I Motherfunk Evening Sessions at PopRokit. 9pm-lam. Free. Weekly. Solid soul and frisky funk from (iino. Fryer and Spectrum (Motherfunk).

I Smokey and the Bandit at (‘ity (‘afe. 9pm—lam. Free. Weekly. All-new pre-club session featuring dirty house and cheeky breaks and beats with Smokey and his trusty Bandit.

I Yo! Below at Yo! Below. Spin-midnight. Free. W ‘ekly. The sushi style bar plays host to a selection of Fresh FM‘s fittest.


I Bass O Funk at the Venue.

l().3l)pm- 3am. £3. 7 Jul. Monthly. Da funk bases are well and truly covered at this new weekly shindig that's part discotheque. part social club. Smokey and the Bandit play funk. breakbeat and house while (ieorge T jacks the tracks.

I Chocolate Sundae at Peppermint Lounge. l()pm-—3am. £4 (£3 before midnight). Weekly. (‘ommercial R&B and hip hop with DJ Pattl ‘Foxy' Fox. Dress stylish.

I Deebo at Po Na Na. l()pm—3am. Free. Weekly. DJ Wazzo supplies a spaneg selection of sexy. disco house and uplifting l'S garage.

I DKY at Studio 24. l lpm-3am. £2 (£1.50). Weekly. DKY strides confidently into its third year with resident DJs Jordi. (iareth and Dave playing rock. goth. metal. industrial and punk. Theme nights and free gifts combine to keep things interesting. week in. week out. PJ Party on 14 Jul so dust out your favourite nightwear.

O Flippin’ at La Belle Angele. l()pm-3am. £7. 7 Jul only. After the mas- sive skate jam in Bristo Square (from noon) this continues the celebration of skate culture with the best in b-boy and b- girl action from Nasty P. Iixtra and (i- Mac laying down the ruffest. tuffest hip hop and drum & bass. Also live set from Penpushers (lncorporeal). video premieres from Random Aspeckts. art by Sum-l and skate product giveaways.

I FRESH at the Honeycomb.

l()pm» 3am. £5 (opening night 7 Jul free). Weekly. FRESH or Free. Raw. Iiuphoric. Soulful. House: a new night with a huge residents roster (Yogi Haughton. Neil (‘rookstotL DJ Flav. DJ Harvey. Stuart Purdie and the Pink Ladies -r Roz and Loz) that promises to change your Sun night forever. For [4 Jul only ‘xl- Us! ' card holders get ing/fee. See preview. I I Love Music at ()pal Lounge. Noon-3am. £3 (free before l()pm). Weekly. (‘olin (‘ook (L'ltragroove) hosts an all-day session that crosses the middle ground between clubbing and chilling. featuring guest DJs and a plethora of musical styles including house. Latin. jazzy grooves. disco and R&B.

I Pimp at Cavendish. l lpm 3am. £3 (£2). Weekly. All-new night of hip hop and R&B. served tip a treat by Big Iil and a supporting cast of thousands.

I Tackno at (‘lub Mercado. Monthly next date 28 Jul. Monthly.

I Taste at the Liquid Room.

I lpm-~3am. £8 (£6). Weekly. The capital‘s infamous Sun night session continues apace. Fisher and Price supply a progressive mix of hotise and garage in the tnain room while Martin Valentine wows the mixed/gay crowd with his funky ITS house gems through the back.

I UFO at the Bongo (‘lub. 9pm~lam. £4. 2| Jul. Monthly. Slinky. jazz funk from the Sempiternal Iloott and a plethora of l)Js.

Chart 8. Party

I HRT at (’avendish. l()pm 3am. £3

(£1 ). Weekly. Mainstream chart and party classics at a night whose acronymic moniker stands for ‘Alcohol Replacement 'I'herapy’. Which would work if ‘alcohol' started with an ‘h‘.

I Sundazed at Subway West Iind. 9pm 3am. £2 (£l ). Weekly. ('heap drinks promos and chart tunes provide a debauched climax to the weekend.


The Honeycomb, Edinburgh, weekly, Sun


Forgotten Friday? Not satisfied with Saturday? Well fear not. there's a newcomer on the block providing Sunday night entertainment in Edinburgh. Whether you have been partying hard all weekend and want to carry on or haven't had the chance until Sunday. FRESH is here to wash away those Sunday blues. Standing for Free, Raw. Euphoric, Soulful House. this five-letter acronym is hoping to be all

these things to all people.

Bringing together the cream of Scotland's resident DJs starring as the FRESH Players - Yogi Haughton, Neil Crookston, DJ Flav. DJ Harvey and Stuart Purdie. who between them represent the finest of Edinburgh‘s talent encompassing funky and progressive house. R88. soul. funk. trance and tech-trance. Finalists in the Edinburgh DJ competition Vestax R02 8 L02 will also become FRESH residents under the moniker of the Pink Ladies.

Special guests will feature at bank holiday events with John Kelly and Joey Negro planned for August and September. Live acts. with jazz and percussion alongside the DJs. will provide a more atmospheric evening, while the venue will be decked out and dressed up. Dancers and stilt walkers will be interacting with clubbers within the venue and should turn as many heads as the music.

FRESH is the brainchild of the guys behind glam house night Luscious and the Leith Band Night. showing a pedigree that encompasses the best in local DJ talent alongside live music. ‘We felt that the existing clubs in Edinburgh on a Sunday have no variation and wanted to provide a club where you've got a diverse choice of styles to groove to or just kick back and relax,‘ says promoter Phil Murphy. ‘You may walk into the club every week and hear different music styles or aim for a different room but you'll know it's FRESH because of the quality of music and the constancy of the creative decor.‘

The club launches on Sunday 7 July with a freebie party so you can all come along and feel the vibe at no cost to your good self. FRESH will then run every Sunday after that. with membership available giving priority entry. food and drinks

discounts. (Cait Read)

Edinburgh Mondays


I Hang the VJ at the Three Sisters. ()pm—lam. Free. Weekly. Interactive quiz that trawls the depths of pop. hosted by Harry Ainsworth and Dave Strong.

I Opal Lounge at ()pal Lounge. Noon— l()pm. Weekly. Jazzy grooves and soul starts early. with Bob (‘airns (noon-Spin) and Raw Movement

(5pm~ l()pm).

I Quality Control at the Meadows Bar. 9pm» lam. Free. Weekly. ()ff-kilter hip hop. breaks and beats with the inventive lot that rttn the Quality (‘ontrol radio show on Fresh Air FM.

I Yo! Below at Yo! Below. Spin—midnight. Free. Weekly. See Sun.


I CC Blooms at (‘(‘ Blooms.

10.30pm 3am. Free. Weekly. Things mellow out (or so they claim) at this gay club. with an upbeat disco selection.

I Metro at Po Na Na. l lpm-«3am. Free. Weekly. DJ Roddy Mac mixes up Xlls classics. filthy disco and house.

I Opal Lounge at ()pal Lounge. l()pm—-3am. £3. Weekly. Scratch's Lyley drops the cool urban grooves and R8; B. 0 Smallfry Presents . . . at the Bongo (‘lub. 9pm. £4. 15 Jul. An excit- ing mix of DJs. live music. short films. massage and breakdancing. in support of new mag .S'mu/f/‘Ijv hopefully to be pub- lished in Aug. if you get your asses down there that is. Richie Rufftone. the (‘ruisers and the Melange Duo confirmed so far.

I Spanish Pub Night at lil Barrio. l()pm 3am. Free. Weekly. A right old knees-up for the Spanish and Spanish- loving cotnmunity hosted by DJs Felix

and thi and featuring flamenquito straight through to Hispanic chart hits. I Vod: Bull at the Liquid Room. l()pm-~3am. £4. W *ekly. Students love this all-new hip hop hootenanny. hosted by Lyley (Scratch) and boasting absurdly cheap drinks promos all night long.

Chart & Party

I Decadence at Revolution.

l().3()pm -3am. £4 (£2). Weekly. Depraved dancefloor decadence at this capacity student night.

I Funny Farm at Subway West Iind. 7pm --3am. £l (free with fiyer). Weekly. Dr Shock Jock administers his music therapy to the freaks. Funny features also include electric shock chairs and a giant ()peration game.

I Tentastic at (iaia. l()pm—3am. £10. Weekly. Pay £l() on the door and get unlimited drinking at the bar. This frankly insane facility (bearing in mind it‘s the beginning of the week) will be complimented by a suitably crass chart & party selection.

Edinburgh Tuesdays


I Guaranteed Pure at Madogs. 10.30pm -~2am. Free. Weekly. See Fri.

I Immersed in Music at Pivo (‘affe. 9pm-—lam. Free. Weekly. (Ni and cheeky ‘Monkey Boy‘ Mark Iidmondson play Afro-Caribbean. funky phatback grooves. I Lenny Love at the Bridge Jazz Bar. ()pm—imidnight. Free. Weekly. A night of eclectic and exotic jazz sounds spun by Vegas‘ DJ (aka Dino Martini).

I Opal Lounge at ()pal Lounge. Noon l()pm. Weekly. (‘hilled tunes until 5pm from Pete (ioddard, then soul. garage and house frotn Dom l-‘lanagan.

listings Clubs

I U2uesday at the Three Sisters. Spin—lam. Free. Weekly. Night of C2 based madness (ie free drinkie-poos of the Irish variety every time a U2 track is played).

I Yo! Below at Yo! Below. Spin-midnight. Free. Weekly. See Sun.


I Motherfunk at the Honeycomb. l().3l)pm—3am. Free. Weekly. Messrs (lino. Fryer and Spectrum freak the funk fantastic at their consistently rammed night of classics old and new.

I Opal Lounge at ()pal Lounge. l()pm—3am. £3. Weekly. Funked up vocal house and classic disco from Paul Funkstar.

I Strictly Rythmn at Po Na Na. l()pm—3am. £3. Weekly. DJs Henriques and Innovator supply the R&B. hip hop and live percussion. Free mix tapes and prizes all night.

I Vibe at Ego. l lpm—3am. £2. Weekly. New gay night with James Longworth on the decks. the Dancing Stud Muffins. the Singing Hairy Bloke and the Miming Nun. Don‘t say we didn‘t warn ya.

I Wax Factor at the Liquid Room. l().3l)pm~3am. Free. Weekly. All new weekly session showcasing breaks. hip hop and funk with residents Smokey and the Bandit. the Squalor Show and (iav Anderson.

Chart & Party

I Jackass at Subway West End. 7pm—3am. £2 (£l ). Weekly. A night of shameless fun and games. including ‘find the prize in a bowl of maggots‘.

I Shagtag at (iaia. l()pm—3am. £4 (£2). Weekly. .-\lcohol-fuelled flirting (aided and abetted by drinks promos) via the infamous number-based introductions system.

Edinburgh Wednesdays


I Beluga at Beluga Bar and Canteen Restaurant. Spin—lam. Free. Weekly. Bob (‘airns and Dom Flanagan select the best in global jazz grooves for the local drinking hordes.

I Immersed in Music at Pivo Caffe. 9pm—lam. Free. Weekly. With deep house masters Lena and Jamie Buchanan.

I Kara-YOI-ke at Yo! Below. Spin—midnight. Free. Weekly. New karaoke night hosted by Edinburgh‘s drag queen extrordinaire. Purdy.

I Made in Iguana at Iguana. 9pm—lam. Weekly. Drum & bass. hip hop. house and funk from rotational residents (i-Mac (Manga). Gary Mac (Sublime) and Dava (Headspin).

I Opal Lounge at ()pal Lounge. Noon-l()pm. Weekly. A mix of soul. funk and garage from Bertie (noon-~5pm) and David McGowan and Gary M.

I Search for a Star at the Three Sisters. 9pm—lam. Free. Weekly. Karaoke competition with drinks on offer and £ l .000 for the final winner

( 1‘) Jun).

I Supermild at Madogs. l()pm—3am. Free. Weekly. Super smooth mix of easy listening. crooners. swing and jazz from DJ Sam Bookah.

I Together at Bam Bou. ()pm - lam. Free. Weekly. Bass buggin‘. dirty discoid funk with your hosts (irant Macdonald and Alan Paul (Muzikizum).


I Family Affair at Po Na Na. l()pm--3am. Free. Weekly. The brothers Harry LG and Rico lay down the finest R&B and hip hop.

I Food for Thought at the Beat Jazz Basement. l()pm ~3am. £2--£3. Weekly. New night of livejazz meets dance meets beats. Howard Bridges drops in for a live set of roots on 10 Jul. while Big Hand bring their Tequila fuelled ska to the Beat on l7 Jul.

448 Jul 2002 THE LIST 91