I82 Bath Street. 333 l‘)*)l. Mon Fri l0.30am—5ptn: Sat 10.30am lptn. Mixed Show t'ntil Wed 3i Jul. A selection of oils and watercolours by contemporary. Nd] and 20th century artists.

HUNTERIAN ART GALLERY L'niversity of (ilasgow. 82 Hillheatl Street. 3305431. Mon- Sat

9.30am- 5pm. Free.

Mackintosh Flowers t'ntil Sat 27 Jul. A selection of Mackintosh's botanical stttdies. a subject which inspired his design work and painting throttghout his life. LAST CHANCE TO SEE.

The Alchemy of Light - D.O. Hill in Glasgow l'ntil Sat 7 Sep. An exhibition of historic photographs celebrating the bicentenary of the birth of pioneer photographer David ()ctavius Hill. The works. drawn from the Glasgow L'niversity Library’s Hill and Adamson's holdings. feature original paper calotype negatives. and vintage and tnodern prints.

Intimate Friends: Scottish Colourists at the University of Glasgow L'ntil Tue 1 Apr. An extensive exhibition highlighting the L'niversity of Glasgow’s important Scottish (‘olourist collection. featuring rarely seen works by (‘adell. Fergusson. Hunter and Peploe.

Ten Minute Lunchtime Talks on the Scottish Colourists Wed 24 Jul. lpm. Ten tninute talks on the Scottish (‘olourists exhibition. lntitnate Friends.

Mackintosh in France Tue 30 Jul—Sat l2 ()ct. Watercolour paintings of the landscape of the Sottth of France. the place where Mackintosh chose to spend the final years of his life. NEW SHOW.


l8 King Street. 552 2540. Tue Sat noon -()pm.

Solo Show Tue 30 Jul- Sat 3 Atig. A solo show of photographic works by Lesley-Anne (‘lark capturing the light and stillness of domestic exteriors and

public spaces. NEW SHOW.


200 Bath Street. 33l 0722. Tue Sat ()lll‘li~()plll.

Willie Owens l'ntil Wed 7 Attg. Figurative paintings by self-taught artist Willie ()wens.

THOMAS KINKADE GALLERY Buchanan (ialleries. K4. Level 4. 332 8080. Mon~Wed. Fri & Sat 9am (rpm; Thu 9am -8pm: Sttn l lain 5pm. Described as a ‘painter of light'. a gallery dedicated to the American artist and devout (’hristian Thomas Kinkade.


ll Mitchell Lane. 22l 6362. Mon. Wed. Fri & Sat 10.30am 5pm; Tue

l lam-5pm: Thu l0.30atn 5pm: Sun noon--5pm. L'I (includes entry to all exhibitions).

creativescotland t'util Mon 2 Dec. Throughout the year. the Lighthouse will be showcasing a changing display of the work of Scotland‘s creative entrepreneurs in advertising. architecture. fashion. design. film. video. music and digital media.

The Great Eastern Hotel t'ntil Tue 30 Jttl ( (iallery'). (‘ommissioned by the l.oretto Housing Association. an exhibition of photographs by Kirsten Scheuerl documenting the lives of the last residents of the (ireat liastern Hotel. a privately owned hostel for homeless

Where the Heart Is t’ntil Sun 8 Sep. An exhibition marking the end of a four-year project chronicling the regeneration of the Roy-ston. one of (ilasgow‘s most neglected areas. The

artist-led social project involved artists Toby Paterson and (iraham Fagen. and two new parks have been created for the community to enjoy. Free btises will be provided from the Lighthouse to Royston to see the parks.

Open Doors l'ntil Sun 28 Jill (Young Designers Gallery). View images of the interiors of some of (ilasgovv's most prestigious buildings. usually hidden from view. Commodity, Firmness 8. Delight l'ntil Stilt 25 Attg ((iallery 4). A rare insight into the ‘love hotels‘ found in Japan which provide privacy and escapism for Japanese couples. Fottnd near mainline railway stations. these hotels are big business in Japan and are an intrinsic and surprising part ()I. Japanese society.

Good, Bad, Ugly l'ntil Stilt l8 Aug ((‘irculation area). (ilasgow schoolchildren document their environment in this series of ihotographic images.

Absolut Art Holes t'ntil Sun 4 Aug. A crazy golf course with a differ- ence as contemporary artists have designed the holes. Organised by Absoltit in association with The lt/lt’l' maga/ine. the mini golf course includes designs by Sarah Lucas. Billy ('hildish. Roderick Buchanan. Mark Manning of Zodiac Mintlwarp and Abigail Fallis. Score cards. pens. clubs and balls will be available upon entry to the course. See llitlist.

Alessi Thu 18 Jul Tue (i Aug (Form. level I). The Lighthouse's shop is home to it new showcase of hottseholtl products from one of the world's leading design companies. Alessi. The five featured designers include Stefano (iiovannoni. littot'e Sottsass. Achile ('astiglioni. Michael (irav es and Aldo Rossi with a range of ice buckets. cocktail shakers. tea sets. coffee cups. ash trays and an exclusive limited edition egg cup. All products on display will be available for purchase. NEW SHOW.

Hidden Gardens Exhibition t'ntil Sttn I Sep. An exhibition highlighting the initial designs of nva organisation’s llir/i/t'n (inn/ens. which will transform a derelict 5000 square metre industrial site into one of (ilasgow‘s first permanent public gardens.


Station Road. Milngav ie. 578 8847. Tue Sat lllam lpm. 2 5pm.

The Lands Between t‘nul Sat l7 Aug. Paintings by ('olin l.awson and musical compositions by Matilda Brown.

Solas na h-Alba: Light of Scotland l'ntil Sat l7 Aug. Scottish landscapes by photographer Donald Buchanan.

Flora Wood t'ntil Sat 17 Aug. Figurative paintings and sculpture by Flora \Vood.


75 Robertson Street. Suite (i. Floor l. 248 37l l. Tue Fri noon 5pm or by appointment.

Urs Fisher t'util Sat 37 Jul. New installation and sculpture by l'rs Fisher.


22l West (ieorge Street. 248 9755. Mon Fri l0am 530me Sat

l0am 2pm.

Mixed Show t'ntil \y'etl 3| .lul. A selection of Scottish watercolottrs and drawings.


30 Washington Street. 22l 2 l 23.

Mon Fri ()am 5pm. Free. ('afe.

New Generation Show t'ntil Wed 7 Aug. In association with the ('ompass (iallet'y. a selection of large paintings by graduates from the four Scottish art colleges. See review.


(1 Wilson Street. Merchant ('ity. 552 0702. Tue. Wed tv Fri l lam opin: Thu llam 7pm: Sat l0am opm: Stilt I 5pm. ww w.Phoenix contemporary .com Modernist Living Thu l8 Jul Wed 14 Aug. Abstract paintings by Andy Peutherer and Alistair Maclean inspired by modernist living. music and architecture. NEW SHO\.".’.


[hit 2. Merchant Square. 552 5627.

Tue Sat llam 5.30pm: Sttn llatn 5pm. Gerard Burns and James Hawkins l‘ntil Sat 20 Jul. Paintings. Gregory Rankine Sat 20 Jul Tue 20 Aug. Oil paintings. NEW SHO‘."‘~.’.


(‘entre For Developmental Arts. l8 Albion Street. 552 2822. Mon Fri l0am 5pm.

Abstraction t'ntil Fri 1‘) Jul. An exhibition of abstract painting by artists attending workshops at the ('entre for Developmental Arts.


I00 Renfrew Street. 532 5057. Mon Fri ()am 4.50pm.

Figurative Thu l Sat .il Aug (Foyer). Figurative metal sculptures by Kathrin Mercer. Nlj‘d.’ Si lO\".’.


(i Burnlield Road. (iillltock. o38 I200. Tue Fri llain 5pm: Sat l0am 5pm; Sttn noon 5pm.

Summer Show t‘util Sat 3! Aug. A mixed show of paintings at affordable prices by gallery artists. ('heck ottt their \\ ebsite w w w ,


20 King Street. 552 2l5l. Tue Sat

l0am 5.30pm.

Claudine Hartzel: Playing Dice with the Universe l'util Sat 30 Jul. A solo exhibition of photographic works and a site-specific installation which questions the concept of reality in )hotography. lASl (Ii lANCf lO SFE. b Kenny Bean Tue 30 Jul Sat l4 Sep. New wall-based work by lidinburgh-based Kenny Bean resulting thHIl his residency at Street Level. Dissecting a number of domestic appli- ances. the components have been laid on

photographic paper to produce a series of

photograms. Ni Sl’lOYv’.


at 2l5 Killearn Street (Flat .i/l. IOP floor), Saracen, ()7S l 2 (305745. Daily

1 (rpm. For tnore information

w w vv.sw

Margaret Barron t‘util Sun 2t Jul. Sw itchspace's latest residential art show features site-specilic work by (ilasgow- based artist Margaret Barron. Questioning the perceptions of permanence and context that surround painting. Barron constructs paintings of the local area and then places thetn within the gallery and oulw ith the landscape itself. l/\S’l (El lANCl TO SEE.


42 ()lago Lane. 557 4524. Daily ll..‘~()atn lllpitt.

Carol Dickson t‘util Wed 3! Jul. Fabrics and designs by ('arol Dickson.


50 ()0 King Street. 553 l(i.i8.

Girls, Girls, Girls! l'ntil Sttn 2| Jul. Paintings. prints and text by (iit'lygoo Projects. For more information

w w w .girly


28 King Street. 552 48H. Tue Sat

llatlt 5pm.

The Dirt of Love l'ntil Sat 3t) Jul. Annual tnembers‘ exhibition featuriniJ work by tip to 250 artists. l/\Sl (El lANCF it) St l

listings Art



. ..

Bob 8. Roberta Smith Patrick Brill's fictional c0uple Bob & Roberta Smith explore authorship in this show of new work. Signs attack Cultural heroes. for example. 'Gerhard Richter is hopeless. and the audience are invited to ‘make something beautiful from rubbish.‘ See preview. Collective Gallery, Edinburgh, Sat 20 Jul—Sun 7 Sep. Steven Campbell Challenging large-scale paintings. works on paper and an installation by Steven Campbell in this his first major one- man show in almost a decade. See preview. Talbot Rice Gallery. Edinburgh. Thu 7 Aug—Sat 7 Sep. Christine Borland A new series of prints by Turner Prize nominee Christine Borland exploring issues relating to natural history. Glasgow Print Studio. Glasgow. Fri 26 Jul—Sat 14 Sep.

New: Recent Acquisitions of Contemporary British Art The gallery shows oft its new acctuisitions featuring works by DOuglas Gordon. Christine Borland. Callum lnnes. David Shrigley. Julian Opie and Alison Watt. National Gallery of Modern Art. Edinburgh. until Sun 77 Nov.

Kenny Bean Edinburgh-based anist Kenny Bean dissects domestic appliances and uses their components to produce a series of new photograms. Street Level. Glasgow. Tue 30 Jul—Sat l4 Sep. David Connearn Stunning works on paper by David Connearn as part of an ongoing project of 200cm square drawings etched in thin black lines. dogged/Sher. Edinburgh, until Sat 27 Jul. Absolut Art Holes Get your plus fours on for a round of crazy golf where the holes have been designed by contemporary artists including Sarah Lucas. Roderick Buchanan and Billy Childish. The Lighthouse. Glasgow. until Sun 4 Aug.

3'th Simon Starling: ‘Djungel’ An insight into the meticulous. lab0ur~ intensive working practice of Glasgow‘based Simon Starling as he intertwines diverse sources and histories from the textile desrgns of Josef Frank to a forest in Trinidad. Dundee Contemporary Arts. Dundee. until Sun I 1 Aug.

13% .Jti‘ 1 Ant) .’.\‘.’ THE LIST 99