.J 1%}. :v . 4

Full Circle by Will Maw on show at Glasgow Print Studio

exhibition of photographs by Kirsten Scheuerl documenting the lives of the last residents of the Great Eastern Hotel. a rivately owned hostel for homeless men. ' Where the Heart Is L'ntil Sttn 8 Sep. An exhibition tnarking the end of a four-year project chronicling the regenera- tion of the Roys‘ton. one of Glasgow‘s most neglected areas. The artist-led social pro- ject involved artists Toby Paterson and Grahatn Fagen. and two new parks have been created for the community to enjoy. Free buses will be provided frotn the Lighthouse to Royston to see the parks. See Hitlist. Open Doors L'ntil Sttn 28 Jul lYoung Designers Gallery). View images of the interiors of some of Glasgow‘s most prestigious bttildings. usually hidden front view. Commodity, Firmness 8: Delight Sat 6 Jul-Sun 25 Aug (Gallery 4). A rare insight into the ‘love hotels‘ found in Japan which provide privacy and escapism for Japanese couples. l‘ound near mainline railway stations. these hotels are big business in Japan and are an intrinsic and surprising part of Japanese society. NEW SHOW. Good, Bad, Ugly Tue 9 Jul—Sun 18 Attg (Circulation area). Glasgow schoolchildren

document their environment in this series of

grotographic images. NEW SHOW.

t Absolut Art Holes Fri 12 Jul—Sun 4 Aug. A crazy golf course with a difference as contemporary artists have designed the holes. Organised by Absolut in association with The Idler magazine. the mini golf course includes designs by Sarah Lucas. Billy Childish. Roderick Buchanan. .Mark Manning of Zodiac Mindwarp and Abigail l'ttllis. Score cards. pens. clubs and balls will be available upon entry to the course. See preview and Hitlist. NEW SHOW.


Station Road. Milngavie. 578 8847. Tue-Sat 1()am—1pm. 2-—5pm.

The Lands Between Sat () Jul—Sat 17 Aug. Paintings by (‘olin Lawson and musical compositions by Matilda Brown. NE." 1' SHOVV’.

Solas na h-Alba: Light of Scotland Sat 6Ju1— Sat 17 Aug. Scottish landscapes by photographer Donald Buchanan.

Flora Wood Sat 6 Jul-~Sat l7 Attg. Figurative paintings and sculpture by l’lora Wood l 1908 19981.


73 Robertson Street. Suite 6. Floor 1. 248 371 1. Tue—Fri noon—5pm or by appointment.

Urs Fisher t’ntil Sat 27 Jul. .‘s‘ew installation and sculpture by L'rs l-‘isher.


221 West George Street. 248 9755. Mon—Fri 1()am»-5.3()pm; Sat 10am—2pm. Mlxed Show L'ntil Wed 31 Jul. A selection of Scottish watercolours and drawings.


36 Washington Street. 221 2123. Mon—Fri 9am—5pm. liree. Cafe.

New Generation Show Sat 6

Jul ~Wed 7 Aug. In association with the (‘ompass Gallery. a selection of large paintings by graduates from the four Scottish art colleges. NE‘.v‘-." SHOW.


6 Wilson Street. Merchant ('ity. 552 (17112. Tue. Wed & l’ri 1 1am—6pm: Thu

1 1am—7pm; Sat ltlam—6pm; Sun 1-5pm. Champion: the Beautiful Game L'ntil Sttn 14 Jul. In association with the Daily Record. over 80 archival football photographs featuring images of icons of football including Billy Mc.\'ei1 and Dennis Law.


L'nit 2. Merchant Square. 552 5627. Tue—Sat l lam—5.30pm; Sun 1 lam—5pm. Gerard Burns and James Hawkins l'ntil Sat 21) Jul. A selection of paintings.


Centre For Developmental Arts. 18 Albion Street. 552 2822. Mon« Fri 1(1am5pm. Abstraction l'ntil liri 1*) Jul. An exhibition of abstract painting by artists attending workshops at the (‘entre for Developmental Arts.


6 Burnfteld Road. Giffnock. 638 1201). Tue liri 1 lain 5pm; Sat Illam 5pm; Sun noon~5pnr

Mixed Exhibition l'ntil Stm 7 Jul. New paintings by Peter Nardini and figurative paintings by Iain Brown.

Summer Show Mon 8 Jul Sat 31 Aug.

A tnixed show of paintings at affordable prices by gallery artists. (‘heck ottt their website w w w .scotlandartcom


26 King Street. 552 2151. 'l'ucvSat l()am~5.3()pttt.

Claudine Hartzel: Playing Dice with the Universe l'ntil Sat 20 Jul. A solo exhibition of photographic works and a site specific installation which questions the concept of reality in photography. See review.


213 Killearn Street lllat 3/1. top floor). Saracen. ()7812 605745. Daily 1--6pm. lior tnore information w ww.sw itchspacecouk Margaret Barron Wed Ill-Sun 21 Jtll. Switchspace's latest residential art show features site-specific work by Glasgow - based artist Margaret Barron. Questioning the perceptions of permanence and context that surround painting. Barron constructs paintings of the local area and then places them within the gallery and outwith the landscape itself. NEV.‘ SHO‘.'..


42 ()tago Lane. 357' 4524. Daily

1 l.3()am-—|()pm.

Carol Dickson l'ntil Wed 31 Jtil. l’abrics and designs by Carol Dickson.


5()~6() King Street. 553 1638.

Illuminati lilllll .\lotl 8 Jtll. Photography by advanced diploma students of

Glasgow 's (’ollege of Building and Printing.


28 King Street. 552 4813. Tue Sat 11am 5pm.

Transmission Members Show l‘ntil Sat 20 Jul. Annttal members exhibition featuring work by up to 250 artists.


63 'l‘rongate. 552 4267’.

David Caldwell t'ntil Mon 8 Jul. Still life paintings.


18 Albion Street. 552 2822. Mon l-‘ri l()am 5pm.

Dino Santi l'ntil l‘l'l l‘) Jttl. A solo show of pencil drawings by Dino Santi.


113 West Regent Street. 221 910‘). Mon l-‘ri 11.30am 5pm.

I. Lesley Main Hi 5 Fri 12 Jul. An exhibition of summer paintings by l. Lesley Main. NE‘.‘.’ SHO‘.'.'.

WHERE THE MONKEY SLEEPS 182 West Regettt Street. 226 3406.

Mon l-‘ri 7am 7pm: Sat lllam "7pm. Jet-Trash l'ntil Wed 1() Jtll. Drawings and conceptual pieces by ()w en Piper and [.ili Reynattld. LAST CHANCE TO SEE.

Glasgow Museums

This section lists museums currently showing temporary exhibitions. For details of other permanent attractions, see Glasgow Life, page 105.


Argyle Street. Kelvingrovc. 287 269‘). Mon Thu & Sat lllam 5pm; 1’t'i tk Sun

1 lain 5pm. (‘afe. Free.

A Kelvingrove Centenary l'ntil Spring. A counnemorathe exhibition marking the centenary of the Art Gallery and Mttscum. Kelv ingrov e. The w ell- loved sandstone bttilding houses one of the finest civic art collections itt littrope. featuring works by Botticelli. Rembrandt. Whistler and the Glasgow Boy s and (iirls. and was the venue for some of the fittest exhibitions seen in Britain including l’icasso-Matissel l‘)461.\'an(iogh t 10.181 and Dali's Art In Jewels l 1073 4).

' '

listings Art

New: Recent Acquisitions of Contemporary British Art The gallery shows off llS new aCQUlSlllODS featurtng works Dy Damien Hirst. Douglas GOFOOD. Chrtstzne Borlano'. Calium lnr‘es. David Shngleya Jiltan Onte am Alison Watt. See preview. /\/at/'ona/ Ga//ery/ of Modern An. Eo’lnourg 7. Sat 6 Jul—Sun 17 Nov.

Absolut Art Holes Get your plus lows on tor a round 0‘ crazy golf where the holes have been designeo by contemporary arttsts including Sarah Lucas. RodertCK Buchanan. Btfly Childish and Mam Manning from Zodiac Minowaro. See DFGWGW. The l_/gl7tno'./Se. Glasgow Fri .72 Jul-Sun 4 Aug.

Simon Starling: ‘Djungel’ Ah inelgbt into the meticulous. labot.r-tntens.\.«'e ‘.'/O"i<l.":g practice of Glasgo\.v--oas‘-<‘l Stmon Starlthg. 111 this his first major Scottish solo show. For the exhibition, he intertwines diverse sources and hrstorles from the textile designs of Jose? Frank to a forest In Tnntoac Dundee Contemporary Arts. Dundee. untll Sun 1 7 Aug.

Kirsty Whiten: Right-on Mum Last chance to see figurative patrittngs an i" :‘i‘rath‘gs by t. J-Et'itt- conttng artist Ktrsty \‘v’htten. 't ins her first solo SHOW. Collect/we Gallery. Err/not/rgh. until Sun ’«1 Jul.

Forbidden City: Treasures of an Emperor The Royal Museum IS the solo venue \‘."O."t(l\‘.’l(1(3lOl’illlS(EXJTUIIOD of priceless treasures from the Forbidden '11. ill Bel; 'tg. Royal Museum. Err/not/rgh, Sat (5 Jul—Sun 15 See.

David Connearn Stunntng works on paper by Dav/to Connearn as oart of an ongonig Dl'OJC'CI ot’ QOOcn‘. square drawings etched that black .tnes. See revrevzc (l()gg(P/'f/.s‘/lt)/1 Eo’lnourgn. ur‘fll Sa.‘ 27 Jul.

Where the Heart Is lee results of a four year a"! st let regeneration protect takn‘gt trace rt the nogloctoo area of Hoysto't. :t‘ which two riots: works "(no ttoo", (Il'Ot’tltXJ101‘ilt(?(?(?'7"‘t.l'tfi\. to o" oy. H70 / /g;l>fl"<>t.t.st>. Gatstltsz; .Ju" 8 8t 21!).

Lei Cox 1 as: (3".(11‘0010 :§{?(} Dundee l){1f3(.‘(l {trust 1 or (Sox's; first solo show featuring super real Vttloo not: sound it‘stallattons. (Xi/t. (i/t'1f§§;{>‘.‘., trot/l Sat 7.9 ././l'.