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Sex and Lucia l th’) .00 (Jttlio .\ledem. Spain. 3003) 'l‘rixtan l'lloa. l’a/ Vega. (2mm. After the death of Loren/o (l'lloa). hix long-term girlfriend. l.ucia (Vega) retreatx to her ex-partner‘x favourite ixland to come to termx \\ ith her loxx and unlock the xecretx of a problematic paxt. The film then flitx ellnl'llexxl}. if xomexx hat confuxingl}. through time to rexeal their firxt meeting xix xearx [lI'L'\‘lttllSl}' and their xubxequent xteam} xexual encounterx. 'l'he eroticixm of .\ledem'.x fifth feature \\ ill undoubtede make it hix moxt conlt‘ox'et'xial releaxe. but the xtor} telling. although nex er completel) tmengaging. ix much xxeakct' than in hix outxtanding cinematic debut. liu'ux. (’ameo & l‘ilmhouxe. lidinburgh. Skin of Man, Heart of Beast( 18) .0. (llelene Ange. lirance. 1990) ‘)-lrnin. Tough drama about tuo children who go to stay with their grandparentx when their mother leax-ex them. 'I‘hingx go from bad to worse when their father. a \‘lUlL‘lll. \tomanixing policeman. turnx tip. (il’l‘. (ilaxgotx.

The Sixth Sense ( 15).... (.\t. Night Shyamalan. [S 1999) Bruce \Villix. llale)‘ Joel ()xment. ()li\ ia Williamx. Toni Collette. l07min. Nine-year-old ('ole Sear (()xment) hax a terrible xecrel. lle cart xee the dead \xalking the earth: the) 're around him all the time and it‘x xc;tt'_\' ax hell. ('hild px)'chologixt Malcolm (‘rowe (\\'il|ix) takex hix caxe and xpendx all of hix time. at the expenxe of hix marriage to .Anna (()li\ ia \Villiainx). attempting to help the box. Shyamalan'x clex er xcript xuggextx much and explainx little. keeping the audience guexxing. ()deon. lidinburgh.

Snow Dogs (t‘) 00 (Brian l.exant. IS. 2002) ('uba (iooding Jr.. Jamex ('oburn. .\'ichelle .\'icholx. 90min. 'l'hix unremarkable Dixne_\' coined} follotx x a Miami-baxed dentixt ax he dixcox erx hix prex iouxl) unknown lixkimo rootx. Though competentl} made and featuring a reliable lead and caxt. it xtill xtrugglcx to raixe a decent laugh. .\'ot unnatchable. but nothing x )L‘L‘ittl. (ieneral releaxe.

SpidenMan ( 12) 0000 (Sam Raimi. IS. 2002) lobe} .\laguire. Kirxten Dunxt. lllmin. A big budget blockbuxter baxed on a bext-xelling xuperhero comic book you'd be right to expect xpectacular effectx and bland xtiirxtc-lliiig in a flaxh} but ultimatel) dull film. (io xec Altar}. of [/H’ (Tunes for that particular exercixe in bringing in the box office buckx. Spit/er- .lltlll. b) contraxt. ix a delightfull} unexpected mix of xpectacle and engroxxing human drama. lt’x xurprixing that Raimi.

\x ho made hix name \\ ith the highl} xt_\ lixed genre paxtiche (Hie l'ft'i/ Dem/l \lltlllltl lioctlx .xo much on character. The caxt acqttil themxelx ex \\ ell. although Dafoe hamx tip the villain}. But Raimi‘x lead. lobe) .\laguire. bringx juxt the right amount of knoxxing humour to Parker/Spide). \xhich ix emblematic of Raimi‘x \\ hole. \\ inning approach to the film. (ieneral releaxe. Spirit: Stallion of Cimarron (t‘) .0. (Kell) Axbur) and Lorna ('ook.

IS. 2002) Matt Damon. Jamex ('romxx ell. Daniel Studi. 84min. Spirit ix an animal


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48 THE LIST .2 lf‘, .1.” i’W’iI'

fable in which none of the non-human L‘llttt‘uelet’x \pettk. “e do. ho“ ex er. get inxide the heart and head of the mox ie’x

eponx moux equine hero thankx to narration b} Matt Damon (com exing Spirit‘x thoughtx) and xongx b) Br} an Adamx (hix feelingx). Abox c all. Spirit. a \\ ild muxtang lix ing in the Old \Vext. yearnx to run free until a laxxo landx him in the handx of the l'S cmalr}. While xome \ ieuerx will be rotixed b_\ Spirit'x quextioning of the [S lll}lll of .\lanifext Dextin}. otherx \\ ill be xtirred b_\' the qualit) of the animation. \xhich xeamlexxlx integratex traditional hand-draxx (1 animation \\ ith computer- generated imagex. See rex iexx. (’inexxorld. l'alkirk; (‘ircuit ('inema. l.i\ ingxton.

Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones (l’( it C. ((ieorge l.ucax. IS. 2002) Natalie l’ortmau. llaxden (lil'lle‘th‘ll. lixxan .\lc(it'egor. 1-13iiiiii.A \er} xlight itnpt‘m ement to l-[piwt/e I: .‘llltlt'lx nil/1e ('lnnex xufferx from a bad xcript and xappy acting. 'l'en )earx on. the Republic facex a mounting xeparatixt tttoxemenl. necexxitating the tttlt‘tttlllclintl ill, a clone arm} to axxixt the oxeru helmed Jedi. (‘oupling thix plot-line. romance bloxxomx betxx een l’adme Amidala (l’ortman) and Anakin Sk} \xalker ((‘hrixtenxen ). l’laxh} xpecial effech don't xalx'age thix tenxion-lexx xeriex (ll. l‘lUillL‘tl action \L‘eltex. :lllilt'k U/ the ('lunex \\ ill onl} pleaxe the trill} bexotted fanx. (ieneral releaxe.

Sweet Smell of Success ( IS) ..... (Alexander \lackendrick. t‘S. l‘)57) Burt lancaxter. 'l‘on} (‘urtix. Siixan llarrixon. 00min. ('lifford ()detx and lirnext l.ehman xcripted thix brilliant xtud} of the tlL‘xll‘tlL‘th‘ effect of pa“ er. .Stti’i’l Smell (if Surrth tcllx the xtor) of Sidne) l'ialeo ((‘urtix). a xlim} publicixt \xot'ttting hix \\;l}‘ to the top \ ia \ettoinoux nexx xpapet‘ columnixt J. J. llunxecker (l.ancaxter). The txxo leadx are brilliantlx caxt againxt t) pc. Jamex Wong llotx e'x photograph} of Broadua) at night ix ax exocatixe ax film noir ex er got. \\ hile lilmer liernxtein'x crime ja/l xcore (\x ith contributionx from the (‘hico llamilton Quintet) completex the imprexxion of a filth}. corrupt cit). And axtonixhingl}. the “hole film \xax pulled together b} Scotxman Alexander Mackendrick. \\ ho until thix time \\ ax bext knoxxn for \xhimxical lialing comediex.

.\l(t\ iehouxe. .\lother\x ell.

Tape ( l5) 0.. (Richard l.inklater. l‘S. 3003) lithan llaxxke. l'ma 'l‘hurman. Robert l.eonard. Somm. A reunion of high xchool lriendx \‘ince (llaxx kc) and Joltntt} (l.eonard) turnx xour \x hen \‘ince accuxcx Johnn} of raping hix childhood xxxeetheart. ’l'he dialogue xpicex tip \\ hen the girl in quextion. Am} ('l'hurman ). turnx tip and dextro} x the picture of a rape that the guy x

hax e built tip. liach \et'xion of that nightx exentx jtixtitiex the protagonixt'x perxonal xtandpoint. xo it'x difficult to kuovt \x ho to beliex e. Set entirel} in a motel room and pla} ed otit in real time. the theatrical rootx of ’lit/n’. adapted from a Stephen Belber pla}. are accentuated b} l.inklater \x ho optx to film in the xt_\ le of the great (ierman auteur Rainer \Vcrner liaxxbinder ( l‘iii' 'Ii'urx I), l’i'lm lint lx'mil. in particular). See

prex iexx and rex iexx. l-‘ilmhotIxe. lidinbtirgh. Thunderpants (P( i) 00 (Peter llexxitt. l‘lx'. 3002) Bruce ('ook lll. Rupert (irinl. Ned liegittx.‘)5111itt.A crap kidx' flick that fmdx farting funn}. not once or to ice. but the \\ hole film through. The abilit} to paxx gax of epic proportionx rexultx in humiliation and exentual xalx'ation for the lilm'x eleven—xear-old protagonixt. Skip thix hour and half of crap fart iokex. (ieneral releaxe.

The Time Machine I t’( t) 000

(Simon \Vellx. l'S. 2002) (iii) l’earce. Samantha Mumba. Jerem} lronx. 05min. Director Simon \Vellx' remake of hix great granddadd} 'x claxxic. But \Vcllx Jnr completel} fltiffx tip the all-important plot rex elation: \xh} l’earcc'x time traxeller can‘t change the paxt. l’eat‘ce ptitx in a \xatchable if xome“ hat affected performance ax the eccentric xcientixt~cxp|ot‘et'. but it'x not enough to ele\ate the film. \xhich b} the \er) nature of itx xource material xhotild ha\e been far more thought-prmoking. (ieneral releaxe.

24 Hour Party People ( IMQQQQQ (Michael \Vinterbottom. l‘lx‘. 3002) Stex e (‘oogan. l’addx ('onxidine. Shirle} llender'xon. 1 10mm. The \\ hole cra/x tale of liactor} recordx. the llacienda and all thingx .\ladchexter ix [child it) \\ riter l'll'atlk ('ottrell Bo} ce \\ ho hax done xomething quite extraordinar} turned 'l‘on} \Vilxon‘x

d) xfunctional adxenture from l‘)7() to mm into a poxt—modern romp that nex er takex itxelf too \L‘l'lttttxl}. Box ce‘x regular collaborator. \Vinterbottom. directx like a man poxxexxed b} the conjoined xpiritx of Jean-l.uc (iodard and l.indxa} Anderxon. and ix more than tip to the taxk tixing a \ariet} of xct‘alch}. quirk}. punk} dex icex to tell talcx from a cantankeron cit). Double top. (‘ameo. lidinburgh.

Unfaithful ( l5) .0. (Adrian l._\ ne. l'S. 3002) Diane Lane. Richard (iere. ()Iix'ier .‘xlai'tiitel. 133mm. Ax a remake of (‘laude ('habrol'x 1%)) thriller [.41 l'i'mme Iii/it/ele. 'I‘Iu' ('n/uiI/i/u/ ix a prett} tirexome effort. Diane Lane dominalex the film ax Richard (ierc‘x dtitiftil bttt bored \\ ife. \\ ho hax a chance fling \\ ith l‘rench hottie ()|i\ ier .\lartine/. l‘he film planx otit like a tedioux folloxx tip to l,_\ ne'x on n l‘illil/ .ll/I'tlt’lll’ll. thix time \\ ith the (iallic male lo\ er ax the |l\}L‘llH. Selected releaxe.

Rapist and victim? Perhaps, perhaps not in Tape

Violent John ( l5) ('l‘onia Marketaki. (ireece. W73) lSlhnin. Tough drama about a man \\ ith px} chopathic tendenciex \\ ho confexxex to the xhocking murder of at “Milan. but \x ho ma} \\ ell be innocent of the crime. Part of the (ireek l-‘ilm Seaxon. l‘ilinhouxe. lidinburgh.

What’s the Worst That Could Happen? ( ll) 0 (Sam \Veixman. l'S. 300] ) Martin Laurence. l)ttlllt_\ De\'ito. (ilenne lleadl}. 07min. laurence plaxx lx'ex in. a thief \xlto ix gi\ en a ring b) a nexx girlfriend. l‘nfortunatel). on hix next burglar}. he ix caught b} dex ioux millionaire .\lax (De\'ito). \xho pilferx

lx'ex in‘x ring. claiming to the police that it ix hix. The text of the film concernx lx'ex in‘x \xould-be madcap attemptx to take rex enge and retriexe hix jeneller}. \Veixman'x coined} ix a mexx. Laurence giVex an indulgent performance. the plot ix uncoordinated and the xupporting caxt are either underuxed or o\ er—the-top. Selected l'L‘lL‘uxe.

Y Tu Mama Tambien (And Your Mother Too) ( I8) 0000 (Annual ('uaron. .\lexico, 2001)(}ael (iarcia Bernal. Diego l.una. .\laribel Verdti. l05min. ln thix upbeat. i'atinch) road moxie Jtilio ( Bernal) and childhood friend 'l'enoch (Luna)

com ince gorgeoux older Spanixh \xoman l.uixa (\‘erdti) to join them on the road to an unxltoilt beach kno“ n ax ‘lleaxen‘x .\louth'. The horn) boxx‘ plan ix to get into l.uixa'x pantx. \xhich. ax it tttrnx out. xhe ix quite li;ipp_\ \\ ith. ()f courxc. \xhen l.uixa .xleepx 0er xx ith Diego and then Julio. the emotionall} immature bo_\x fall out. and it'x left to their more experienced partner to teach them xomething about lo\ e. The caxt gixe (‘uaron flaxx lexx performancex. \\ hile the director and hix co-xx riter brother (‘arlox enxure the drama ix at once tender and boixteroux. feelgood and ftill of pathox. and \\ holl) free of cliche. Ster (‘entur'\. lidinburgh.

Zoolanden 13).... (tit-n Stiller. IS. 2001 ) lien Stiller. ()xx en \Vilxon. Jon Voight. S‘lmin. Dex eloped b} Stiller from a character created for TV. /nn/umler ix a gloriouxl} goof) xatire on the .\'e\\ York faxhion xcene. ('rammed \\ ith \ ixual and \erbal gagx. and peppered \\ ith celebrit) cameox. it xtringx together a xeriex of treaxurable xet piecex. including a 'xxalk Ull- bet“ cert Sllllt‘t'.\ Derek '/.oo|ander .‘ttttl \Vilxon'x bloude upxtat‘t llanxcl and the explanation ax to \x h_\ the “mid of faxhion ix implicated in the laxt 300 _\earx of American political axxaxxinationx. lhe deadpan lead performance of Stiller ix a comic treat: Derek'x poutmg xeriex of ‘Iookx‘. hix xnakexkin outfitx. hix xqtleak} \oice and hix terrif} ing xtupiditx \xarrant immediate ctilt xtatux. (Enrico. lidmburgh.