I Saw You


V I saw you at Dougie. U tall dark handsome stranger. U appeared as if from a dream. I think u tnay be Andrew & ur musical. Xxx. U/444/3-l

V I saw you Wayne in the Arches. You are beautiful. Me tall red head. U/44-1/35

V I saw you - male. 2 arms. 2 legs. 2 eyes - you looked alright to me - degree show - l was the gorgeous one. [7444/36 V I saw you Giles at the Citz. can't wait till Xmas - you can serooge me any day! !! U/444/37

V I saw you Big Brother Alex look- alike - why don't you come to my house for tea'.’ U/444/38 V I saw you Antonia outside the Arches chicken dancing with your dress in your pants after the Scottish Style Awards. U/44-l/3‘)

V I saw you lovely boy from Gorbals Boy Band G5. Meet me in the Citz one night? For the record. I go all the way U/444/40

V I saw you Karen G. Yeah. two sea breezers and it was legs akimbo on the Tron bar. sweetie dahling! All the best luv in Boulton xxx. U/444/4l

V I saw you beautiful lady in Tinderbox Tuesday nights. I show you magic act and laugh like a wild beast. You looked like jackal but to me a sweet lady of love. Xxx.


V I saw you at the holistic fair at the concert hall. My heart melted! Let me be you lover baby - Baby Tiger xxx. U/444/43

V I saw you Karen ((8 the Tron. Don't leave tne this way but I will survive. so now go. walk out the door. but you can turn around now cos you'll be welcome in Scotland evermore! U/444/44

V I saw you falling on all fours. on Belmont St - after too much smoking and drinking. I watched in admiration at you attempts to stand up - any time you need a hand... K + M x. U/444/45

Only one I saw you per person per issue will be published.

132 THE LIST 4 Jul—18 Jul 2002

V I saw you at Vic bar. Mysterious sad Spanish boy with curly hair dancing by yourself. I've been magnetised by your Latin presence. I want u to be my matador. Me boy with scar. U/444/4b

V I saw you Alecs from Bosnia. ln shows at the Citz + in AufWeidersein Pet. You rock my world! [3/444/47

V I saw you serving coffee at Tinderbox. Mmmm. Tall dark + strongjust how I like my men... & my coffee. We were here Tuesday 25th June (0" 5pm. Sittin in window. X. U/444/48 V I saw you barking madness in the Cul de Sac kitchen - who are you Mr sexy posh chel‘.’ You whipped me up into a froth - call me. U/444/49 V I saw you Jorgeous Goe. Meeting some Parisian whore. I love you Da Morv xx. L’l444/50 V I saw you Pete at Claire's party. You had dark hair. blue eyes and a love of books. Unfortunately I had too much vodka to appreciate your talent. Ul-l-l-l/Sl

V I saw you big gay rances. You have a skinny h ‘ad and hang out with the neds. I thought you could be had. but you already have old Rad. U/4-l-l/52

V I saw you sexy tall balding red-head director - Running Girl - Tramway. Nice orange pants. Sweat with me! U/444/53

V I saw you mister Repetoire. You set my media world alight with you devastating editorial & faint whiff of onions. You rock (‘addy & I love your musty aroma of breast of chicken. U/4-l4/54

V I saw you in Waxys.You the inquisition. me good listner...nice car! Ul-l-l-l/SS

V I saw you Matthew J. in Green Bamboo. You told me "You've got me" and I've been in love with you from

that very moment. Eva U/444/56

V I saw you 'Shelter' girl with blue eyelashes on Sauchiehall St. 27th June. having a bad morning and losing your train of thought. If you find it again. I'm happy to hear the rest. I'll buy you a drink if that helps. U/4-l4/57

V I saw you at the westl3. you were trying to pretend to like a band nobody has hear of. When does talent become important. you indie losers. U/4-l4/58

V I saw you Lucy. Outside the Arches. I‘m the Celtic Connections connection. (Duncan). Quick chat. quick hug. all too quick. I‘d love to be in touch. Please Do. Peace. [Mill/59

V I saw you in the wee pub at the chip. listening to Stiltskin. Even that didn't put me off. We should meet without a bar between us sometime. U/4-l4/60

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V I saw you teaching English to foreign students in Valeview. Langside College 9/5/02. Me tall guy looking for my lecturer. You had blonde hair and beautiful eyes. tried to help. Can I thank you? Call me U/444/6l

V I saw you in Gilmorehill 1997. you were my Rosalind. l your ()rlando. meet me in St Mary's on the l lth. let's put our love onstage forever. U/444/62 V I saw you gorgeous guy. at pictures. 'The Closet' G.F.T. You tanned and perfectly put together. Me tall-denim jacket.You said "That was fun!" I said "Yeah". Did you manage to feed your cats'.’ My heart missed a beat. What about a date'.’ [1/444/63

V I saw you Good Looking in dentist‘s reception. Dumbarton Road on Thu 30 May. Remember! Interested in meeting up'.’ Can't improve that smile. Box No U/443/40.

V I saw you in your low cut dress. black in colour. although I only saw the colour flesh. l was mixing a few tunes in the corner of Brel's Sunday 2/06/02. Box No U/443/4 l.

V I saw you Dougal with your hairy side-burns. did you enjoy the play? Ha ha ha hee hee hee hoo hoo ha ha ha hey hoo xx. Box No U/443/42.

V I saw you Carol of the Tron. flaming red hair and personality to match. You will be sorely missed by us all. Box No U/443/43.

V I saw you good looking. Polo Lounge/Bar Moda. Sat lst Jun. You Barcardi Breezer man. Lots of eyes - too shy to talk. Interested in meetin"? xx. Box No U/443/44.

V I saw you on the tube. b.30pm ()l/()(i/()2. looking beautiful my lndian Rani. Let me be your Raju. Make me a date & this time I'll wear the pink flower! Box No U/443/45.

V I saw you George. you inspired my curiosity @‘ Brel. Does Monkey gibbon know that monkey love exists? Box No U/443/46.


V I saw you in the Earl of Marchmont and since then wandering through the Meadows. You: black cap. Me: black funny coat. You caught me with a strawberry in my mouth! U/444/l

V I saw you in the City Cafe. you big. bald hunk of a man. I think you are one of the managers. U/444/2

V I saw you in your lovely jumper 2ce on 23rd. Me on my bike on George W Bridge. When will 1 see you again'.’ U/44-1/3

V I saw you Did I see the Black Panther at AshBOX on Friday? Back in town. with

Janice. Can't wait to see you

again. xxx LEM-HBO

V I saw you. . .You Wilma. me Fred. . .Let's rockll [.7/444/4 V I saw you looking at my hairy nose. If you liked that you will like my hairy back. Give me a kiss my long-needed lover from lover landYLT/444/5

V I saw you as you looked down at me through the bush I'd just fallen into. We're a great team. U/J-H/b

V I saw you working the floor at Blue. You wore that hangover like a neon invitation to plenty. U/4-l4/7

V I saw you. Deck. I stole from you. I love you - Bridge xxxxx Spillage.....l,'/44~l/8