Clockwise (I-r): Mackenzie Crook, Brendon Burns, Ross Noble, Ralf Little and the Cuban Brothers

Eclectic shock

Surf the waves of comedy ingenuity. Words: Maureen Ellis

hameless marketing ploys tacked onto comedy nights are enough to tnake the most gullible of audiences cynical. Text your

questions to the comedians. choose the outcome of

the sitcom. trade your ticket in for a tree beer: all

gimmicks used and abused by vvi/ened promoters to get bums on seats and cash behind bars. ()nly every so often a brilliant twist on the humdrum marketed comedy night comes along and breaks dovvn the pent-up hostility. Come Play it'll/I Afters/lock has done just that.

The initial reaction to the sponsor might be one of aversion. but when the gargantuan brilliance of this night is unveiled. all doubts are throvvn aside. It {uses comedy and clubbing in an exciting and new vvay. hangs television personalities from the overall

effect and then accessorises vvith a master stroke oi


From the stand—up comedy ranks come Ross Noble. Brendon Burns and (lavin Webster: three very different comedians all aspiring to break the observational comedy mould. Noble. knovvn for his breakneck improvisation and absurd forays into the unconventional. Burns. comedy‘s devil incarnate spevving aggression and outrage. and Webster. perhaps the most traditional ot‘ the three. but still capable of incisive torrents of verbal mayhem.

A brilliant twist on the humdrum marketed comedy night

Ralph Little of Roy/U l-‘umi/v fame. and Mackenzie (‘rook of The Office will both be putting in an appearance: their exact role in the evening's proceedings kept closely under vvraps. The Cuban Brothers. acting comperes for the night. will turn up the heat with their cult contemporary musical cabaret. and perhaps indulge in a spot of naked breakdancing.

Aftershock and the promoters L'K Play have been touring the shovv around the country. and the lidinburgh gig will be the last of the live nationvvide dates this season. although they will be back on the road vvith a similar line-up. stopping (iii in (ilasgovv in October or November.

Mike Keats. better knovvn as the (‘uban‘s Miguel Mantovani. or as his alter—ego Barry l’eters. has been on board from the start. The venue for this leg of the tour might be smaller than expected. bttt Keats is still excited at the prospect. 'We could almost peri’orm anyvvhere. As long as there‘s some turntables and sortie lights vve can get on vvith it and have some I‘un.‘

This could be one of the few Scottish dates the (‘ubans play this year. With no liringe shovv planned for the lirst time in Tour years. a Zurich residency. and a hectic vvorldvvide tourng schedule. it’s a case of catch them while you can. As comperes. the (‘ubans are certain to raise the tempo: '()ur shovv brings a lot of people‘s barriers dovvn in the sense that we throvv ourselves about and have some Itm.~ explains Keats. ‘lt usually rubs oIT on the audience so there‘s Usually a nice vvarm atmosphere.~ That‘ll be the Al'tershock.

Come Play with Aftershock is at the Stand, Edinburgh, Thu 18 Jul. See page 76 to win tickets.

Joking aside Where the laughter matters

OOPS. WE DID IT AGAIN. .N A. . the contusmn of the donnie act behind last year's l'rznge scars. Wild on "W. and their sueseosect falling out. \“VOOtl 8. Hides 'ta'ves became inextricany iétlittitfll ' these here pages. Just ti: set (":3 record straight. Chart-:2 ll‘fIt‘E; :: the man l)(}li|li(l Kandi Ka'w}. avg: Jason \r‘lood IDICTUl'Otl‘r if; 1"»:2 Bare Canto star set to tau: T" :; year's i08i|‘.£ll in, storm Out" I Woods is a complete fao'mtt tread ll‘lSiElkCi on (Iti' pa" MORE FESTIVAL NEWS: THE highly-anticipated appearance of Ally McBeal star Jane Krakowski at this year’s festival is not to be. The money men pulled out of backing the show - perhaps at the prospect of not seeing any return on their cash and Krakowski, better known as snitching Elaine, won’t be the wonder girl of the Fringe. Although her name didn’t actually appear in the Fringe programme, unlike comedian Scott Capurro and critic/actress Kate COpstick, Fuddy Meers was tipped to be this year’s must-see.

Jason Wood

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