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Fancy getting your mitts on a pair of VIP tickets to this year’s T in the Park and meeting US rockers Green Day while you are there? Well the nice folks at Big Day Out Ltd and Tennent’s Lager have this and a whole load

- ~ - - - , o - T in the Park is the original and ultimate Scottish music festival and has They dld It firs} and dId It best' nplse and .ConfUSIOn’ once again. outdone itself with two days of musical bliss which includes art and l’OCk n F0”. Say hello again to SODIC YOUth. headlining shows from Oasis. Foo Fighters and Chemical Brothers. This is , the ninth year that Scotland’s favourite pint, Tennent’s Lager has words Jan F 2886'“ sponsored the two day event and is set to be the best! If you want to be erninal' is one of those funny words you see bandied around from time there. then just tell us: to time. a word with respectful. if a little rude. connotations; if we're

What does the ‘T’ stand for in T in the Park? talking abOut left-field guitar antics. it mostly refers to one band.

For nigh on twenty years Sonic Youth have rocked artily. angularly and Answers on an email marked ‘T IN THE PARK’ to promotions© mightily. Initially developing the late 70s No Wave philosophy of fused styles. or on a DOStcard to The LiSt. 14 High St, Edinburgh: EH1 175- detunings and experimentation. they went on to release a consistent slew of Deadline for entries is 9 JUN 2002- Please lnC'Ude a daytime telephone monumental rock albums into the 80s and 90s. including the timeless. number and home address- inspirational norses of Ev()/. Sister. Daydream Nation and Dirty. In doing so, they were transformed from snotty NYC norseniks into idols for kids with guitars to aspire to. Hence ‘seminal': for those soundscape generators who loved white I A pair of weekend V|P tickets to T in the Park

norse: for the grunge movement's sense of harder—edged melodic rock and for the I An exclusive Meet & Greet with Green Day

entire career of . . . And You Will Know us by the Trail of Dead. Sonic Y0uth have I Souvenir picture of you with the band seen it all. done it all. printed off all the T-shirts and worn holes through them. And

they're still coming back for more. I A T m the Park Goady Bag

So in these days of lkea-friendly garage punk it‘s refreshing to be reminded of what it was in the first place. and how gut—wrenchingly, hair-raisineg visceral it all was and still can be. Expect volume: l:ve. Sonic Youth ladle on noise as I A pair 0f weekend fiCkets to T in the Park generoust as gravy over a Sunday roast. wrth three questionably tuned guitars I A T in the Park Goody Bag constantly duelling for supremacy. And despite recent criticism for playing up the art-wank side of things. after a set of ‘difficult' instrumental EPs and most notably For more information. CheCk OUt WWW-tintheparkfiom their unlistenable set at Bowlie last year. their new album Murray Street very much 0' ca” TiCketmaSter 0” 0870 169 0100' weekend harks back to their song—based approach of the late—80s Live. this should mean tiCketS are priced at 26750 (in advance)' £79 for a

weekend ticket with camping (in advance) or £37.50 for

a welcome return to vocals: Thurston Moore's obnoxious drawl. Kim Gordon's . . a day ticket (in advance).

heavrng groans. and Lee Ranaldo's intense poetic vistas. which all colour the

band's r|(;h|y textured canvas. Terms & Conditions: Entrants must over 18 years of age. \ Transportation is the responsibility of the winners. In the event of It COUIU also {Glider eVUrythlr-lg else at T I“ the Park DOIHHC‘SS. canceflation/ “mess. The List takes no responsibimy for supplying

alternative prizes.

Sonic Youth play King Tut’s Wah Wah Tent on Sunday

YOU’D ET: /-. Df-J‘ifiial FOOL TO MISC


- " " . y. . Who? American veteran and young British upstart versions of emo that .. are the talk of skateparks everywhere. Baggy pants ahoy, eh? Yes indeed. but that's not to say that either band's searing, head-shredding rock is immature or dumb: this is noise with brains. So who’s better? They're both excellent. Rival Schools are forerunners of emo, and they know exactly what to do with a monster riff. The Reasons have youth on their side. boundless shrieking enthusiasm and some truly ridiculous hair. I Rival Schools play the NME Stage on Saturday; Hundred Reasons play the NME Stage on Sunday.

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