An intriguing new project featuring keyboard player Steve Hamilton. poet and guitarist Don Paterson. and saxophonist Tim Garland. Steve. known for his work with artists like Tommy Smith and Bill Bruford. has recently returned to Scotland on a permanent basis. while Paterson. a Dundonian by birth. also has a base in Blairgowrie.

Tim Garland (pictured) is an old collaborator of Don's in Lammas. the excellent band they co-led for several years. and has recently completed a stint as a member of Chick Corea's Origin. An impressive joint pedigree. and their music promises to bring together their diverse interests in European jazz. dance music. classical music and folk. (Kenny Mathieson)

I Smiling School play the Howden Park Centre, Livingston, Fri 12 July

I Martin Taylor The Old liruitmarket.

.Albion Street. 287 5511. 7.30pm. £16 (£14). The internationally renowned guitarist presents a jazz take on the tnusic of Ricltard Rodgers. with special guest Denys Baptiste on sax. I’urt olG/usgmr Juz." festival.

I The George Penman Jazzmen St Andrew's In The Square. 011‘ Salttnarket. St Andrew's Street. 548 6020. 8pm. £tbc. An evening of vintage New Orleans jazz. with a romantic theme from (ieorge and co.

I Ruth Lambert Trio (‘ity- Inn. Finnieston Quay. 227 1010. 9pm. £16.50 (inc dinner). Jill]. vocalist Lambert is accompanied by Paul Harrison on piano and .\'eil (‘ameron on bass.

I Scratch’n’Sniff Bar 91. 91 (‘andleriggs. 552 5211. 9pm. I‘ree. Jazz Ills. I’url ()f(}/u.y‘grnr Ju::_ I’r's'l.

I Drunk a Funk .\te(‘huill‘s. 40 High Street. 552 2135. 9pm. Free. Jau-l‘unk tunes from the band with one of the best names around.

I Stuart Brown Quartet

Blacklriars. 36 Bell Street. 552 5924. 10pm. Free. Highly promising young qttartet.

I Ronnie Rae Trio Millennium Hotel. (ieorge Square. 332 671 I. 10.30pm. Bassist Rae has played with some ol‘ the greats and here he unveils his own bop tunes.

0 Rebecca Malope 'l‘he ()ld Fruitmarket. Albion Street. 287 551 l. 10.30pm. £14 (£12). Raised on the streets of Johannesburg Malope has risen to become South Africa‘s greatest gospel singer. Part o1‘(ilasgow Ja/l I‘estival.


I The Goat Stew World Jazz Party Henry’s Jazz Cellar. 8 Morrison Street. 467 5200. Midnight. £5. World roots. afro beat and Latin flavoured jazz. from Toby Shippey‘s new six-piece band. I The Piano Trio The Bridge Jau Bar. 82 South Bridge. 478 2510. 2.30pm. Free. Regular piano afternoon session featuring variotts pianists and their trios. I The Boogaloo Investigators The Beat Jazz. Basement. 1 (‘Itambers Street. ()7811 375374. 8pm. £2 £5. Real deal l‘ttnk action from the Boogaloo Investigators with tip top I)J action iit support from Les. AK. the Resonance attd Simon Hodge as part o1 club night I‘LY.

I Ruben’s Exotic Ranch Henry‘s Jau. ('ellar. 8 Morrison Street. 467 5200. 8.30pm. £5. See I‘ri 5.

I The Bridge House Band The Bridge Ja/l Bar. 82 South Bridge. 478 2510. 9pm. I‘ree. A regular live—piece with a variable line-up playing specially commissioned arrangetttents.

I Jatala Iil Barrio. 104 \\'estpoi't. 229 8805. 10pm. £5 (£4). 1idinburgh-based jazz. funk and Latin sextet playing a mix ()1. originals and standards.

Glasgow I Tom Colquhoun, James Cairney Trio, University of Strathclyde Big Band and Soundbone ('ity Inn. l‘innieston Quay. 227 1010. .\'oon 2am. £11.50. Jan. l'unk attd tnore at the second _ja// regatta at the ('ity' Inn. l’urt ol (i/(lyemv .lu::_ I-k'slii'rt/ (butler inrlm/erl). I The Glasgow Boyz Princes Square. 48 Buchanan Street. 221 ()324. lpm. l-‘ree. See Thu 4. I Lorne Cowieson Quartet The Beardmore Hotel. Beat'dmore Street. ('ly‘debank. 951 6000. lpm. Joining trumpeter (‘ow ieson in this modern .ja// l'oursotne are drummer Paddy l’lalterty. bassist Mario (‘aribe and pianist Paul Harrison. I Haftor Medboe and Andy Mitchell Buchanan (ialleries. Bttchanan Street. 333 9898. Ipttt. liree. See Sat 6. I Cool and Mellow Jazz Brunch St Andrew 's In The Square. ()l'l~ Salttttarket. St Andrest Street. 548 6020. 1pm. £7.95. Laid-back ja/I sounds from Bobby \\'isli;tt't on keyboard and Lenny Maguire on vocals. I Lorna Brown Quartet (ilasgow Airport. Abbotsinclt. 887 1 1 1 1. 5pm. liree. See Thu 4. I Richard Galliano and Michel Portal 'l‘ron Theatre. 6.3 'l'rongate. 552 4267. 4pm. £10 I. £8). (’lassical. Mo/art. tango attd l‘ree jar/l collide as (ialliano lacctit'dion/pianii) and Portal (clarinet/bandoneon)join l‘orces tor this unique concert. I’url ulti/usemv .lug‘: I't'y'lit'rtl. I Stephen Duffy and the Joz Tenuto Big Band Princes Square. 48 Buchanan Street. 221 0324. 8pm. £8. Presenting ‘Songs for Sw ingin' Jal/ers a portrait of Frank Sinatra'. I McCoy Tyner and the Bobby Hutcherson Quartet 'l’he ()ld 1"ruitmarket. Albion Street. 287 551 1. 8pm. £17.50 (£15.50). A sttittitiit meeting of twojaI/ greats. Pianist 'I'yner was a member ol~ the seminal Johtt (‘oltrane Quartet as well as a leader in his own right. while vibes maestro Hobby lIulcherson is one ()1. tlte handful of delining artists on his instrument. I’ul‘! uni/risemr .lus." I'r'slli'ul. I Alania ('aI‘e ('(issatcltttk. Rtlssian (‘ultural ('entre. 10 King Street. 553 0733. 8.30pm. £5 (£3). Sec l‘ri 5.

I D’mented .\le(‘huill‘s. 41) High Street. 552 2135. 9pm. Free. Ja// [)J. I’url olii/rtsemr .lu:: l'k'sl.

I Pauline Copeland and Ronnie Findlay ('ity lntt. liittnieston Quay. 227 1010. 9pm. £16.50 (inc dinner). See Thu 4.

I Chris Clark Solo Blackl'riars. 36 Bell Street. 552 5924. 10pm. I‘ree. Ja// standards as this singer/guitarist goes it alotte.

I Cathie Rae and Paul Harrison Corinthian. 191 Ingram Street. 552 1101. 10pm. liree. Blues and lunk as vocalist Rae isjoined by Harrison on piano.

I Ruben’s Exotic Ranch and Alan Wylie Quartet Ad l.ih. l l l Ilope Street. 243 (to-15. 10.30pm. £3. Iinergetic _ja// l'rom this Toronto-based trio headed by guitarist Jamie Ruben. with support l'rom trumpeter \Vy lie aitd some lunky l).ls.

I Ronnie Rae Trio Millennium Hotel. (ieorge Sqttarc. 332 671 l 10.30pm. See Sat (i.


I Todd Gordon Henry ‘s .la// ('ellar. 8 Morrison Street. 467 5200. Midnight. £5. Swinging vocals trom Gordon who has a real passion tor Sinatra.

I Gordon McNeill Quartet the Beat Ja// Basetttent. 1 ('hatnbers Street. 0781 1 375374. 9pm. £2 between

10pm lam (tree at all other times). Dynamic modern ja/l limited by

pow erl‘ul saxophonist .\lc.\'eill.

I Kent Duchaine The Bridge Ja// Bar. 82 South Bridge. 478 2510. 9pm. £81£()J.SCL'llAlIlI-l.


0 Rebecca Malope 'l‘olhooth 'liltctllt'c. Jail \Vy ltd. ()17Sb 27-10(11). 7.30pm. £10 (£6.50). See Sat 6.

Monday 8


I The New Blues Surfers Studio I. (irosyenor Ilotel. Byres Road. 341 6516. 9pm. Iit'ee. l.t)c;tl live-piece ltllles band.


I John Burgess Quartet The Beat .l;l// Basetttent. 1 (‘hambers Street. 07811 375374. 9pm. £2 between

10pm laiit (tree at all other times). Tenor saxophonist Burgess ITUIII\ this innoyatiyc littll'sttllte.

I The Jam Session The Bridge .la// Bar. 82 Sottth Bridge. 478 2510. 9pm. l‘ree. Regular ian jam session as yat'ious guest drop in to join the Day id Patrick 'l’rio.

jazz listings Music


I Heather MacLeod The Beat Ja// Basement. 1 ('hambers Street. ()781 1 375374. 9pm. £2 between 10pm lattt (tree at all other times). Velvety vocals from MacLeod. backed by Paul Harrison on key s attd Ian (‘opeland on drums.

I The Goat Stew World Jazz Party lil Barrio. I04 \Vestport. 229 8805. 10pm. £3 (£2). See Sat 6.

Wednesday 1 0


I Djaoush Macholi Orchestra Henry 's JaI/ ('ellar. 8 Morrison Street. 467 5200. 8.30pm. £5. Young (ierman six- piece w ho mix world. improv. classical attd tttore into their own brand ol'jau.

I The Usual Suspects The Bridge Ja/z Bar. 82 South Bridge. 478 2510. 9pm. 1-‘ree. 1’ocusing on the hottest young jal/ players in Scotland. all led by Bill Kyle on drums as they run through a series of standards.


I Bill Wyman and the Rhythm Kings (iaiety' Theatre. (‘arrick Street. 01292611222. 8pm. £21 (£19). Bassist. songwriter. producer and sometimes vocalist Bill Wyman performs an assortment ()1 vintage covers and original songs with the Rhythm Kings.


I Djaoush Macholi Orchestra Ilenry 's Ja// (’ellar. 8 Morrison Street. 467 5200. 8.30pm. £5. See Wed 10.

I Chris Grieve Quartet the Bridge Ja// Bar. 82 South Bridge. 478 2510. 9pm. 1‘ree. A great battd headed by trombonist (irieve.

royal bank of scotland glasgow jazz festival

sunday 7 july 10.30pm

r if l’fs L. 1: cc


gm from tbronto, cantid

ru be_n exotlc, ran ch

“the hottest musicians in Canada‘s eversgrowing pool

01‘ nun 'azz tlayers" Tugtoologolmdfllafl

and from maryhilt, glasgow

the allan wylie quartet _ and d] allan wylle £3.00rm door

m 113

0141 248 6645

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