Re: Glasgow crapulous (443)

I'm writing in response to the utter pish which is diluting the quality of your letters page. Is it simply a forum for moaning minnies: me think so!

The Criticisms made ab0ut Glasgow Fabulous were entirely inaCCurate. The strip is actually one of the best things about The List. giving all the pretentious wanksters of the Scottish club scene a good inking.

Have the whingers ever read Phil Kay's column? Personally I don‘t want to read the insane ramblings of a middle class jakey. but do you see me moaning about it? Turn the page if you canny hack it. fannybaws.

Scratchmaster Eckto via email


Re: Glasgow crapulous (443)

I‘ve always thought it was only Sunday Post reading nutters that wrote into magazines. but here I find myself joining their ranks and adding my tuppencewonh to the Glasgow Fabulous uproar.

Surely the point of any cartoon strip is to wind peOple up and it w0uld appear that Glasgow Fabulous is therefore a roaring success if the amount of feedback in your letters page and general banter around town is anything to go by.

Personally, I am amazed that so many of my peers (and friends) are getting so upset by it. As someone who has probably had more roastings than anyone else in it. I have to confess that each time I have been portrayed. l have Split my sides with laughter and also been somewhat flattered.

To the perpetrators: keep doing what yOu're doing. To The List: give them a whole page. And to my rather dour colleagues: lighten up!

Twitch Via email

4 THE LIST 18 Jul 2002


React, The List,

14 High Street, Edinburgh EH1 1TE

or React, The List,

at the CCA, 350 Sauchiehall Street, Glasgow G2 3JD

or email react@list.co.uk

GORGEOUS TOO Re: Glasgow crapulous (443)

As an avid reader. I love the new comic strip Glasgow Fabulous and have met the young men behind the making of it. Not only is the strip always funny. but the writers are gorgeous. intelligent and very witty.

The strip epitomises all that is Glasgow culture. believe me I have met some of these characters in my time there. Anyone who cannot see the humour in this piece needs to get out more (in Glasgow preferably).

Donna Murray Via email


Re: Book now (441)

I was delighted to discover the Origin of the Missing Presumed Found (MPF) books as was explained in your letters page as I had found one of the books in Kelvingrove Park. Since then I followed the development of the MPF activities as detailed in your letters page through several issues.

However there has not been any letters on this subject in either issues 442 or 443 and I therefore wonder what has happened to MPF.

Have any more books been found? Are there any future plans for MPF? ls MPF still alive? And who is behind it all??? So many questions. can anyone provide answers?

A Fan of Missing Presumed Found via email

THE RIGHT NOTE Re: West 13th (441) With reference to y0ur review of West 13th in the Food section, I find it a real shame that the changes to the 13th Note cafe/club have become such a catty affair. To begin the article: “The 13th Note is dead. Let's accept that,’ is not only nasty and harsh but completely untrue.

I don't know if anyone has

found Out the facts of the changeover as I have. but the cafe has not gone corporate. Yes. KPMG took it over during the receivership. but it is being bought by an independent party who simply wished to uphold the original values of good vegan food and rockin' shows with an environmental conscience.

l have been going to see gigs at the cafe/club for a few years and one of the most attractive aspects of it was the community spirit. Now I'm being asked to choose between West 13 and the cafe in some kind of bizarre loyalty issue.

If Mr Tannock really cared about the live community. he and the staff who left with him should Surely support the cafe.

The faces at the cafe have changed but the values have not. The only difference I can see is the place is a lot cleaner and the pints taste better.

The cafe remains a live venue where very small bands can start out: an invaluable part of Glasgow.

So let 's stop the slanging match and start supponing change: when it's for the good. that is. This fresh start deserves a chance.

CB Glasgow


Re: Just say yes? (443)

My flat mate wants me to tell you how much he agreed with your drugs article. but he's too stoned to get to the computer. Kate Fields

via email

THE RIGHT SCORE Re: Just say yes? (443) Your writer who said that no one tells y0u what heroin is really like is spot on. I always think it's like cancer. We're told all the time how terrible an illness cancer is ~— and I've no dOubt that it is but who ever tells us exactly how it is terrible?

It's exactly the same with heroin and other drugs. You

see all the tabloid shock stories. but it's all about the junkies. the robberies. the injuries and the deaths. Nothing about the experience of the drug itself.

So full marks to The List for helping put the whole drugs thing in perspective. No hysteria. no moralising, just straight forward information. It's not going to make me head out to the nearest alleyway and shoot up. but if I did I‘d know a bit better what to expect. Sarah Hayes via email


Re: Just say yes? (443)

I am writing to protest about the prominence of the three- page advertising feature on Regal cigarettes in the last issue of The List. Even if it were a tongue in cheek jibe at your own feature on drugs which did not appear to endorse 'spreading the weed gospel' I felt it was a poor reflection of your claims to be an independent magazine that you suppon tobacco advertising.

When many other organisations are working to eradicate such endorsement of a product that does enormous damage to the health of millions of peOple. surely The List should have an ethical advertising policy and reject such tainted money?

Bea Boswell Via email


T Break selection

How did Torquamada fail to get a place on the T Break stage? Everyone I spoke to after their set at Tut's was blown away by them.

I expect they were just too metal considering the bunch of whining bedwetters who went through to get a spot at T Break.

Also funny how the Tut's bar manager's band got a place. Ozzy Osbourne’s cat Glasgow



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