Ambrosia Parsley coming across like Ceiys Mathews fronting a Pet Soonds-era Beach 80 /s. Then there's 'Al! Because You Told Me So'. which sounds like lounge music made on acid. but come the uber-poppy 'Reseda CaSino'. Parsley seems to have Suddenly mutated into Natalie lmhruglia. A mixed hag for euro. then. but still well iii/orth a listen. iDavrd Pollocki





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The four members of the excellent Delta Saxophone Quartet share a musical pedigree ‘.'.’thh takes in both classical music and

ia// iamong other things‘l. and have a common interest in performing the work of contemporary composers. rather than mining the already limited historical classical repertoire of music for their Instruments (one each of soprano. alto. tenor and baritonei.

The centrepiece of this disc is Louis Andriessen \.von(‘lerful. fast-ineving 'Facing Death'. inspired by his love for Charlie Parker. but Graham Fitkin's relentlessly energised ‘Stuh' and Joe Duddell's more (llVCFSO ‘Circle Square" are equally compelling. Shorter pieces by Jayier Alvarez and Chris Fox complete an exciting collection. iKc-nny Mathiesoni

lOUNGECORl‘.‘ SKIP HELLER Career Suicide Dionysusi 0..

It's yen; fucking annoying x-xhen recording artists :or their record companiesi put out compilations representing n‘usical



careers which may have lasted l8‘.‘."0i‘ years and garnered less discs than can be COunted On one hand. Not the case wrth Heller. the Los Angeles- based singer-songwriter- arraiiger-guitarist who has been pressing discs rotten narith his own cashl Since the mid-90$.

That this anthology takes in loungecore. rockabilly. JE.iZ/. hossanova. R88 and Hispanic pop. as well as spoken x-xor'd backing. film soundtrack compositions and cartoon cues. testifies to its (Zl‘(3(lll)llll‘,/. Heller migltt not give last word on these fields of niuSiC. but his idiosyiicratic cheesy tune noodling :s ideal for those ail-important retro cocktail sowees. ilvliles Fielderi


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