Sunday 14


I DJ Arthur Baker

See marn stage. Saturday.

I The Soundtrack of our Lives Thrs excellent Swedrsh gurntet go for psychedelrc Who and Krnks ran wrg outs. See page 22’.

I Beverley Knight

The sassy lassre wrth a huge yorce and nrce lrne rn classy RééB.

I Mull Historical Society Affectrng. t\..'-.rrsted pop lrke rt the Beach Boys had been brought up on a small Scottrsh rsland.

I Jimmy Eat World

Proof that you don't have to have tattoos and he a racrst. se rst. hornophohrc egornanrac to rock. See page 26.

I The Hives

All harl the co-ordrnated outfrts. all harl the garage lunacy. See page (30.

I Green Day

The power punk pop pooper's who set

the trend for three-chord stomps wrth

smrley srng»a long choruses.

I Foo Fighters

Dave Grohl's pop rnetai hehemoth keeps rollrng on. Expect nex'x rnaterral from therr forthcomrng alhurn .

I Chemical Brothers

You car‘r't heat a wlrrr'l round the prrvate

psychedelrc reel from the orrgrnal hlock rockrn' geeks. See page 28,


I The Parkinsons l-)ortuguese punks wrth a penchant for“ on stage nudrty: the perfect start to any Sunday. no?

I Dog

The newest srgnrngs to l leavenh; a stearnrollrngcornhrnatrorrofrlrurrr{<1

h; ss and dark hrp hop.

Foo Fighters I

I Seafood

Female fronted gurtar growls. Thrnk My Bloody Valentrne or Placebo wrthout the ‘.'.rhrnrng and cross-dressrng.

I Biffy Clyro

leer‘. pop rnetal excrternent strarght outta '\.‘\.’eeg and no mrstake.

I [Spunge]

Ska and punk and pop all rn eoual measure. Perfect for that mrd— afternoon pogo.

I Hundred Reasons

T-nglar‘d's answer to US-gurtar dorrrrrrance rs a hand who do expansrye and expressrve rock wrth an oddly eprc hut energrsed twrst. See page 32.

I The Beta Band

Crown prrnces of not grvrng a fuck. the Beta Band cut wayx'rard. playful shapes out of hrp hop. prog and rndre. sew 'em up and leave us confused but oddly elated. See page 28.

I Doves

Desprte the dour demeanour. these lvlancs make an ax'resome melancholic l‘r( rse wnrch rs actually gurte heautrful. I Air

llrese freaky l'-renchres can knock 'em dead wrth therr hrg hand synth pop hrrllrance.


I Myslovitz

A veteran Polrsh melodrc rock act who haxe found fame supportrng the lrkes of Iggy Pop rn therr natrve land.

I Kid Galahad

Sampladelrc gurtar rrranglrng guartet wrth attrtude who have a srnger called Ash. Can't he had can rt?

I Delta

Were once the Sea Urchrns rn a former

lrfe hut now are a whole lot more

grandrose and heaw than their fey rndre roots. Think Sprrrtualrzed-meets- tlre-errte Strrpes.

I The Shining

Srrnon and Srrnon. the former rhythrnrc engine room of the Verve. wrth a new. egually trrppy rock prospect.

l Cornelius

Far Eastern gurrks from Cornelius. an electronic hedroom experrment turned full-scale lrve excursron. See page 27. I The Electric Soft Parade Slhlrngs who don't marry foolish hlondes and knock seven shades of shrt out of each other have got to be a good thrng: with ESP. seven shades of glacral rndre gurtar sensrtrvrty rs more approprrate.

l Sonic Youth

The altrock legends wrll hlow all comers away on a good day wrth their expansive gurtar seducing manglrng. See page 32.

I Mercury Rev

The rnusrc of tarry tales and freak-outs meet rn the whrrnsrcal and often farcrcal musrngs of Grasshopper. Dave Frrdmann and co. Blrss.

I Ian Brown

Strll huffrn'. strll puffrn' and strll shufflrn'. Brown remains the only Stone Rose to stay rn bloom. closrng the KT Tent with sorrre of hrs funky "Golden Greats'.


See page 26.

I Cinephile (live)

First ever live show for thrs new Glasgow electr'onrc act: rernernher where you saw "em frrst.

I Master H

l—lot young Soma star. p< ssessrng

crazy harr and even crazrer funky house tunes.

I FC Kahuna

Dan and Jon Kahuna show us why they run one of the coolest clubs rn London (Head Start) and why therr album. Mach/Ire Says Yes. rs prckrng up plaudrts rn all the rrght places.

I Percy X (live)

Another first for the Slam Tent Glasgow's twrsted techno man goes live and drrect.

I Layo and Bushwacka!

End reSIdents and tech-house warrrors take to the decks in a two-man tag team stylee.

I Green Velvet (live)

The most insane man in dance. Cajmere. treats us to the all out freakery of his full stage show. It's a full on trip to 'La La Land'.

I Marco Carola and Gaetano Parisio

More two man DJ action as Carol and Parisio prck up the pace and mash rt up big time.

I Orbital (live)

If anyone knows a thrng or two about live techno tomfoolery rt's those Hartnoll brothers. Strange specs and bald heads essential.

I Richie Hawtin

Techno of the hrghest order from Canada's greatest export and his Frnal Scratch mrxrng thrngamajrg.

Master H

T-BREAK STAGE See page 3 I. X-Tigers



Cannon Snodgrass Odeon Beat Club Tippi

Monica Queen Eska

Vera Cruise


Ill", Jlir \r.