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Poetry Workshop l’ollok llotisc. l’ollok (‘otintry Park. 2060 l’ollokslttth Road. 616 6410. l 1am lptn. £40 for eight weeks. Ages over 16. An eight- vveek course led by Lorna Gilfedder aimed at improving vvriting and creativity.

Other events

Stage Design School 'I‘ramsvay. 25 Albert Drive. 332 9000. £300 (£150). Ages 15 21. An intensive course for those interested in stage management. Creative Writing Borders Books, 283 Buchanan Street. 222 7700. 5.30pm (‘4: 7.30pm. Free. Alistair Paterson helps bring out the vvriter iti yoti.

Other events

Stage Design School 'l‘ramvs-ay. 25 Albert Drive. 332 9000. £300 (£150). See Thu 4.

Creative Writing Borders Books. 283 Buchanan Street. 222 7700. 5.30pm & 7.30pm. Free. See Thu 4.

Saturday 6


Linton Kwesi Johnson 't‘ron Theatre. 63 'l'rongate. 552 4267. 4pm. £ 10 (£81. Alternative perspectives on modern Britain frotri the vsorld’s first reggae poet. See previesv.


British Superbikes Knockltill Racing ('ircuit. Knockhill. Dtinfermline. 01383 723337.

9am 5pm. £10 £25. Over 17.000 people clamoured in to watch Scottish legend Niall .‘vlacken/ie race for the final time at last year‘s Superbike. This year. there will he plenty of Scottish interest. and nevv regulations vvill allovv a ftill grid of superbikes.

Clyde Regatta llelensburgh Sailing (‘lub. (‘hallenger (irotip. Rhti Road. 11elensburgh. 01436 821234.

10.45am 5pm. Free. Around 1(10 boats compete in this annual regatta. with a spectacular finish on Saturday evening close to llelensburgh l’ier.

Other events

Stage Design School 'l'i‘ainvs‘ay. 25 Albert Drive. 332 9000. £300 (£150). See Thu 4.

Kelvin Kulture Halfpenny Bridge House. opposite Botanic ('t‘esccnt. 586

8159. 10.30am 1 1.15pm. The banks of the River Kelvin provide the setting for a day of children’s activities. guided walks. a barbecue and live performances.

Creative Writing Borders Books. 283 Buchanan Street. 222 7700. 5.30pm & 7.30pm. Free. See Thu 4.


British Superbikes Knockhill Racing (’ircuit. Knockhill. Dunfertnline. 01383 723337.

9am 5pm. £10 £25. See Sat 6. Clyde Regatta llelensburgh Sailing Club. (‘hallenger (iroup. Rhti Road. Helensburgh. 01436 821234. 10.45am— 5pm. Free. See Sat 6. Glasgow Cycle Bells Bridge. ('ongt‘css Road, (17932 4611093. l()atn. 'l‘hirty mile cycle ride froin (ilas’govs' city centre to Strathclyde Park and back.


Cary Peppermint (‘(‘A. 350 Sauchiehall Street. 352 4900. 4pm. £3 (£2). (('('A 51. A rare performance and talk by .\'esv York-based artist Peppermint entitled ('mu/m'rur Number Zorn/)1). the latest version of an ongoing series of performances vs hich incorporates surveillance technology.

Other events

Stage Design School 'I‘ramvs-ay. 25 Albert Drive. 332 9000. £300 (£150). See Thu 4.

International Co-op Day Nevs- 1.anark World Heritage Village. 01555 661 345. llatn 5pm. Fartiin fttn day

vs ith music. stalls aitd dancing. Marvellous Mammals Scottish Wildlife Trust. Scottish Wildlife \isitoi' (‘entre. the Falls of (‘lyde Reserve. .\'evv l.anark. 01555 665 262. Noon 4pm. £2.50. Series of displays and informal presentations celebrating inainmals as part of National Mammal Week 2002. Summer Fair .‘vtugtlock ('outiiry Park. (‘raigallian Road. Milngav ie. 956 6100. 1 4.30pm. £2. A fund raising event with a craft fair. archery. entertainers and a bouncy castle. Giant Zip Slide Strathclyde (‘ountry Park. 366 Hamilton Road. 01698 266 155. Free but sponsored. ('hance to take part in a daring 5501i giant lip slide. Braehead Without the Shops (ileniffer ('ountry Park. 884 3794. 2pm. Free. A walk taking in the vs ealth of vs'tltlllovscrs in this country park. Includes sortie stccp sections which may be rough underfoot.

Creative Writing Borders Books, 283 Buchanan Street. 222 7700. 5.30pm 6'; 7.30pm. Free. See 'l‘hti 4.

Monday 8 -


Scotland’s Heroes ’l'rainvvay. 25 Albert Drive. 287 3900. 8pm. £10(£6). American dance troupe Infinity Dance

Permanent ‘4

attractions -

Art Gallery and Museum, Kelvingrove Argyle Street. 28/ 2600. Mon—Thu 8. Sat 10aiii—fiprn; 1 rr 8. Sun 11ain-—:')prn. Free. this fine example of late Victorian architecture houses a permanent collection of work by such names as Heinhrandt.

Botticelli. Whistler and Cadell, plus nuiiierous historical artelacts and animal displays.

Burrell Collection 2000 Pollokshaws Road. 28/ 2:580. Mon~1hu8 Sat 10am fipin: Fri 8. Sun 1 1ari‘»:">prii. lree. Sir William Buir'ell's world famous collection of beautiful art objects from around the globe, housed in a specially designed. award Winning building). Glasgow Cathedral (Iastle Street, s5)? 8108.

Mon Sat 980ziin-«1pin 8. 2 (ipni: Sun 2 6pm. free. A stone-built church has stood on this site since 1180 and the lower church contains the shrine ()181 Mungo. whodied around (312; liov'~.iever most of the present l)11|l(l|11t1 dates :r‘oin the tiith or 1:">th centuries. Glasgow School of Art

llie Mackintosh Gallery, 10 Henfrew Street. 13013 45500. (‘ilasoov'x School of Art is Charles Rennie


LINTON KWESI JOHNSON Tron Theatre, Glasgow, Sun 6 Jul, 4pm

Alternative perspectives

‘Maggi Tatcha on di go/Wid a rascist show/But she haffi go/Kaw/Rite now/African/Asian/West lndian/An’ black British/Stan firm inna lnglan.’ For those of us who spent much of the 19805 wishing that the entire Tory cabinet and its dictator leader would fall into a snake filled hole somewhere, LKJ’s poetry filled us with hope that there might still be a little socialist humanity out there.

They were dark days, but Johnson carried us through it all. He was a heckling defiant dub star performing live or pressing superb LPs such as Forces of Victory (1979) and Bass Culture (1980). He was a broadcaster: his popular ten-part radio series on Jamaican popular music From Mento to Lovers Rock for Radio 1 in 1982 is still a classic. And he was a journalist: from 1985—88 Johnson was a reporter on Channel 4’s The Bandung File for which he frequently trod where few would even dip their toes.

It is as a poet, though, that the man in the trilby, black rimmed glasses and impressive facial hair is best known, and rightly so. Penguin Classics may have decided that he is the first Jamaican poet good enough to grace its new series of imprints, but those in the know have always recognised him as the Governor. He appears in Glasgow as part of the excellent jazz festival. He is a bewitching, disturbing reader of his own work, so if you find you can afford only one of the tickets for the festival make sure it has ‘LKJ’ printed on it. (Paul Dale)

'l‘hcatre. vs hich includes dancers with and vvithotit disabilities. presents a ballet vvhich celebrates the .\1ac.\1i1|an ('lan through music. verse. song and dance. Narrated by liminy avsai'd-

vs inning Andrevv .\1ac.\1illan. St‘UI/(IIH/IS llt'rm's incorporates the poetry of Robert Burns and Sir Walter Scott.

Other events

Stage Design School 'l'ranivsay. 25 Albert Drive. 332 9000. £300

Mackiiitoslis tii‘eatest £1(thl(3\.’(3111()lll and it continues to intrigue and inspire Visitor's from all over the world. Glasgow Science Centre

{)0 Pacific ()uav. .120 53000.1)ailv 10am (Spin 5‘5).5)()~1‘14(Fl-F1111. Situated on the site of the 1088 Garden festival. Glasgow's 8‘75} iiiillion ‘.’|E§ll()t'{11111161101118111111110 of ir-lorination on science and technology. Holmwood House


(£150). See Thu 4.

Drawing Classes Pollok llotise. Pollok (‘ountry Park. 2060 Pollokshavs s Road. 616 6410. l lam—1pm. £8 per session. Ages over 16. (iregor Johnstone. a graduate ot"(‘r1asgovs' School of Art. leads a series of vvorkshops in improving dravs'ing

Creative Writing Borders Books,

01 ~03 Netherlee Road. Cathcart. (387 2120. Daily 1.13()~v:'i.13()prn. $23.20 rS‘i).i30i. Designed by the famed 1011i century architect. Alexander ‘(tr‘eek' 11101118011, this house is an excellent exan‘ple of his classical style.

House for an Art Lover

Bellaliouston Park, 10 Duinhr'eck Road, (361% 4f/13.Darlv 10am fipni. S‘:1.f)()ii‘1’_fi()i_lnitiallv designed by Charles

283 Buchanan Street. 222 7700. 5.30pm & 7.30pm. Free. See Thu 4.

Rennie Mackintosh tor a competition in 1001. this unfinished work has Dee". cornpietetl by modern (la, architects and deSigners in true Mackintosh style. Museum Of Transport Kelvin Hall, 1 Bur'nhouse Road. 287 2720. M()lt--l_lttl 8. Sat 10am—6pm; Fri 8. Sun

1 1am—5pm. Free A rnuseuni crainnied v'xith buses. trains. fire (Bllglll‘t'ti. ships and other paraphernalia devoted 1 the nistor‘~. of transport

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