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Phil Kay

The World Cup is a game of many halves

cotland remain unchallenged in this these 2002 S co-hosted championships of the world football cup . . .‘ My favourite moment of the two thousand and twoth World Cup football finals in Korea and South Japan was when this Portuguese football forward had the referees face in his hands. He actually had the refs cheeks in some ultimate facehold. flat empty hand insistently unthreatening. and was trying to get the ref to change his mind. He was actually offering palms to help him mouth the words. The referee was perhaps Italian or ligyptian and was trying to squeeze out Portuguese in reverse with limited time on the already talking face of a man whose body it is an offence to touch. There is a planet‘s worth of witnesses with ample recording equipment. That is incredibly hopeful. Referees never change their minds like that. The footballers can do all that kicking and smiling and scoring of victories. yet the ref holds the face of an official. He should be running as a player. sending in hopeful crosses and hopeful incisive defence-splitting carvety passes. But they forget the whole thing. The whole reason is to see good kicks and amazing movements of a sphere among

humans. The winning is just to heighten the brilliance of

the flight of a sphere: to enjoy it more. I watch games and 1 cheer the game. “Come on sport.‘ I call out.

The thing to do is play. I mean play play play. Keep playing like the Koreans. well into extra penalties. That‘s when it becomes possible for us to see the best possible. the most beautiful beautiful game.

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daft and even if you win. you lose. How can ‘going through’ be great if the game you won was shit'.’ The final when it comes will be today. Feel good. now attack when you are ahead. Award a point-aml-a-half for scoring when you are already up. so then if they score twice you still win by half a point.

. . and Scotland are yet to lose a match in these 2002 feefa world cup finals here (‘orea hosted with another nation: that ofJapan.’

Only the South of Korea with a ‘(“. a country so corrupt it will change the spelling of its nation‘s name to help shift 4 million misprinted scarves.

. and Scotland remain undefeated. yet to drop a point in these co-hosted between formerly warring neighbours who have found great peace under the umbrella of commerce.’

It is a powerful concept that we spell Korea differently from themselves. from the way they choose. You‘d think they‘d be sure. unless it was named for them. Who do they think they are? Our language is the proper language of the world. I mean. speak some. see

how it feels . . . like the true

I world language. isn‘t it'.’ liven now South Kor‘a is game: ‘Come L

divided that way because of the

on Sport,’ I west. Like nation spelt notion, From space you can see a centre

spot on the halfway line/border. Some say it was unfair that Korea did so well. Well I say they should have won and should have got 16 penalties‘ credit when they all did that mass dive into the box. . and at least Scotland have never lost a World (‘up final.‘ Good luck us.

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