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Generous types that we are at The List, we didn't want you just to enjoy yourselves at T in the Park. We wanted } together ten of the best tracks by ten of the best bands and put them all on one essential compilation CD. On the


L ‘Primitive’ (Fierce Panda) All the way from Ponugal via the back gardens and dustbins of Iggy Pop. Joe . Strummer and Johnny Thunders. this x . ~ quartet put the raw in rawk. They're on early so if it's a Sunday morning wake-up call you need then look no further. Taken from the album A Long Way to Nowhere. They play the NME Stage on Sunday. www. theparkinsons. xoasis. com


‘The Hindu Times’ (Big Brother) The kaftans and sitars have stayed in the cupboard for another day and the 'Oasis: the psychedelic years' album remains a figment of Liam's drunken imagination. Instead. we have Heathen Chemistry: more blootered bombast and stomping anthems to make the heart sing. It's a festival ferchrissakes. you should be madferrit!

Taken from the album Heathen Chemistry. They headline the Main Stage on Saturday www.oasis/netcom

L 3

' ‘In Remote Part/Scottish Fiction’


1 The final and most expansive track from

a their excellent forthcoming album (see

- Records for review, page 114). Edwin

Morgan's considered poem crashing head long into a

guitar maelstrom. Look out for rubber-band bass man

Bob Fairfoul making full use of the big stage.

Taken from the album The Remote Part. They play the

NME Stage on Saturday.


,4 ‘Substance’ (Mantra) : ‘_ J "w Breathy. electro burble from the Scots

- ' rift chanteuse. Its all glittery make up and pixie boots fighting for space with I Detroit techno surliness as she teams up with Lone Swordsman Keith Tenniswood. Party like its 1981! Taken from the album We Are Science. She plays the Slam Tent on Saturday

~ 5 PROUD MARY I, ‘Very Best Friend’ (Sour Mash) Awwwh, makes you feel all gooey inside. bringing to mind Iank haired girls and boys walking off into the sunset r I hand in hand. except the song is about getting dumped. Natch. Look out for the Gallaghers moshing about at the side of the stage. Taken from the album The Same Old Blues. They play the Main Stage on Saturday. www._oroudmary. co.ul<

2 THE LIST -2 't‘, l.