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Saturday 13


I DJ Arthur Baker

Veteran turntabllst and master of eclectlclsln keeps thlngs movrng between acts.

I Proud Mary

Much trumpeted. Noel G endorsed. old school Faces—esgue rockers.

I Polyphonic Spree

An extravaganza featurlng about (it) people on stage In whlte robes playlng a Beach Boys—on-even-more-acld sonlc melange. See page 37.

I The Dandy Warhols

Uber-cool, hlgh-Ilvlng retro gUItarorrlsts. Never mlnd the ad soundtracking. they're stlll the funklest kids ln class. See page 30.

I Starsailor

Expect nothing less than eplc gurtar anthems just Ilke U2 used to make 'em, relnvented we the Smiths.

I No Doubt

A rare appearance from the US ska'lunk rock quartet enJOylng a revrval of fortunes wrth new album Rock Steady.

I Gomez

Thls ramshackle qulntet have rocked up thelr home-made hlues exploslon 'out are stlll economy--sl/(-2d Warts and Dylans at heart.

I Primal Scream

The once-balllstlc Bob (3 and his team go electroclash era/y for then TITP return. See page 23.

I Oasis

Burnage's loudest loons swagger hack lnto town to spread a rock gospel of Heathen Chem/say. See page 22.


I Halo

Brlt angsty-rockers wrth a taste for Radlohead-style gultar foppery.

I Hoobastank

The Johnlly—come-latelys of the new US metal clrcult le make ground and follow Nmklehack lnto anthemlc rock mega-stardom.

I Rival Schools

Tlght as a drum. top class emo gultal

shellanlgans tronl these been around

34 THE LIST 4'- l.

the block lockers. Sm: (mgr .a. I

I The Cooper Temple Clause

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pit/(N; lt::)ll'|I:l.

I Less than Jake

i-eelgootl ska ()tll‘K ‘vor: 1'». la ' _: serving. 'nala tolllnx; :l’Ll Ural. lot from over It»; .'.a:-;;'.


The thlnklng '.‘.lolna."':; slxaiz: : . (:l'umpet -so(;lall\. gt.'.;‘:'<: Kl. : ,l metallers.

I Idlewild

Splky. l)()()k|§3ll and oft-.2" "urn-1x: gultal rock from these Jan" A; men who ll(}‘.(:' .‘al. In ::‘a:::i:-.: " festl\.'a| context Sec; .' mix-.-

I Morcheeba

The toast of the (:ct’t'er; tat -;‘ wt. .:

Badly Drawn Boy

sloucht, lal<l track heats. :3'3-x.

and trngly guitars. I Basement Jaxx Hlo's (:arnlxal atr'w;;s::".-;.-'-.: 3:: .‘~ '1-

" I Dot Allison (live) KING TUT’S WAH WAH TENT

Into a Bronx t)|()(lt\ pa"... :;.:.~"' " I Ashton Lane I DJ Q ‘l'xltll an lnjemlol‘ of sun?" . : ' v- garrtllotls. hass t‘<;;:.. . ., I Tom Middleton: Sound of the

Cosmos (live)

Joyous. oer: page. ..

I The Leaves

I Athlete l. y . , . I Harry 'Choo Choo' Romero I The Music . I Groove Armada (live) I Haven

.. ., I Andrew Weatherall I Joe Strummer and the Mescaleros I The Youngsters (live)

I Slam (on four decks)


Cholo August81 Major Major


1" Volcano

The Day | Snapped Policechief

The Grim Northern Social Degrassi

I Black Rebel Motorcycle Club


IThe Coral r- Julia Thirteen

Groove Armada

I Badly Drawn Boy


I George T