Moulin Rouge ( Ill 0.... ( lia/ l.iihrmann. t'S. Itltll l tiwan Me(}regor. Nicole Kidman. Jitii tiroadbent. ttlh'miii. l.iilirmann'x l'ollow up to Ix’umi'u A'- .lllllt'l ix a wildly unrextraincd. gloriouny camp. lewd ax hell miixical loy e xtory lliat re-im entx the form. from the (iolden :\ge llolly wood xong and dance xpectacularx tip. l.ithrmann hax tranxl'ornied the epony motix I‘lth century l’arixian dancehall-cum-brothcl into the ray e capital ol‘ liut'ope. w ca\ itig 30th century pop muxic hitx into the \ery dialogue ol the tiltn xo that it becomex almoxt opera. .'\ll(l xpiralling around a l'airy tale romance

betw ecn Mc(iregor'x idealixtic poet and Kidtnan‘x dattce girl ix a barrage of riotoiix hunger) and dexigti. 'l‘liere'x no middle- ground with l.iihrniann'x lilm: it you abandon yourxell' to it it‘ll lea\e you intoxicated with pleaxtire. (‘(‘.r\. (ilaxgow. Murder By Numbers ( Ht 000 (Barbei Schroeder. t'S. 3002i Sandra Bullock. Ryan (ioxling. Ben (’haplin. lltlmin. Thix l‘lltlx (‘liicago [the horror xtory ix baxed on the Leopold and l.oeb caxe in which two high xcliool law xtudentx ttittrdered a boy to demonxtrate their intellectual xuperiority. The film openx with xttident triendx dixcuxxing their murder of a young woman; before lotig aii ace detecthe (Bullockt hax linked the crime to them whilxt colleague ((‘haplini xtubbornly pui‘xuex cltiex to drug dealer (’hrix l’enn. The main element of xtirprixc ix mixxing yet eyery xo otten Schroeder pro\ idcx tantalixmg glimpxex oi' the chiller that might hay e been. (ieiicral releaxe.

The Musketeer t l’( il 00 (Peter ltyamx. t'S. ltltlli Tim Roth. Mcna Smari. .ltixtin (‘hamberx. (’athertnc l)eiieu\e. lthiti. l‘amoux plot: young xwordxman D'Artagnan arriy ex iii Part to ioin tiow dixcreditcd Muxkctecrx. (lixetfi et‘x (’ardinal Richelieu ix at the bottom ot' aii c\ it plot to increaxc hix inl'luence through xtarting a war. l)expile ;1 good ctixt. tliix remake (il' a remake of a remake hax nothing new to utter bexidcx tt t'ew bomhtixtie light xcencx. The t'axcinating. mexxy conllici between church. iiioitat'clty and tnob ix rather ximplilied. ()n

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index Film

(ilaxgow; t'(l('. lidinbtirgh.

Ocean’s Eleven ( 15> 0000 (Steven Soderbergh. IS. 2001 l (ieorge ('looney. Brad Pitt. Julia Robertx. llomin. ()l‘l‘ the cult" ix the operatiye term for Steven Soderbergh'x remake of the tax \'egax caxino heixt thriller that Frankie and Dino atid their Rat Pack had xo much fun making back in NM). But where the Rat Pack raxcalx iixed the original film ax an exctixe to run riot in their adopted liotiie city Sodcrbergli. xcreenwriter Ted (irit'tin arid an all-xtar caxi hay e worked to produce a tightly —xcripted xty lixli mmie. ()ne.

how e\ er. which retnainx at all timex xell? conxciotixly throwaway tun. .\'ot quite ax cool ax the original. btit a better lilm. ()deon. Kiltnarnock.

Out of Sight ( 15) .0... (Steven Soderbergh. t'S. I998) (ieorge (‘looney. Jennifer Lopez. Ving Rhames. 123mm. This .xtylish adaptation of Elmore Leonard‘s noyel teamx (‘looney'x batik robber Jack t-‘oley with Jennifer l.ope/' chic. ('hanel- wearing cop. Stxlerbergh catchex perfectly Leonard'x .xly. deadpan wit. while inl‘tixing it with a wixtt‘ul tnelancholy. Sman. x'exy and deliciotixly bitter-xweet. Moytelioltxe. Motherwell.

Panic Room ( IS) .000 (David l-‘ineher. (S. 2002) Jodie Foxter. liorext Whitaker. Jared Leto. l IZniin. I’(llll(’ Ronni may well be more .xtyle than .xubxtance but it neyerthelexx xooii hax the viewer gripped. Jodie l'oxter‘x rich. emotionally brttixed dimrcec and her teenage daughter haye barely taken poxxexxion of their new Manhattan home when they haye need of itx tortilied. hidden chamber aka the panic room. On their lirxt night in the place. they are forced to take refuge there w hen three intrtidcrx break in and w hat t'ollow x ix a tenxe. cunning game ol‘ cat and mouxe. l‘oxler gtyex .xhadex to her character that the xcript doexn't dexer\ e. and of the had gtiyx. Whitaker ix dolel'ul and honourable atid I.eto ix cartoon-like .ix the loud-mouthed Junior. Selected releaxe.

Pokemon 3: the Movie (ti .0.

(Michael ttaigney. t‘S/Japan. 3()()l i Voicex ol' Veronica Tay lot'. tiric Stuart. Rachel l.illix. ()(imin. .-\x with the preyioiix tilm.

W iii

Milla Jovovich dress to kill some ResidentiEvil

the pltix xide the cloxing xwordtight combinex (mu/1mg 'Iigt'r acrobaticx and

tirrol lilyiin panache. (ieneral releaxe.

0 Nine Queens (cert lbci COO. (t‘abian Bielmxky. Argentina. 2002) Ricardo Darin. (iaxton l’aulx. lgnaxi :\badal.

1 15min. Two xmall-time xw indlcrx meet xeeiningly by chance in a Btienox .'\ll’ex com eniencc xtore and agree to team tip tor the day. .-\nd then ati opportunity to pull a major-league xcam landx on their lapx. ax an expert l‘orger contach Marcox abotit a xet of rare xtainpx lroin \Veimar (iermany. the xo~ called Nine ()tieenx ot the title. A huge hit in itx natixe Argentina. liielinxky 'x l'axt-

llio\ ing .\'i'm' Qmwix ix both an engroxxing con-at‘tixt yarn and a xly conittieiitai'y on a xociety currently in economic tree-tall. See prc\ iew atid re\ iew. (‘ameo. lidinbiirgh.

No Man’s Land ( IS» 0000 (Danix ‘l'anoyic. Boxnia-

ller/egm ina/Slm enia/ltaly/l-'rance/t K/Bclg ittm. 2002i Branko t)liuric. Rene Bilanaiac. Katriii ('artlidge. 08min. And they xay xatire

ix dead. Set in the middle ol‘ the Boxniaii contlicl. .\'n .Utm '\ l.iuit/ xeex two Boxniati xoldterx wander into xaid territory. lormerly a rather idyllic piece of larni land. bill now a grim \cnue tor trench warl'are. They bicker like licay ily armed children. before a good deal or political xkulduggery bringx in the media in the form of a ruthlexx Britixh

tcle\ ixioii correxpondent ((‘artlidgci and a \enal and ambitioux Britiin t'N general (Sitiioii (‘allow l. ('aii the xiluation be t'exolyed'.’ Well. not by any of tliix lot.

Tatio\ ic xparex no one. and the comedy ix ol‘ the kind to make you wince ax you giggle. ('ameo. lidinbtirgh.

Not Another Teen Movie ( (Si

0. (Joel (iallcn. IS. 2002) (’hrix li\anx. ('liyler t.eigh. l)eon Richmond. iititi. By marrying ‘)(lx groxx-out humour with Stlx brat pack charm tliix adolexcent alternatix e to Strum: endx tip ax a mexxy hybrid. Nor

get yours now...

.'lIIUI/l(’l‘ l'ollow x one tcen'x (Iticxt to traiixt‘orm the high xcliool w cirdo into a prom queen (lamiliar. eh'.’i. ('otnplete with regurgitach and xttbxeqttentl) mangled Stlx cliaracterx atid themex ((littik I’H’HV in Pink and The BI'l'tlAItHI (‘lii/ii. thix tilm ix enjoyable only il‘you lia\ e a degree iti cult claxxic teeti l'llekx. Selected releaxe. Novocaine ( l5) 0 (l)a\'id Atkinx. t'S. 2002i Steye Martin. Helena Bonham ('artcr. Laura l)ern. 05min. Martin contributed a brilliant cameo ax a xadixtic dentixt iii the (use tilm l.irilt’ Slim/i or llm‘rm'x. Here he pt'm idex a xttbxtzttttittll} lexx amuxing take on the xame prot'exxion in .'\tkinx' pallid black comedy thriller. which follow x ati amiable dental practitioner ax he ix drawn into one o!" thoxe tangled w ebx ol' deceit and murder. The lilm'x main problem ix itx tone. being neither comic nor thrilling enough. See re\ iew. t'(i(‘ Renl'rew Street.

programme hotline

l’ukt‘mmi .i’ comex w itli a xhort. l’rkm‘liu: 'I‘lit' Marie 300/ l’rktii‘liu um! l’it‘liir. which t'eattirex the popular. electricity- powered yellow l’tik‘etlitm and llix brother. The main feature. Spell of Illt’ ('nknmrn. conceriix ait orphan girl w ho‘x home ix turned into a cryxtal caxtle by alphabet-like Pokemon the [how n. who then makex her eyery wiin come trtie. Still. one for kidx only. Selected releaxe.

Pollocki 18)... (tid llarrix. t'S. 3003i lid llarrix. Marcia (iay Harden. lllmin. Yet another tortured artixt xtory. The life ol‘ :\iiierican abxtract expt‘exxiotiixt painter Jackxon Pollock ix recreated with a l‘ormtilaic approach. reyealing nothing new about the laiiiotix painter. Though the acting and directing remain relatiyely unllawed. the xcript tallx flat. It alxo requirex the audience to be m erly xympathetic to a womanixing wile-beater. .\'o thank'x. Dominion. lidinburgh.

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