Clubs listings

Glasgow Fridays continued

I The Beat Museum at lltc \‘ariety Bar. 9pm tttidttigltt. Free. Weekly. Mark Macallum attd friends spin ottt only tltc best treats front tlte xxorld of soul. dance and house.

I Budda at Bar Budda. Spin ntidnigltt. Free. Weekly. Purxcyor of line fttttk ('hris llarris says a slantntin' ltello to tlte Budda clientele. xx lto are in for a ttigltt of high class house. littlry ottly to those wearing their disco trousers.

I Chi at .\lc(‘ltuill's. Spm midnight. Free. Weekly. The ('hi spinners begitt by deploy ittg a unique blend of melloxx sltaolin beats and tltett unleash tlte lteax'icr stuff later on.

I Critical Mass at Xiee’tt’Slea/y. Spm late. Free. Weekly. .\'oj (Midi lli-Fi) attd Jolttt mess xx itlt your ltead playing any thing frotn dttb. ptntk. indie. reggae. ltip ltop. dance attd raxx k to soul and funk. (‘ome alottg attd kick ottt tlte jams or go uptoxx it top rankin'. (itlL‘sl DJs most xx ecks.

I Cul de Sac at (‘ttl dc Sac.

5pm midnight. Weekly. ('ttl de Sac kttoxx s xx ltat its customers xxant: good music attd loads of it. Kenny llislop takes to tltc decks from 5 Split. attd tltett at 9pm Stex'e Sutherland of l'rbana Mttsic takes ox er. Sensory ox crload.

I Edward’s at lidxxard's.

()pm midnight. Free. Weekly. Att alter- ol‘lice crowd is xxorkcd up into a ball of happiness by DJ Keith Py per. Please be careful.

I Friday Street at Blackli'iars.

Spm 1.30am. £3 (£3). Weekly. (‘lassic ntod sounds. ttortltern soul attd Tantla Motoxx n attd Scotland's prenticr tttod club. (iuest DJ for [his exerting ls Kex in ('ontt front across tltc cctttral belt in Auld Reekie. lloxx xx idc are your lapcls'.’

I Kenny H at Moloco (\Vcsl liltdl. 9pm midnight. Free. Weekly. Funky grooxes from arotutd the globe. xx ill) a ltealtlty sittattering of soul tltroxxtt itt for good measure.

I Latino Party at cholutioit.

Spit) midnight. Free. 5 Jul only. Lixe percussion and envy dancittg at this celebration of all lltittgs litlilt()-l~ttnk_\.

I Modalicious at Moda. ()pm lam. Free. Weekly. Mark Duff and Ally Sandlcr pull out some funky x'ocal house grooxcs mixed xx itlt appetising garage anthems. but if they don't fulfil tltett just marer at xx ltat must be tltc coolest lireplace in [oxx n.

I Moloco at Moloco. Spit) midnight. Free. Weekly. Rolatiottal DJs from tltc Buff clttb xxork tlte pre-club croxx'd it) [his litte West lind boo/er.

I Moskito at Moskito. 9pm midnight. Free. Weekly. The Sole don Stcx ic Middleton xx arms a funky croxx‘d under Bath Street. Like all good DJs. he's not afraid to tltroxx it) something old. borroxxed or excn blttc.

I Nico’s at .\'ico’s. ()pm midnight. Free. Weekly. .\'ico\ xx arms tltc Sauclticltall rex'ellcrs tip xx itlt ltappy. popular music attd a selection of alcoholic bcxcragcs. A lt()\'cl idca il'ex‘cr tlterc xxas one.

I October at tlte ()ctobcr ('al'c.

‘)pm midnight. Weekly. (iol'don Miller ptlts ltis decks to xery good ttsc xx itlt lltc best it) x'ocal house attd l'S garage.

I Papacool at tltc Basement Bar. ()pm midnight. Free. Weekly. Papacool occupy that beautiful tticlte ol‘ja/xy sottl l'tutk xx ith a grace that most just can't ntanagc. Quite special.

I Paul Cawley at Air ()rgattic.

9pm midnight. Free. Weekly. Respected (ilasgoxx DJ and l-‘enctik kittg Pattl (‘axxley scrxcs up some tasty sltit to [lie ()l'galtic posse.

I Phonic at 54 Beloxx. 0pm midnight. Free. Weekly. Phonic DJs Stcx'en Reilly and (iordott Logan serxe up some quality house gl‘t)t)xcs.

I Russell’s at Rtixxell‘x.

()pm midnight. Free. Weekly. DJ Yaxx kicks otlt lltc hcsl Rtle hip hop and

sxx ittghcat.

82 THE LIST -'- .l )I 2?)?

HOUSE PARTY FOR PEACE The Tunnel, Glasgow, Wed 17 Jul

Jengabeads increase the peace

The premise of Party for Peace is ingenious. lt attempts to re-brand the modern peace movement as a clean and trendy cause that everyone. old and young. should support. Public relations exercises are essential to the success of world charity organisations. and that‘s why this night of the finest house music it) Glasgow is a very. very good idea. Think Sub boys Ham and Domenic. Jengaheads. Solemusic. the Simian Art Koncept of Kube. Ian McCleod of Mad

Dog. Roots 2 the Future and Radar and Caution all teaming up in the Tunnel for a

party in the name of happiness and peace. It's an idea from heaven.

Party for Peace takes place at the peak of a Glasgow-wide peace festival raising funds for children through registered charity Spirit Aid. The great thing about this event is that. even if you‘re oblivious to the significance of the cause. it's a wonderful excuse for a night on the tiles with some of the most forward- thinking house and techno collectives in the city. who are all donating their fee for the night to the charity. And. disconcertingly. it's in the Tunnel. a venue better known for its championing of music from the better-known end of the sonic spectrum. Maximum respect goes to that club for donating its hire fee.

For this night. the house music motto. “mixing the world together‘, will be realised and. with its enviable line up. Glasgow's party promises to send out the loudest message of them all about what world peace means to the clued up

youth of Scotland.

A worldwide event. Party for Peace attracted 1000 Israeli youths to a public square in Tel Aviv on 24 May to create a sense of unified resistance to the senseless killing that goes on around them day after day. Looking at the clubs involved SubCulture. Homebass. Kube. Sole and Mad Dog it looks like our

corner of the party will be going out with a bang. Is there a better soundtrack to a

party celebrating unity than a straight four-four beat? (Johnny Regan) I For more information about Party for Peace and Spirit Aid, log on to


I Shift at Blackfriars Basetttent.

Spin lam. £3. 5 Jul. Monthly. The joy of decks. explored by residettts Scott attd Steplten. itt tltis intriguing Merchant (‘ity ntaslt tip space. This month they‘x'e enlisted the talents of Marco Bernardi for a night of groox'in' house.

I Soulsa Presents: Vinyl at Strata. ()pm midnight. Free. Weekly. Anotlter beautiful (ilasgoxx' bar With a tittittg music policy. l'nderground house. Latin vibes and choicest disco front Attdy linger. Shae-I) and special guest DJs.

I Sound Museum at (‘(‘A bar. 9pm midnight. Free. Weekly. (‘ltris ‘Beans‘ (ieddes (Belle attd Sebastian) and llusltpuppy (Dix‘ine. GSA) uncover a forgotten world of sotutd. delx'ing deeper attd tttore carefully than many ittto lost realms of soul. Latin. funk. disco and exotica.

I Stateside Sounds at the State Bar. 4 7pm. Free. Weekly. Paul Shields selects alt.cotuttry favourites. rock classics and blues cuts. A night that

should be commended for doing sontetltittg different aitd for doing it well.

I Straight Ahead at Spy Bar.

9pm>~late. Free. Weekly. Dance lioor

jazz. northern soul attd fttttk sptttt by the

superb Straight Ahead crexx'.

I Tracktion Sessions at Air ()rgattic. 9pm -midnight. Free. Weekly. Martyn (Jengalteads. Mltelt Project. Under the Counter) drops ittto the ultra- ftutky. Dean llappel-designed West littd bar to fttrttislt the darling customers with a set that goes wherever it damn well likes. Regular guest slots from his friends make this a night of diverse goodness. Here comes summer . . .


I Abnormals Anonymous at the (‘(‘A. Next date 1‘) Jttl. OAerodynamico at Atl Lib. ll.3()pm--3am. £5 (£4). 5 Jul. Monthly. Plt5.5. along with Txx‘in liarth. streamline nu-jazz. funk. soul attd breaks at botlt 33 aitd 45rpm. This time tltey‘xe got Pattl

Welslt. xx'lto hosts one of the fittest radio shows around. on (‘lyde One. For this date only. “xi-Us! ' t'unl holders get [I ({[ft/UUI' pl'it‘t’ (11/ night long.

I Afterglow at Ad Lib. l lpnt 3.30am. £5 (£4). 12 Jul. Monthly. The essential night for tttod. llanttttond jaz/ attd northern soul. The Friday Street crew are joined by Barry of (ioodlool. which is nice.

I The Ark at the Tunnel. l().3()pnt—3ant. £7 (£5). Weekly. .\'ex‘er mind who actually oxxtts the place: the Tunnel does what it does x‘ery xx ell attd its loyal croxx'd low it. Scott Mackay attd Simon Foy keep the crowd jumping with industrial strength ltard house iii the tttaitt roottt. xx'ltile (iary (‘urley tttoxes the crowd itt bar (“'0 with smooth garage attd x'ocal house.

I Basic Level at the Souttdltaus. .\'ext date the.

I Bebado at the Rix'erside Social. Monthly. Next date 26 Jul.

I Bogota! at (‘uba Norte. ()pm- 2am. Free. Weekly. A night of Latin pop attd house. replete with food. dancing attd general merry-making. Beautiful.

I Bughouse at Soba. 1 1pm 3am. £5. 5 Jul. Monthly. One of the fittest underground house outlits iii the dear green place. Bugltouse continue to strettgtltett their popularity by appearing at only the tttost attractix'e attd cool spots. Straight down the litte. this is great house music played by people who love it best and in the rigltt way.

I Concrete at Sotmdltatts.

l lpttt 15am. £5. l2 Jul. Monthly. The l’nique Freak presents a Hip Hop session for those who understand that x'ibe. (iood undergrotutd venue for it. too.

I The Cathouse at the ('athouse. 10.30pm -3am. £l before I lput. £4 (£3) after. Weekly. Riding high on the nu- ntetal xx'ax‘e. this is one of the busiest nights in town. Rock. grunge. indie attd a daslt of breakbeat across three floors at (ilasgoxx-‘s top x'etttte for rockers and alterttateens.

I Club Cubana at the Tempus bar. l()pm—3am. £4 (£3). 5 Jul. Monthly. This night for Cuba is blowing up at the ntittute. DJ Duncanario spins the old and the nexx salsa attd latitt groox'es to a beautiful crowd.

I Coded at Vault. l lpnt—3am. £5 (£4). Weekly. They're front a record store. so the tunes are going to be fresh and highly funky. aren‘t tltey'.’ A rotating roster of DJs affiliated to 23rd Precinct supply house-led groox'es at the new club. Stex'en Mc(‘reery is the main man. but the pool of talent ittcludes Billy Kiltie. Billy Woods attd Amanda Price.

I Deep Freeze at Soba. Next date the.

I Deviance at Alaska. I lpnt-—3am. £7 (£5). 5 Jul. Monthly. Michael Peck. aka ()x'ertotte of Kttslti Records and DJ Roki (MOBA) spin all night itt the bar area creating that luscious house x'ibe that only they cart. xx'ltile upstairs it) the main room ()xx-en (‘aldxx'ell attd Daxe Thomson (Remedy) will keep you entertained for the night. lixpect some quality house. techno. electro attd pretty tttttclt anything with that groox'e to keep you moving.

I Fresh at the Polo Lounge.

l lpttt 3am. £5. Weekly. Michelle and Andy take charge of the tttusical duties itt this delicious Mercltattt (‘ity ntixed club. Whether you're itt the 'l‘rophy Roottt or on the dancelloor. the lanes will fuel your happiness.

I Foresight at Rocksy’s Basement. Next date the.

I Funk Room at the Arches.

l lpnt—3am. £7 (£6). l‘) Jul. Monthly. Tasty fttnk for the discerning Arclter. A selection of line guests ex'ery rttotttlt make this a great night ottt.

I Gain at Alaska. I lpnt 3am. £8 (£6). l2 Jttl. Monthly. llntnt . . . Slant playittg at a wild teclttto ntaslt up. That's a noch idea. Stttart attd ()rde join their tttate Percy for a ttigltt of hard ass funk madness. (let ittto the gl‘oox'c.