INDIE PULP Roseisle Forest, Near Elgin, Fri 21 Jun oooo

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Pulp’s dramatic stage show had its technical hitches

With their dark, introspective lyrics and frequently high-flying singles, Pulp have long been a contradictory band. Tonight continues the tradition. It’s part of a tour that takes place on Forestry Commission land, to encourage access to what is a public resource. But the open site also encourages small bands of kids to try and sneak in for free, resulting in occasional forays into the forest by the security men. It’s all a bit Just William, and a reminder that all utopias are walled.

Inside, there’s a strange mix of Pulp fanatics who are there for the music and locals who are there for the event and appear to have been drinking since yesterday morning. On a couple of occasions the front of the crowd splits while large drunk men attempt to smash bits out of each others faces. It’s not your average Pulp gig.

Luckily, Jarvis thrives off the tension, marshalling crowd and band effortlessly, an urbane wildman with an addictiver clumsy dexterity. They may kick off with an unexceptional ‘The Trees’, but when Pulp run through ‘Help the Aged’, ‘Babies’, ‘Sunrise’, ‘The Night That Minnie Timperly Died’ and ‘Do You Remember the First Time’, it’s hard to avoid the conclusion that they’ve got one of the best back catalogues in modern rock.

Through the tall pines that define the glade, the light is not so much fading as thinning into an eerie shade of blue and, with it being the summer solstice and all, Pulp play ‘Wicker Man’ and welcome onstage a man with a tree and a horn. It’s not the most convincing of finales, but the band are soon back with ‘Common People’. What could so easily have been their albatross is given a splendid, dense arrangement but loses none of its accessibility, setting the crowd to dance as if tomorrow will really never come. (James Smart)

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THE STARLETS ooo ODEON BEAT CLUB 0000 The Venue, Edinburgh, Thu 20 Jun

With a bill featuring three of the feyest. indiest bands in Scotland. it comes as absolutely zero surprise that the fey indie kids were out in force for this gig. Masterminded by SL Records stomping ground of most of Edinburgh’s ‘bands most likely to' - the night kicked off in good style with Odeon Beat Club.

They've been around for a while. but the Beat Club are surely due more attention than they‘ve thus far received. Of course. the jangly indie numbers are there. but naturally for a band whose lead singer looks like L0u Reed's love child there are altogether darker moments. in a Velvet Underground style. placed throughout the set. Plus their guitarist wears shades indoors. so they must be a bit moody an' that.

Glasgow's Starlets are cut from similar cloth. but in a more bittersweet. guitar-centric. Postcard Records kind of way. And. while they are an altogether pleasant band. it's hard to look at singer Biff Smith's quiff and turned—up jeans and not imagine him being a man with a serious Morrissey fixation. One word. lads: 'Gene'. Tread carefully. now.

Meanwhile. ballboy are meant to be the new Belle and Sebastian. but listening to Gordon McIntyre plough


THE MAGNIFICENTS oooo West 13, Glasgow, Wed 19 May

Barely do you get such a grand lineup for a fiver. Support comes from the aptlg. named Edinburgh electro rock shock. the Magnificents. The three-piece may be crammed onto the small stage but the; still managed to launch an alnnghtg. assault on the ears. Think of an unhinged mix of Joy Division and Trans Ant. l‘i‘ink hefty rock action \‘JIlll dark. distorted vocals

Then on come Enon. a band ‘.'.'hose members Matt S(:hul/. Toke Yasuda

Beefed-up ballboy rule

his way through a beefed-up 'Donald in the Bushes with a Bag of Glue'. it‘s difficult to picture Stuart Murdoch taking him in a fight. The ballboys (and girl) were on great form as they ran through a huge selection of their best work (including the rousing 'Public Park' and a l_)eautifully drippy ‘Olympic Cyclist) and you can't help but think that ll they're not on Top of the Pops this time next year. there's something very. very wrong with this world. (David Pollock)

and John Schntersal. of Brainiac. Blonde Redhead and the lapse reads like a US indie underground allstars. They quickly seduce the heaving audience \‘Jlllt then unpredictable erratic electro-i>op-rock that savings fron‘ melodic to hysterical noise. Yasuda's beautifully delicate vocals bringing an air of calm while Schmersal iun‘ps into the audience and hugs the 'J‘GllllOlS l.'l a true rock star stylee as the; storn‘ through tracks ll'()ll‘. their new allturn High Society.

lonigh‘. the audience haw ? dangerously exceeded their l'(}(2()lll'l‘(?ll(l(}(i daily allo'.'.'an(:e of rock. Lets pray they're OK. :Garolyv‘. Aiken:

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