ou know the script by

now: the glossy

magazines start their beach body regime features in March. By April you can‘t move in the shops for day-glo beachwear. By May you‘re scrapping for sloppy seconds from the depleted suncare aisles and by June you'ye toyed with the idea of back-packing around ()1 because the sun has packed

tip for summer following its briel’ May outing. In the unlikely event

it makes an appearance in AugList/September. don’t expect to htiy a new wardrobe to suit. as

the shops are already stocking tip

on winter gear. lt‘sjust not fair. Living in

Scotland is great. but our weather

sucks big time. Here at TIN' List

we'ye thrown caution to the wind

to come tip with these summer

essentials to lift your mood. ward

ol'l' an early hotit of seasonal al'l'ectiye disorder. and prove that there is fun to he had come rain or. lingers crossed. shine.


1 Portable barbecue 5359.95. www.iwaritoneofthosecom. This drrninutive barbie verges on stylish. rt folds away neatly. and rs designed by Aussies. who really should know what they're doing. It has two separate cooking areas. either one for charring and one for warming. or one for meat and one for veggie products. Perfect for those illicit al fresco dining moments in Kelvrngrove Park or the Meadows.

2 Bubble machine $330. www.gatlgetshopcom. Relive the Ibi/a foam party heyday with this no fuss devrce.

3 Candy floss maker $3.50. wwwgatlgetshopcom

Simply pour in sugar. leave it to work its trickery. and hey presto. all the fun of the fair in your back garden.


4 Hawaii shirt Next. Don Johnson. a style rcon’? You wouldn't bet your pension on rt. Nevertheless. l-lawarr shirts are back in a big way. Some are best kept within the confines of the

es the summer

Get with the summer programme, whatever the weather. Words: Maureen Ellis

beach, like this Next number. and we don't mean Portobello.

5 Mini submarines $239.99. www.rwaritoneofthosecorii. Make like Jaws and terrorrse fish or unsuspecting bathers wrth these little sub-aqua toys.

6 Symphony power kite 1.4 £734.99. www.rwaritorieofthoseconi. Mary Poppins has got nothing on these babies. Like the Ferrari of the kite world. the 25in dual line power kite is capable of soaring up to the highest of heights with only the briefest of winds (fat chance. we hear you cry). We were only slightly dubious about the cornplernentary carry case and belt strap.


7 Hippy chic H&M. Mango. As far as frivolous fashions go. they don't come much more iiiconseguentral than this. You know it won't last. you don't know why you love it. but you Simply must change your whole wardrobe to |ll(‘lll(l(‘,‘ ruffles. bunchrng. and bundles of superfluous material. Head to l-lés‘iM or Mango which do it


wrth style and wrthin ordinary budgets.

8 Home spa Marks & Spencer. Fashions may come and go. but glowrng skin rs here to stay. Brush off those old skin cells and moisturrse the new with Marks' Home Spa collection.

9 Tan-fastic Aside from leaving the country. SGll-léilltlltlg is the only option available when it comes to all-over bron/rng. The fake tan market is flourishing and recent innovations include Coppertone's Endless Summer (S51 1.99. Boots) which rs dual-chambere<l to create a smoother, more balanced tan. Old farthfuls include St Trope/ i930. Jenners). For fuss-free sunless tanning try Oenobiol Solaire. a new nutritional supplement available at Boots (916.50 for a month's supply). 10 Take the heat off 37.50. Boots. Should sunburn leave you bet and bothered. try cooling down wrth Botanrcs' new range. Not only does the peppermint and aloe ver'a cool and rnorstur'ise the skin. if leaves you wrth a wash of shirninerrng colour. THE LIST 121