a word from Tennent’s Lager, the ‘T’ in the paIk

A tbreak stage

Oasis are headlining T in the Park on the Saturday but how many of us remember the first time they played T in the Park in 1994? Their mode of transport now is more likely to be Lear Jet than the ubiquitous Transit van they were using back then. But this is the beauty of T in the Park, a commitment to booking new and exciting acts as well as the crowd pleasers and giving fledgling artists the chance to share the bill with their heroes.

The phrase ‘you saw them here first’ is regularly overused, however, there is no better place than to test the theory than the T Break Stage at T in the Park.

T Break is now in its seventh year having supported new and emerging Scottish artists since 1996. Thirteen unsigned bands have the opportunity to play at T in the Park thanks to the nationwide T Break initiative organised by Tennent’s Lager and DF Concerts. This momentum has been kept up with the continued support of the PRS (Performing Rights Society) and the involvement this year of BBC Radio 1’s Session in Scotland.

In the last year we have seen the arrival of Degrassi and Bendy Toy, both of whom played the T Break Stage last July. Over the previous years other acts such as Cosmic Rough Riders, Biffy Clyro and Glass Onion (soon to become some band called, erm, Travis) have all cut their festival teeth in the tent.

The tent itself is improved for 2002 with the addition of seated areas and a bar for a heated debate in between bands on ‘the most likely to succeed’. For the bands themselves there will be improved lighting and visuals to help create the true rock’n’roll experience.

So make some time during the weekend to swing by the T Break Stage and check out the best in new Scottish talent before you read about them.

For more information on the T Break bands playing check out RedT.co.uk.


It is an indisputable fact that the Scots as a nation know how to party and the T in the Park atmosphere is certainly helped by the copious amounts of Tennent’s Lager consumed. At T in the Park it’s more than a festival myth that when the gates open each day everybody makes a mandatory bar stop en route to checking out the openers on the various stages.

Tennent’s has been key to the success of T in the Park since the first event in 1994 and since then festivalgoers have been known to enjoy ‘the occasional pint’ year on year.

Last year the 2 millionth pint of Scotland’s favourite lager was sunk at T in the Park and to help quench the festival thirst this year there are 28 multi-dispense units across six bars or, in drinking terms, the ability to pour 672 pints per minute, each one as tempting as the next. This year the prices have been frozen making a pint at T in the Park one of the cheapest at any festival in the UK.

If you’ve been to T in the Park before you will know that there is a voucher system for getting your pints in. For those first timers, this is the sketch: so everyone can get served as quickly as possible at the bars, you must first buy your drinking vouchers at a kioSk. There are ten of these dotted around the site. Then exchange your voucher at one of the bars for a drink. Please note vouchers purchased on Saturday will not be valid on Sunday and the bars close around 9.30pm each night.

If it’s a soft drink you’re after check out the food stalls all around the site.

If it’s an alcoholic drink you’re after and you are over 18 but cursed with youthful good looks or spend too much time wearing avocado face masks then be sure to bring some photographic ID to prove yourage.

If you’re camping and you’ve forgotten the all-important carry out or Saturday’s soiree with ydur new neighbours cleaned you out, don’t worry; you will be able to purchase Tennent’s Lager from a stall in the campsite. '

Enjoy the weekend . . .

l L

George Kyle, Head of Sponsorship, Tennent’s