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New Flesh ‘Lie Low’ (Big Dada oooo ) They've turned the corner from deathly doom hoppers to the kings of the fat jam . . . and what an improvement. This is a proper sum- mer soundtrack: squelching jeep beats with an oh-so-you-gotta-Iove- our-flow chat on top. Not Brit hop. just fucking good.

Xpansoul and Daweed ‘When Music was Music’ EP (Soundplant ooo ) ‘Moog Delight‘ lives up to its name: a house throbber with lots of ‘listen to all the squelchy strange noises this key- board can make' revelations. Like both cake and gin, it's simple but eflechve.

Nobukazu Takemura ‘Mimic Robot’ (Thrill Jockey COO ) Strange fish this Japanese producer. He takes some perfectly acceptable minimal machine music and layers spook'n'spell warped voices and other peculiar titters on top. Not so much murder on the dancefloor as an assault on the ears.

Various Artists Blackmarket pre- sents Rollin’ No 4 (Azuli oooo ) Nicky Blackmarket mixes tip 22 tracks of fiercely persistent but emi- nently danceable drum & bass. Be sure to rip up the living room carpet and throw it on the bonfire alongside the furniture on the front lawn. as you'll have to make space for the mammoth sound system needed to enjoy this tremendous music in the comfort of your own home. Highlights include Andy C and Shimon‘s ‘Bodyrock‘ which tears up the drum & bass rulebook like and RK Productions evil retro roller 'Jah Dred'.

Various Artists Counter Action Volume Two (Under the Counter 00. ) UTC deliver another dozen quality good eggs scrambled up by Marc McCabe. The Wackdaddies get satisfyineg slap (bass) happy on ‘Blow Shit Up' and George T injects some bottom-end wobble on a cou- ple of tracks and provides the high- light with a truly headspinning. Gorgio Moroder-meets-Carl Craig workout entitled ‘Zircona'.

Blurum 13 Vaguer Familiar (Jazz Fudge oooo ) An album of cre- ative flows from the smart fella who provided one of the many high points on DJ Vadim's last platter. Rhymes cuss-cross and counter attack. tum- bling over jerky funk beats and every- thing from dog shit to mathematics get a verbal going over. Skewed genius. (Mark Robertson)

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84 THE LIST 4—18 Jul 2002

Glasgow Saturdays continued

I Divine at Glasgow School of Art (downstairs). lllpm 3am. £6 (£5 £4): £3.50 (iSA sttideiits. Weekly. lt's beeii going strong since l‘)‘)() arid is officially the longest running residency iii (ilasgow. so they know how to work a crowd with industrial strength ftiiik.

I Fluid at Alaska. Next date 20 Jtil.

I Freefall at the Arches. I lpm 3am. £12. 6 Jill. Monthly. To coincide with the launch of the l-reefall t'adio show on

Beat l()6. tonight's hard house mayhem will be broadcast [he as Alan Belshaw'. l‘raser Latte atid Simon l‘oy lay down the beats.

I Freeform at Barlly' (formerly the 13m Note (‘ltib). 9pm 3am. l‘ree before 10.30pm: £5 (£4) after. Weekly. The Notc‘s longest running club and it‘s all thanks to the Watt brothers and their selection of 60s sotil. 7(ls ftiiik arid the odd curyeball to keep things interesting. I Freelance Science at Alaska. llpm—3ani. £10 (£8). 6 Jill. Monthly. ()rde Meikle of Slam plays single handedly to the ftiiik hungry masses of Glasgow. twisting hearts aiid minds. baby.

I Friday Street Northern Soul Night at Ad Lib. Next date 20 Jill.

I Fusion at the Riy'erside Social. Next date l3 Jul.

I Havana Esperito at (‘aiiyas (At'tal. £7. \Veckly. A night of sophisticated Latino class. DJ Ja// brings his Latino box of tricks to the Merchant (‘ity 's newest yenue. ('anyas. where there's no dedicated dancefloor. btit there is classy seryice aiid aii elegant. laid-back y‘ibe for those w ho'ye had enough of sweat with their salsa.

I Hi-Karate at Riyci'sidc (’lub. Next date 3() Jul.

I Homebass at Alaska. Next date 27 Jul.

I Homecookin at Baba/a. l-‘ree before I lpm; £5 after. Weekly. DJs Stewart Mc(‘a|ltim and Joe lliggins keep the music jammin' arid the dance lloor jumpin’ all night long. Rtli tracks mixed with the odd classic and old-skool favourites. Jtist watch otit for football players.

I Inside Out at the Arches. Next date 27 Jill.

I Inspire at the \clyet Rooms.

ltlpm 3am. £6 (£4); £3 before itiidiiiglit. Weekly. Keith l’y per breaks otit the funky house and garage in the main rooiii while Raymond Woods cools things down with hip hop aiid R&B in room two.

I Jamboree at Retls. l lpm 3am. £7 (£5). Weekly. John Lyons and Martin llesketh of Velyet Rootiis lame tnix tip a blend of commercial R&B and sotil.

I Kube at Blackfriars. 8pm lam. £4. 6 Jul. Monthly. Another quality night of pounding techno with residents S-Y-D. RA and SAK. After the litige success of their night with ('hris Liberator. Ktibe are going strength to strength.

I Let’s Go Back, Way Back! at the Riy'et'side Social. Next date the.

I Life at Life (Corinthian). lllpm 3am. £5. Weekly. A formidable night of ftiiik for those who like their entertainment mature. btit still jammin'. DJ Sktid. l’atil Rea and Ian 'l'homson present a selection of soul. funk arid disco augmented with original samples arid loops to guarantee a new take on familiar sotiiids.

I Lush at the Polo Lounge.

l().3()pm 3am. £5. Weekly. l't‘ttllll‘lllg' Andy in the 'l'rophy Rootii with hits from the 60s to the 80s. w hilc 'l'om proy'idcs an tip-front dance selection in the main room at the city 's prettiest gay cltib.

I Melting Pot at the Riverside Social. Next date 27 Jul.

I Mish Mash at the Arches. Next date 2() Jul.

I Missing Link at Atl Lin.

1 lptii Jam. £5. The yery best of hip hop. nu jazz. aiid R&B mixed tip by two of Glasgow‘s finest: Paul (‘awley and Naeem. And all iii this great intimate

I My Machines at (ilasgow School of Art. I lpm A 3am. £6 (£5 £4). Weekly. They’ve had some of the greatest names in techno come and bless their decks. so they know how to mash it tip. Be here now with Hamish aiid Wilkes. I Pussypower at the Sotiiitlhatis. Next date the. I Rave Rezerection at the Arches. 8pm 3am. £l5. 13 Jtil only. ()ld skool hardcore. gabba aiid twisted techno just like the good old day s. Massiye lineup including Rotterdam 'l'error (‘orps (with ftill uncensored liye show). Lab 4 (liye). 'l'LM. Scott Brown. Marc Smith. DJ 'l'echnotrance. DJ Mikey B. Armageddon Project. Rowland the Bastard. Primal-'1‘. DJ Distortion and M(‘ Raw. and many more. 'l'eri'ify iiig yet exhilarating at the same time remember this is as ftickin' hard a night as they come. You haye been warned. I Red and Gold Room at At'ta. l()pm 3am. l‘ree before I lpm. £8 after. Weekly. DJ Jorito mans the decks for a fine night of Latin house. This w ill seriotisl} ‘Pls‘s‘ UP )our life. if that’s what is required. I Relief at Alaska. llpiii 3am. £8. l3 Jtil. Monthly. Silicone Sotil take to the decks one more titne to pi'oy ide a night of only the finest in cutting edge house. Say thank you to the nice DJ. l'iu' I/ll.\ date only. 'xl-IJ'yl’t‘unl llU/(lt’l'.\ (eel iii/inj/‘irsi [.5 Inf/Dir midlife/ii. I Remedy at Ad Lib. 1 1pm 4am. £5. Weekly. Day ey 'l'homson. (‘olin Dayey aiid someone w ithotit Dayey in his name ()wcll (‘aldw ell get ltllt) the tech- house grooye with the Ad Lib massiye. I Soulsa at Soba. 0pm 2am. l-‘ree. Weekly. The mighty popular residency from Andy I'nger aiid Lady Shae-D gets back into full sw ing after a short hiatus. playing underground disco. \ocal house and New York garage. liai'ly arri\al makes more sense. doesn't it'.’ I Subculture at MAS (in association with the Sub (‘lub). l lpm 3am. £l(). Weekly. llarri and

MC Otis turns up the heat at Disco inferno, Sat 6 Jul

Domenic play the best house records to the most appreciatiye crowd in the world. l’ct’fcct.

I Traxx at the Soundhaus.

11.30pm 5am. £8 (£6). 6 Jill. Monthly. Members aiid guests only. Simon (‘ordinetx Billy Woods and Laurence Hughes fire the crowd tip on another quality night of soulful. funky house music. 'I'ake it to the bridge the Kingston Bridge.

I Triumph at the Tunnel.

10.30pm 3.30am. £9 (£7). Weekly. (‘olin ’l‘eyendale atid Stey'en .\lc(‘reery' supply the dressed—up glamour kids with progressive house and trance in the main room. while Keyin Macl’arlane aiid Stephen Lee mix tip garage. disco and y'ocal house in room two. If you’re not wearing awfully nice clothes. howeyer. don‘t expect to get in.

I Notun at Btidda. l lpm 3am. £7 (£5 ). Weekly. Btidda stjtiee/es (ieoff Montford and (this Harris to carpet bomb (and yes. there are carpets inyolyed) the central city \entie with the kind of house tracks that would start a riot on either side of the Atlantic.

I Vegas at the Renfi'ew Ferry. Next date 3() Jul.

QThe Winchester Club at the Woodsidc Social. 0pm 2am. £4 (£5). l3 Jtil. Monthly. This month the club features a very special appearance by the sugary .'\ero.spacc from Sweden. coupled with the manly folk oyertures of (ilasgow‘s own (’hi‘is Leonard. .-\fterwai'ds. as ttstial. there w ill be the usual hi-jinks courtesy of the friendly \Vinchestcr l)Js.

I Wired at Asylum. ('aledoniaii l'niy'ersity l'nion. ltlpm 3am. £3. Weekly. (ilasgow's longest running alternatiye indie night with drinks promos aplenty.

I Xposure at Arehaos. l lpm 3am. £8 (£6). Weekly. Serving tip hedonistic hard house aiid trance. your hosts Steyie Kerr. lain ’l'hompson aiid Daye (iilmour keep the kids on their toes.