc the exciting and colourful world of children’s books from the original l7th century Tom Thumb to the latest Harry Potter blockbuster. livery l‘riday and Sunday. Scottish storytellers bring children's stories to life (2.30pm ck 3.30pm).

Walking with Dinosaurs Mon IS Jul Sun S Scp. £tbc. Dynamic liarth. lloly't'ootl Road. 550 7S00. lixperience the magic of BB("s acclaimed series Hill/true will) Dinosaurs. This exhibition takes you behind the scenes of production and explores how dinosaurs lived. died and how the BBC brought them to life.

Outside The Cities

Activities And Fun

Atlantis Summer School t‘ntil Sun l4 Jul. £S5. Deep-Sea World. North ()tieenslcrry. ()I3S3 4| lSSI). I’Itingc into an underwater city in a

w cck of fun w cck of I'rshy activities. culminating in a disco and barbecue. The Braeport Tipi t‘ntil l-‘ri 5 Jul. ‘).30 I lam. l 1.30uni Iprn A;

2 3.30pm. £5 per session. Braeport ('cntre. l)trnblanc. 0I7So S22037. Ages over 3. Help construct the centre's ow n tipi in a week of building. decorating. w caving and drumming. Burntisland Summer Fairground I'ntil Sun IS Aug. noon I0pin: Sun noon ‘)pm. The Links. Burntisland. 015‘)2 S722I |. Summer seaside ftrnfair boasting around I40 rides. street traders and craft stalls.

SPOT’S BIRTHDAY PARTY Wed 17 Sat 20 Jul. 11am & 20m. £9 (‘27); family ticket 5‘25"). Adam Smith theatre. Berrrtochy Road. Kirkcultly, 01592 4129239. Ages 2—6. Eric Hill's popular creation Spot is (:elel_)r'atiriq his birthday

and you're iiiVited to the party. Joni Steve the Monkey. Helen the Hippo. Tom the Crocodile. and Marco the Rabbit Magician tor a colourful iriusical huistiiiq Wllll ltllt, games. songs and stories.

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