Ginsberg and from Dylan to Kerouac. This artiCulate. intelligent book details it all in well structured chapters that manage to convey the sheer fearless energy of the forms earliest proponents. There are a few gaps. however (Why no mention of Phillipe Garrel and the Zanzibar group?) and this really isn't in the same league as P Adams Sitney's Visionary Fi/ni or Stephen Dwoskin's [-7077 /s. but Naked Lens . . . is still an Invaluable addition to any cinephile‘s library. (Paul Dalel

RITES OF PASSAGE HARRY RITCHIE Friday Night Club (Hodder a Stooghton €14.99i oo

Friday Night Club should come With a public health warning to all Nick Hornby fans. Ritchie's rites of passage novel wanes tentatively between male bravado and Sickly sweet sentiment and is certainly no High Fidelity. regardless of the hype.

A small group of unsuccessful thirtysomething mates are preparing for their regular Friday night actiVities. Uber-lad Rob (flashy JOb. flashy car. flashy blondesl is their mentor and chief. When the lads turn up to find he's done a runner. it's Suddenly time to wake up and Smell the proverbial coflee.

While a fairly entertaining read. Friday. . . loses its way by pandering to the masses. The female reader gets to feel reaSSLiringly superior. '.'/IIIIC the male contingent get to realise that ‘senSible' girls can be jUSI as much fun as the ‘naughtier' ones. Not nearly cutting edge

enough to find a place ziiii()iigi Iii(} §}T(}£lt rziiig;(2 of ‘masculinity in crisis' novels to have hit the shelves in recent years. (Anna Millarl

HISTORICAL ROMANCE ANCHEE MIN Wild Ginger (Women's Press $10.99 0.0

The 60s. as we've been told so many times by the baby boomer heritage-industry. was a time of free love. long hair and smashing drugs. Things weren't quite as rosy in communist China. though. where personal freedoms were crushed beneath Maoist Onhodoxy

Min's hereine is Maple. a girl who Suffers VICIOUS. state— sponsored bullying at school because of her non-proletarian parentage. Her childhood friend. Wild Ginger, is the daughter of a French diplomat. making her even more of an outcast. but after exposing a corrupt official she becomes a darling of the communist party.

Wild Ginger fails in love with the older Evergreen, but With Mao in her life there can be space for no other man. and eventually Maple and Evergreen start to see each other. This central love affair is a rather unconVinCing one. which is a shame. because Min (author of the memo” Red Azalea) has produced an otherwise hugely readable novel about a dark. tragic period in recent history.

(James Smarti

COMIC 'I RAVELOCUE ANDY MILLER Tilting at Windmills iPenguin “2.9% 0....

The World Cup is over and it you are one of

those strange people who find any Joy in this then this book is for you. It can be read as a story or even used as a self-help guide to make you understand what it is about sport that creates obsession.

Tilting at Windmills


In this highly humorous book. Andy Miller. the ‘Eddie the Eagle of miniature golf'. explains why it is not iust football that has its nutters: minority sports can also turn you from a sports ath 2ist to a flag aning competitor. He takes you on the mini-golf tour circuit. including the British Open —- held in Skegness and LatVia. for the European Championships. drawing you into the tension filled atmosphere as he battles not to come last.

While self depreciating in places. Miller shows \.'-/onderfully that no matter what you do. sport is all to do with winning ior at least not being the worsti. lAIy Burt)

ALSO PUBLISHED Giles Milton Samurai William rHodder & Stoughton £7 74.95); Story of a Kent-born traveller who became a shogun's confidant. Jonathan Lethem AmneSIa Moon (Faber If 7. 99/ Deadpan Wit and cheerful chaos in Wyoming.

Ian Gilmour The Making of the Poets iChatto <2 Windus £25; Byron and Shelley: discuss.

Kent Haruf The Tie that

Binds tPicador $6.99) Epic tale of rurai Ameiica.

Simon Gunn and Rachel Bell Middle C/asses (Casse/l 5.20) In depth analysis of the peculiar social phenomenon.



R Sala iFantagraphics

Bit of a strange one this.

Pan sane-s I. .i‘iaie. pa".

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soearneaoes I); Ka. a‘ L:>""a Muer. iPa.. Dt’l‘i} SC. i


Grant Morrison LC 0...

He Will. be .°.'c"king o" X iriei. .c: Mano. ii”: 3 an:

M()i"‘=sen returns to his spirituai IIOI‘TC'. DC's Vertigo impr'it. S:i‘.‘.lar :l‘

atmosphere to Morrisons

Inn/isihi'es. The Fliir’: surrounds yeti I" the

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. d'X’I dis .‘m

suns-awe 22': SPAWN: CREATION

Todd McFarlane ' Ta"

' ta I: .( '\<

Si " c' s. :t ir‘ia'”. \/|/

.(I " " ( it: (191’ rum, .. i. .. I i I i11.,i I l 'ly'4{\

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S I ' I) I r v I A [U L/(I{

A welcome return for the dysfunctional hero of Hate!