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REGGAE TROJAN RECORDS RE-ISSUES utton up my friend, for one thing I will promise you: invest in these six bundles of joy and you could have a party on a traffic cone and I’ll be standing there beside you. Trojan’s Tighten Up Volume 2 (Trojan I... ) was originally released in 1969 as a 12-track piece of gorgeous vinyl. It contained the lush delights of the Upsetter’s ‘Return of Django’ and ‘Live lnjection’ as well as Clancy Eccles ‘Fattie Fattie’ (later to be popularised by Bad Manners for the student crowd as ‘Lip Up Fatty’). It was an essential album for lovers of reggae, rock steady and ska around the world. ‘This was the LP to let others know that you knew,’ says Harry Hawke in his splendid sleeve notes. ‘There can seldom have been a more brandished LP or one that was displayed tucked under more arms with that front cover outwards than actually played on the arms of record players.’ x , So here it is reissued on CD in all its glory with 13 seriously TROJAN ' V heavy bonus tracks that include John Holt’s awesome ‘Ali 3 ‘93 ti Baba’ and the JJ All Stars’ ‘Memphis Underground, Part 1’. "\.\ v OX SET These are million dollar cuts, recorded in shanty town studios. " a ~ Don’t get too excited though, because Tighten Up Volume 3 (Trojan CO...) is the real slice of heaven, as vital as blood and twice as life affirming. Just when you thought they’d . cleaned the cupboards out, Trojan produced the Rasta jewels. ,_ _, Check out Ken Booth’s ‘Freedom Street’, Marcia Griffiths’ ~ version of ‘Put a Little Love in Your Heart’, Derrick Harriott and the Chosen Few’s ‘Psychedelic Train’ and the Destroyers’ ‘Franco Nero’. And then tell me reggae isn’t the bong man. The Upsetter (Trojan 0000 ) and Bob Marley and Friends (Trojan O... ) box sets are mighty collections that tread the same ground as the Tighten Up collections but contain some genuine old school surprises such as the Addis Ababa Children’s ‘Well Dread version 3’ on the former and Aston ‘Family Man’ Barrett’s garrulous ‘Herb Tree’ on the latter. If you are in the mood for a few ten hour barbecues/skank-fests this . summer these two are well worth their cover price. I l " V Marley aside, the Heptones were one of the few reggae trios that truly reflected the glorious Trenchtown sound. Cool Rasta ( l n >1 l~‘ \\ z (Trojan I... ) is a lovely re-issue of their work from 1973-76. ‘Peace and Harmony’ still makes the hairs stand up on the back of the neck. Among the bonus tracks, ‘Book of Rules’ and ‘Country Boy’ will have you shaking your booty all the way to the ice box. Last but definitely not least is A Ruffer Version: Johnny Clarke at King Tubby’s 1974-78 (Trojan 0000 ). This is great stuff if you like your live albums raw. Clarke was a glottally challenging rough riding vocalist from Kingston, and he was the apple of King Tubby’s eye. These live sessions with Tubby’s band are unsurpassable. You will not hear anything as rough or bass speaker defining as Clarke’s ‘This is the Hardest Version’ this side of the Apocalypse. (Paul Dale)

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