the hives - t break stage a the dandy Warhols @ the polyp

. eware of hives this summer. Otherwise known B as urticaria, hives are red, itchy patches of skin caused by allergic reactions to pollen,

temperature change and certain foods. About 20% of

the population suffer from hives. Nasty little buggers,

The bedrooms may be spacious and the kitchen fully-fitted in other words.

but the garage is still where it’s at. Not convinced? Say halla And bewa'eP’the “'Vesthls Summe“ Otherw'se .. . known as Howlin’ Pelle Almqvust, Nicholaus Arson,

dar! to the Hlves' Words: Jan F zescm‘y Vigilante Carlstroem, Chris Dangerous and Dr Matt

Destruction, the Hives are an infectious, Swedish, cocky-rockin’ reaction to the current musical malaise of self-obsessive mumbling. Probably 100% of you have been exposed to the Hives. Cute little buggers, really. Dressed to kill in late SOs/early 60$ Vegas lounge- biker chic black clad except for white ties, winkle- pickers and guitars - the Hives could simply be regarded as the latest singing zombies in the current trend of retro grave robbery. As such it’s easy to define influences, most notably the Stooges, Ramones and Cramps, with more recent antecedents in the equally retro-stylised Rocket from the Crypt. To the cynical grouch, listening to their debut UK album, Your New Favourite Band, may be a derivative

‘We had only seen bands in pictures, so we had to figure out what their haircuts sounded like’

30 THE LIST .2 w,