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slam haven

I, u to have a souvenir too. So we've got lright is your out out and keep sleeve.


‘Human Being’ (Regal)

A gentle folk-jam injected with an R88 Skank which ends up a p8ychobilly freak-

out. all created by men in smocks and spacesuits. Of course. Keep an ear out for the extended drum jams and an eye out for the mid— song instrument swaps. Never get that from lrickin' Texas now would you?

Taken from the album Hot Shots //. They play the NME

Stage on Sunday. wwwbeta-bandfreeservecouk

in the Park

7 SEAFOOD g; ‘Splinter’ (Infectious) Brooding guitar burls from a band who were formed from a flatshare ad in Loot but sound like they have been gilded from the spare ribs of Sonic Youth.

Radiohead and Come. A singing drummer is one thing. but a female singing drummer who has the voice of an angel and the devil incarnate simultaneously? Now that's a good idea. Taken from the album When Do we Start Fighting. They play the NME Stage on Sunday. www. seafood. uk. com


an I.— ._. a


T N TH E PARK 2002


‘The Dark is Rising’ (V2)

Mercury Rev are the ridiculous and the Sublime all in one handy sonic kaleido-

scope. Try listening to the start of this and not thinking of Titanic. They're big fans of the sOundtrack to Camelot sung by Richard Burton iyes. that Richard Burton) and it‘s said to influence their live shows. Listen out for ‘Holes'. a coiled spring of a tune and always a live highlight. Taken from the album A// Is Dream.

They play King Tut's Wah Wah Tent on Sunday. www. mercuryrev. com

9 9 Ltd

the Senses

9 grass, y. Jason Rob Stangroom, Richard pman, Mike Smith, Duncan Anthony Daly, Richard Symons.

Taken from the album All is Dream V2


pper/Mercel shopper/ by Stuart McMillan]

gs Ltd gs Ltd


‘Alien Radio’ (edit) (Soma)

These mild-mannered janitors of house hold the dance music world in their palm like a ripe mango and display not only a skill for dark and electrifying techno but frightfully good taste in party booking: see the line up for the Slam Tent for evidence. If their closing four-decks and FX extravaganza looks like a technical impossibility. that's because it is! It's witchcraft I tell you! Or genius. definitely one or the other. Taken from the album Alien Radio. They play the Slam Tent on Saturday. wwwsomarecordscom

linter 3:42 d


Produced by Eli Janney y: Sheri Friers

esigned by: Krista KegeI-Dixon

8 Mercury Rev The Dark is Rising 4:52 Free with The List 444. Not to be sold separately.

Published by Mercury Rev/Canaveral Pictures See magazine for credit details and CD inlay.

(BMI) Sony ATV Music Publishin

Published by Strictly Confidential Publishin (p) 2001 V2 Records Inc

Taken from the album When Do We Start

Fighting? Infectious Records Taken from the album Alien Radio Soma

Recordings Thanks to David Barnett. Emma Green Claire O'Brien. Michael McClatche

Lamont. Nigel Adams Brown. Jon Cha

Published by Universal Music Publishin McCrone.

Taken from the album Between

9 Slam Alien Radio (edit) 3:31 Radiate Records

Written by Donahue/Grassho Produced by Fridmann/Gras Donahue/Mercel

Written and Produced

Published by Soma Music

(p) 2001 Soma Recordin

(c) 2001 Soma Recordin

10 Haven Til the End 3:22 Written by Briggs/Wason/Gronow Produced by Mark Wallis

7 Seafood S Written by Sea Orde Meikle Compiled b



Chemistry Big -Swing and

y EMI Music Publishing Ltd/Screen Gems-EMI Music Inc (p) 2001 Re

Recordin Taken fr

9 Way to gs Ltd Part ng/Toni Stern y Colin Emmanuel AKA C


‘Til the End’ (Radiate)

Finishing off on a high note. here are four unassuming lads who made no bargain

with El Diablo about selling souls and still

found themselves in possession of a

clutch of to-die-for pop hooks. Could cause srmilar srghts

to the legendary Coldplay and Case skirmishes of yore

when grown men were seen waving their handbags over

who got into the tent it was so jam packed. Taken from 0&

y 0 Allison ATV Music Publishing.


ry Best Friend 3:30

y copyright control Rights

Deceptive Music Ltd/EMl Music Publishing Ltd (p) 2002 EMI Recordin

Taken from the album The Remote

Parlophone Records Band Human Being 4:32

the album We Are Science Mantra y The Beta Band/Carole Ki

gal Recordings (c) 2001 Regal

gs the album Hot Shots II Regal


Written by Idlewild; poem written and performed ga

“i The Parkinsons Primitive 2:03 by Edwin Morgan

Written by Victor Torpedo Taken from the album The Same Old Blues

Published by Oasis Music/Creation Son Sour Mash Records

Ltd/Sony/ATV Music Publishing 3 ldlewild ln Remote Part/Scottish

Nowhere Fierce Panda Records Fiction 3:53

2 Oasis The Hindu Times 3:54 Written by Noel Gallagher

Produced by The Band 4 Dot Allison Substance 3:51

Written and produced b

Produced by Ben Lurie and Jim Reid Published by Sony

Published by copyright control Taken from the mini album A Lon Taken from the album Heathe

Brother Recordings The Beta Band. Published b

Produced by Dave Erin

Published by 5 Proud Mary Ve

(p) 2002 Mantra R Taken from

Written by Paul New Published b

6 The Bet

Recordings Written b Produced b

compilation (p)

the album Between the Senses. They play King Tut's Wah Wah Tent on Saturday. www.haven-on/ine.com