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Fiokle rock’n’roll suitors may come and go but Slam are Balado’s steady date who still loves

getting hot and heavy on us

ook back through the mists of

time to when Del Atnitri could

close the main stage . . . and no one lattghed. Dance tents were altnost unheard ol‘ in these innocent and l’aintly embarrassing times. Now. ol~ course. every festival and his dog (on a string) has a dance tent and for tts. lucky 'I‘ in the Parkers. Scotland's premiere techno duo Slam aka Stuart McMillan and ()rde Meikle are in lirm control.

But it hasn’t always been the hayen for heat l‘reaks that it is today. Alter DJing one year (ieoll' lillis approached the boys and asked what they thought. And to be honest they weren't impressed. but they had an idea . . . and the rest. as they say. is history. l‘)‘)7 saw the opening of the lirst Slam 'l‘ent and the start ol‘ a hcautilul relationship.

.\'ow an institution at 'l‘l'l‘l’ it has grown from 4000 to l2.000 capacity (almost a quarter ol‘ the l‘estiyal ). lior many it‘s the main draw. and they neycr yenture liar lrom its sweaty conlines. So what can we expect this year alter past glories including Dalt l’unk. Daye (‘larkc. ('arl (‘ox and Laurent (iarnier'? Well. who better to guide us through than Slam themselyes and their delinitiye guide to the Slam 'l‘cnt 2002'?

26 THE LIST -'-

. Words: Henry Northmore


I George T

Stuart McMillan l le's; played ‘or iii; sexeral I r'ies. l‘e's; a i)llii<£l."i DJ. /\'l(l :I tll‘.’(353 the east coast a .'.'»:;-<,- tut of "er)resentatioi‘. cos I kno‘s.’ ‘.'.'e get pauneo. some of the time. to" t:t,-'r‘g a

bit crest coast biased.

I Dot Allison

SM Dots; sung at the clot) hetero and or: our {lllltll‘L

Orde Meikle /\t‘<i she's a girl?

SM \.".’l‘.at l like ahoot Dot If; tt‘at f;.".(1- doesn't st“, army from

exper ltlt}l‘i£lil()l‘. she looks g"(;;tf. fgl‘e'f; got a great presence ariti he" ll‘.'(} shouts are al'.'./ays interesting. Again. :t't; gtiite (ion-3n ternoo '.'.lll(2ll stats; the afternoon.

constantly for over a year. and that hard work has paid off in

I DJ 0

SM Obviously he runs Alaska and Fluid with as. he's another great DJ. and is a good platfonn for people like 0. who has a good following in

the new genre of New York DJs. he treads that fine line between house andtechno.

SM We've heard him a couple of times and there's a good energy in what he does.

OM And he's a person who hasn't Visited Scotland much. I'm looking forward to seeing him: I love his productions. He's one of the mainstays of the Subliminal label.

Glasgow to play.

I Tom Middleton: Sound of the Cosmos

OM The mad Jedi.

SM Last time we put Tom on at the (not; had three rooms open that I Groove Armada

SM It's like watching a proper band play. while they have all the midi stuff they've also got plenty of

live elements over the too It isn't the typical two blokes behind keyboards it's a full live show With bongo players. percussion and all

kinds of gtiltars. YOU'D BE A l

mgnt. The back room was us. in

.as a house DJ who shall ess. and Tom. BaSically lom cleared the house room: even/one


Y'tl‘f‘lilll‘. lir’llllC

was ‘.'.rat(;hing him. He's pretty cra/y and I think his live set will reflect that.

I Harry ‘Choo Choo’ Romero OM One of the more experimental of


Who? Arizona-based rockers with sensible haircuts. tidy shirts and massive tunes. Sounds a bit boring? Since when were singable choruses and big guitars a crime? This lot have both in droves. and unlike some of their indie rivals they’re not ashamed of showing their melodies off. What else? They've toured

colossal, snowballing success. Expect big crowds of skate kids to be in attendance. screaming along to every word. I Jimmy Eat World play the Main Stage on Sunday.