The Front

Kevin McKidd and Laura Fraser: on tho Skids

Forbidden treasures an-ive in capital

Exlusive display of Chinese rarities arrives. mm, Mark Fisher

ncient treasures never before seen outside China go on display in Edinburgh this fortnight in an exhibition that Will

be seen nowhere else in the world. Forbidden Crty:

Treasures of an Emperor features an array of priceless artx-rorks from the Palace Museum in Beijing. the largest of its kind in China. They date from the days of the Ouianlong Emperor who ruled China

from 1736—1795 and was an enthusiastic patron of the arts.

Among the highlights of the exhibition. two-thirds of which has never been seen Outside China. are a sacred gold cup decorated With rubies. sapphires and pearls. an ornate ceremonial suit of armour and a coronation portrait of the emperor. who lived in what was known as the Forbidden City all his adult life. Built in the centre of Beijing. the Forbidden City was protected by a 10m high wall

and was Out of bounds to anyone but the imperial court.

At the time China was the world's wealthiest nation, given to extravagant displays of military might and this exhibition reflects the

colour. opulence and grandeur of the era. I Forbidden City: Treasures of an Emperor; Roya/ Mrrseurri. [Ed/riburg/i, Sat 6 Ju/—Suri 15' Sep.

6 THE LIST :1 is .Jui yer)?

Lights, camera, Jobson!

Ex-punk Richard Jobson makes film directing debut on streets of Edinburgh. Words: Miles Fielder

'ni watching Richard Jobson tel' Kevii‘ McKidu’ how to beat the crap

out of the barman n a pub ;n l (lllTlZLlf'fjl‘. McKidd comes on all calm

and friendly. defusing a tense mo'nent between one of his pals and the barkeeper with a few softly spoken ‘.'.’()t'(lf; . . before neadbutting the older man and laying into hint on the Bill) f'soc". l verybody else in the pub is shocked. At least. those rn front of the camera.

Those behind the camera 'ook pleased. lhe beating went well. The first assistant director tel's the actors and extras to relax. while Jobson and his crew look at the replay on a men for. sguee/ed =nto a corner of the pub next to the gents.

We're in Thomson's Bar on Morrsson Street. Jobson is coming to the

end of principa: photograp'i‘, on. 76 Years :>‘/"\,’;;of.‘:>/. tne Junk rocker—

turned filmmakers fi'st featare. Since out. rig t'ie Skids and the music business. Jobson has ‘.'.'()"ke<l l‘lt; '.-::.'.'a"::s a rectir‘g “(lit filni critic‘ism

and the three other feat.ires 'ie's >':)<l;ice<i 'JtrS.’ /‘i.’t().‘/r‘()l Day in

lorrdorr. Tube Tales and Heart/anus which may be playir‘g at a cinema near you in the very r‘ear future.

You might have seen tlobsei‘ arrt n s ere-.1 a'cui‘a arid about {(lllllel’t/iltt; Old Town E'tese cast ‘.'.-’}-Z}'\f3l 07‘ We Hoya. Mile. ll‘. the Art College or outside /."e l r:;.":; e“ ce zn l.'.(3(}fl(l£tt(2 Court. Jobson's had a good ti'ne of it film 7g :3". location it the <:it;.; ne's espec:a'|y pleased to have avoideo capturing a r::::t.rre postcard :1‘ f d 'iburgn for his film.

\i‘v’he't fr‘rshed. re Years cf/i/ooric " be a g;' ttfi. drama. adapted by Jobson from his sent auto'i:.:;;i'abt"::ai net-12L It spans three decades ' ‘9/05; to p'eser‘t :t'ay I" the tie o" l 'zt"k:<:- Mac iplayed by Mchd. In the scene I've gist been '.'.r't"ess to. a young Frankie is out causing trouble tr‘ hzs gang at tl‘..g;s. Dressed r‘ DOVE?" boots and wh te leans and urea" 'tt; :crig (:cats {il‘il sl‘axeu "earls. the boys look like Alex and his d'ocgs ‘roii‘ A (,‘xoewsgzt'ét ()urr‘ge.

You'.l get to see l ranke am: it s boys l:>' 1.1:..r'seit'nextyear when the film is released. Joining McKrir: be 1 aixa l raser. SJSétf‘. l ynch and l wen Bremner. I lean: \Jobstx‘ :t scass "g ::#ose cps ‘.'."t.". his (:ineinatograi)her. ()utsrae ieztog"..:;e t~.'.r> 'Yl-(Ef‘ ‘.'."‘.o ‘.'.'eie squatting behind me in the pub. mate!" rig a"‘..s-:>'i‘-:;rit as McKido put the boot in. Turns oat they 're the lea, ba'vi‘a" a":i 'ea owr‘er‘ of Thomson's. ‘\rVoui<:n't Wave happened that '.'.'a\,.' says the teen-er. a muc ‘. younger telow than the char: ,us'. it'ete'itietl tr; case "as feet". ‘I girouid "-exer haxe come out from t)-:}"...";l ft‘t: bar.‘

It's only a movie though. " grit?

its - yet

Coming soon

I For those Tolkien obsessives and those who thought The Lord of the Rings was everything a blockbuster movie should be Peter Jackson‘s film of the fantasy epic is released on video in August. You might. however, want to wait until November when the DVD comes out complete with the extra hour of excised footage Jackson has been boasting about. Or, if you wait another two years. you’ll be able to watch the whole thing: twelve hours of fantastic adventures in the three films and their extra footage . . . Filmmaker Julian Temple (The Great Rock 'n ’Ro/I Swindle) has just spent the weekend at the Glastonbury festival filming the event. With the approval of festival organiser Michael Eavis. Temple is putting together a film, to be released into cinemas next year. that will combine footage filmed at the weekend with archive material that will concentrate on the event rather than the bands themselves . . . Underworld will release a new single. ‘Two Months Off'. in September, followed by an album. A Hundred Days Off later the same month. Days Off will be the first new material from the dance giants since 1999's Beaucoup Fish . . . The Stone Roses' former guitarist John Squire will release his first solo album later this year. The as yet untitled album arrives three years after Squire's last recordings with the Seahorses. the band he formed after the demise of the Stone Roses.