I Andrew Weatherall

OM From about 6.30pm on we like to up the ante.

SM And who better than Lord Sabre himself? Andy's one of these people who we've respected for years. he does his own thing and doesn't give a fuck.

OM Andy has gone in and out of fashion. but for us he's always been a big influence and a good friend.

I The Youngsters

SM The Youngsters live is a really good show. They played the Arches recently at the F Communication night and they fit perfectly, as what we do is kinda techno orientated. And people love a good bit of techno!

OM The new wave French techno sound.

I Slam

SM gonna do a ‘Our deck she‘s: . . .

OM . . . with live samplers and effects. It's getting like live remixing.



SM We try not to make it like a dog's dinner cos it can be a right rabble with four tracks played at the same time. But he'll take the lead then I'll take the lead and then we'll improvise on top of each other.

OM \i'ife've done this four deck thing a number of times and it works really well so it should be a good finale to the night.


I Cinephile

OM I've heard hits and bobs on vinyl. but it's gonna be good to see them live and again its supporting someone from Glasgow. It'll be a bit of an eye opener.

I Master H

OM A star in the waiting. he's from Paris and he's a funky looking guy. He DJs house like Jeff Mills does techno: very on it. His track. ‘Magic K', is picking up plays all over the place: just watch him go.

Not the monkey from Planet of the Apes? Obviously not. . fool. But close: that‘s where Japan's Keigo Oyamada found his ' .. . alter-ego. after all. Ah, I see. So can he improve on his

* national side’s World Cup performance then? Oh, without a doubt. From the same Tokyo scene that brought us the unlamented Pizzicato Five. Cornelius has moved up in the world. hanging out with the likes of UNKLE and Money Mark. Kitsch or cool, then? A bit of both. actually. I Cornelius plays King Tut's Wah Wah Tent on Sunday.

I FC Kahuna

SM We've played their club in London. Head Start. and it's very down and grungy. very us. They have their own sound. and I think that's always a good thing. When we booked them the album wasn't even finished.

OM You have to remember that we were booking all this at the tail end of lastyear

SM The album might not have been finished and people would have been like: “Who are they?" But they are picking up a lot of momentum and it looks like their single is gonna do really well. What do they call them?

OM Because Jon goes out with Lottie they call them the Posh and Becks of dance music. [They both go into fits of laughter]

I Percy X

SM I love his stuff. he's a great techno producer. This is his first live Outing. so it'll be interesting to see what he does. OM Rubber underpants time: the first


“‘ Who? London's coolest kings of up-beat Latino dance beats.

' .. With dancing girls an“ everything. Dancing girls? Tell me

w: more . . . The Jaxx capture the carnival vibe to a T. with an in your face live show that brings the whole shebang to resplendent life. But what about the music? Party-up tunes to the max. especially the punk/dance riot ‘Where's Your Head At?'. a question you may well be asking yourself by this time on a

Saturday night.

I Basement Jaxx close the NME Stage on Saturday.

time is always frightening.

I Layo and Bushwacka!

SM Again they hadn‘t finished their album when we booked them. now obviously 'Love Story‘ has been a massive success. It's a shame they aren't playing live but they are brilliant DJs. and no doubt they'll have something up their sleeves.

I Green Velvet

SM He's a bit of a regular at T in the Park. He‘s played two or three times including the first one with Daft Punk. He's a loony and his single 'La La Land' broke since booking him so he's got a whole new following.

OM And there is only one Green Velvet: he kind of sits in a genre all of his own.

I Marco Carola and Gaetano Parisio

SM They're doing the four deck thing as well. They're like myself and Orde that they know each other really well and their music and their sets are very exciting very hard. but very funky. I think they're gonna go down a storm. OM Aye. brilliant technicians both of them. They deserve much more kudos. they're as good as people like Dave Clarke. but don't quite get the recognition they deserve.

I Orbital

OM Fantastic live show. nice guys. big supporters of the label [Soma] and always have been. I'm very humble to have them on Our stage.

SM At all the festivals they did last year they were headliners. so it's a real coup for us to have Orbital.

OM We badgered them to do it though.

I Richie Hawtin

OM Well. he da man. With his Spinal Tap [Final SCratch].

SM We played before him at the Essential Festival down in Bristol just the other month. Richie came in with samplers. foot peddles and his Final Scratch . . . it was like a one-man- band: he was doing things to records that made you think: ‘This is what techno is all abOut.' Richie is the perfect closer. he never does a had set. and he never fails to shock. It's the highlight of every year for us: it all builds up to that.

See page 34 for the full running order of the Slam Tent.

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