If you are looking to hang out with the most stylish people in the city then readers of The List recommend you head for the Lowdown in Bath Street Glasgow.

Style conscious single malt, Glenfiddich, asked The List readers to nominate their favourite bars in Edinburgh or Glasgow in three categories :

0 Cool Bar Staff 0 Most attractive clientele 0 Most stylish surroundings

1 Hundreds of readers put fingers to keyboards to email their responses and what follows is the second of a series of reviews of'the bars that you think are the places to see and be seen.

Glenfiddich Style Bar with the most attractive clientele

1) Lowdown, Glasgow 2) Opal Lounge, Edinburgh 3) City Cafe, Edinburgh

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One of the many basement bar/restaurants in this part of town, the Lowdown stands out from the crowd. Designed by 200 architects to have an almost Japanese art deco look, it has an engaging relaxed atmosphere with stylish surroundings, efficient service and a host of extremely attractive customers that add a certain something to the ambience. The food includes tapas and traditional favourites, is high quality and presented in an original way. The centre island bar stocks a selection of exceptional single malts and friendly staff will ensure your glass remains full.

Lowdown manager Juliet Davies has the enviable job of mixing on a daily basis with some of Scotland’s most beautiful people.

How would you describe the Lowdown’s clientele?

“We have great mix of people, some of which I must admit are seriously good looking (both girls and blokes). Our bar attracts a stylish mid to late twenties crowd and we are also popular with shoppers and employees from the surrounding businesses as a place to come for lunch and a chat.”