Traxx at the Arches, Glasgow, Thu 11 Jul; Scratch at La Belle Angele, Edinburgh, Sat 13 Jul

After riding a wave of mutilated sound for 15 years, ushering in his own stylised form of ‘scratch music’, DJ Q-Bert has gone back to his roots. ‘lt’s more of a self- expression quest I’m on,’ says 0- Bert. ‘I’m just doing my thing, trying to be different, trying to dig deep into my own being and have my own unique style to offer the whole world.‘

Having attracted attention since 1985 when audiences realised his skills on the turntables were beyond comprehension, Q-Bert heralded a new era in the turntablist community, and helped raise the art to a new form. Through years of creativity, imagination, practice, and dedication he developed the art of using the turntable as a musical instrument by inventing unimaginable styles and creating unique systems of scratching. Formerly a member of the lnvisibl Skratch Piklz (ISP) along with Mixmaster Mike, Q-Bert made an impact on the hip hop scene, with tracks such as ‘The Octopus People’ and ‘Klamz Uv Deth’, which will undoubtedly be felt for years to come.

His first taste of hip hop, came during its first cultural revolution in the early 805. Like a lot of kids at the time, he plunged into the hip hop aesthetics, taking special interest in the beats. Though perceived mainly as a scratch soloist, DJ Q-Bert has also

followed in the steps of other artists trying to push the ends of the musical envelope by collaborating with musicians outside of the traditional hip hop vein. Heavily influenced by the styles of world-renowned jazz musician Miles Davis, electric guitarists Jimmy Hendrix and Les Paul, as well as pianist Thelonius Monk, he says: ‘It doesn’t matter what instrument you play. If you know music, you know when it’s coming from the heart.’ When the crowds pack into the Arches


The Bongo Club, Edinburgh, Sat 13 Jul

Vibra: King of the 7in

80 THE LIST 4—18 Jul 2002

Another Saturday night. another Headspin. Four decks and a will to inspire have made it a very special monthly night. but this one may just be a corker. For Vibra aka Ian Cracknell is coming to town to take the headlining throne for a night. You may not have heard of him. but take the word of a wizened old fool: you soon will.

Cracknell is the owner of 7Hi|ls records whose mission statement on its website reads that 'technically we are as hard as steel'. a direct quote from the Ice T/Beastie Boys collaboration ‘Get It Together'. This should give you some idea of how cool the tunes he's into are. but if you are in any doubt check out any of his 12in and compilation tracks on Catskills Records.

80 what's he got up his musically delinquent sleeve for the Headspin night? ‘I hope to encompass

Three time mixing champ Q-Bert

and La Belle this fortnight, there will be no doubt in their minds about that.

‘lt’s pretty crazy,’ says Q-Bert, ‘but y’know, I’m just doing my thing and I still see myself as the same person. I’m still trying to create for people. I don’t know, I just see myself as the same guy when I started 15 years ago. Fifteen years ago I had a passion for scratching and I still have that same passion.’

(Gillian McCormack)

anything with a funky element. There will be funk. there will be hip hop. there will be breaks and more importantly. there will be tunes in there people may not expect.‘ he says. ‘I like to surprise myself as well as the audience: I like things to be challenging as well as dancefloor friendly.‘

‘He'll play this strange selection from out of nowhere. rising up through the Osmonds and Dusty Springfield and down through some of the sweetest funk you‘ve ever heard.’ says Headspin regular Colin Millar whose superb Hero No 7 offering. ‘Keeping It Real/Be Somebody'. has just been released through 7Hills. Prepare to have yOur head spun. (Paul Dale)

I Hero No 7 '3 Keeping It Rea/7/BeSomebody' is available from wwwherono 7. COL/k and www. 7h/l/srecords. co. uk

Word Up

The latest club news

GIG ON THE GREEN DANCE Tent details are almost finalised as Smirnoff and Colours again combine forces to bring you the best in house. Focusing only on the finest in Scottish and local DJ talent, Saturday (24 August) features Fisher and Price, lain ‘Boney’ Clark, Jon Mancini, Tall Paul, Michael Kilkie, Colin Tevendale and Trevor Reilly. Then on Sunday (25 August) it all goes big-name-tastic with headliners Carl Cox (pictured) and Paul Oakenfold joined by Herman Cattaneo, Tom Stephen, Desyn Masiello, Paolo Mojo and Huggy. And there’s more dance related stuff across the other stages including Stereo MCs, the Streets, Cornershop and of course the mighty Prodigy making their long awaited return to the live stage: lets hope they can pull it out of the bag.

WHILE WE'RE IN A FESTIVAL mood. remember it's T in the Park this fortnight (how COUId you forget?). Quick line—up change in the Slam Tent: George T is now replacing Harri & Domenic (don't worry they'll still be headlining the Bacardi BBar).

ANOTHER NIGHT THAT’S bound to be huge is the Sizzler on Saturday 27 July at the CCA, Glasgow, a BBQ and big night out put on by those lovely people at Rizla, Wall of Sound and Soma. Massive line-up including Jaques Lu Cont, Will White (Propellerheads), Master H, the Visitor, Envoy, Paul Cawley, Sidewinder, Themroc, State Trooper, Universal Principles and Boogie Knights. Tickets are free, yes free, and available from the CCA box office and FOPP, 358 Byres Road (not before 15 July, so get in quick).

THE COOLEST CATS IN TOWN. Vegas. will be celebrating their Sixth Birthday on 31 August with another Ocean Terminal spectacular down in Leith. Oh and they have an album on the way in the autumn, another reason to be cheerful.