examinations ol' the major types of Scottish domestic architecture together with a number ol contemporary case studies.

ROYAL LYCEUM THEATRE llowat'd Bar. (irindlay' Street. 248 4848. Reflection: Kate Holden t‘ntil Thu 1 Aug. Paintings by Alistralian artist Kate Holden. inspired by her travels around Scotland. w here she currently liy‘L‘s.

ROYAL OVER-SEAS HOUSE Landings (iallery. 100 Princes Street. 225 150]. Daily l0am 6pm. Grace O’Connor l'ntil Hi 0 Aug. New works by lrish-American artist (irace ()'(‘onnor.


Royal .Mile. 225 ()442. Mon Sat 9.30am 5pm: Sttn 1 5pm. Resonance 2002 Tim I Sun 25 Aug. l)()M presents an exhibition ol‘ British sculpture. l.at\ ian tapestry atid Russian paintings.


l6 I)undas Street. 558 I200. Mon liri l0am 6pm: Sat l0am 4pm.

A Field of Silver l'ntil Sat 3 Aug. A mixed sich‘t‘ exhibition featuring jewellery and objects including works by [)ay'id (’larke. llilde de Decker. lloward l'cnn. ('hris Knight. Alistair Mc(‘a|lum and ('hristoph Zellweger. Sophie MacCarthy t'ntil Sat 3 Aug. New ceramics.

Ann Oram l'ntil Sat 3 Aug. New paintings by Ann ()ram RSW. Summer Exhibition t'ntil Sat 3 Aug. A summer selection ol‘ paintings by gallery artists past and present inclttding the Scottish (‘olourists. Barbara Rae. Anne Redpath and James Morrison.


5 ('t'ichtott's (Jose. (‘anongate. 557 2876. Mon liri noon 6pm; Sat noon 4pm. Poet’s Portraits l'ntil Sat 3 Aug. New photographic portraits ol‘ seyen Scottish poets created by students from the lidinburgh ('ollege of Art.


5 Barony Street. 478 7440. Tue Sat

10am 6pm.

Contemporary Scottish Art and Design A gallery and shop featuring a changing selection of hand-“men and embroidered rugs and textiles from the 'l'urkmen. l'zbek. Beluch and Aimaq tribes ol' (‘entral Asia.


Reiach and Hall Architects. 6 l)arnaway Street. 225 8444. .Mon Fri 2 5pm.

Alan Charlton l'ntil Fri 26 Jul. An installation ol‘ wall paintings and panels by Alan (‘harlton to coincide with his exhibition at lmerleith llouse. LAST CHANCE: TO SEE.


44 High Street. 55" 8360.1)aily

l0am 6pm.

Mixed Exhibition A changing selection oi paintings by predominantly Italian artists. featuring still lite. landscapes arid liguratiy'e. with all works for sale.


53 RillL‘lll-l-C lettuce. ()6? l‘)(i(i. .Mon

0am 5pm; 'l‘ue l’ri 9am 6pm; Sat

l0am 5pm.

Mixed Show l'ntil Wed 31 Jul. A mixed show ol' litnited edition prints and original paintings.

TALBOT RICE GALLERY l'niyersity ol‘ lidinburgh. South Bridge. 650 221 1. Mon Sat l0am 5pm; Sun 2 5pm.

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listings Art


16 South l-'ort Street. 478 7810. Mon Sat llatn 1 1.45pm; Sun 12.30 1 1.45pm. Marc Marnie l'ntil Sat 27 Jttl. Marc Marnie‘s black and white photographic images of sotne ol‘ the world's most inlluential musicians.

De-Generate Mon 2‘) Jul Sat 7 Sep. Draw ings and re-mastered sculptures by Neil Manning. focusing on themes of identity and subculture. NEW SHOW.

0 Steven Campbell: The Caravan Club Thu I Aug Sat 7 Sep. A major exhibition of new liguratiy e oil paintings. works on paper and an installation by Stey'en (‘ampbelL the outcome of his (‘reatiye Scotland Award. The (ilasgow - born artist who was part of the group dubbed "I'he New (ilasgow Boy's' has pro- duced a remarkable collection of challeng- itig works tor the exhibition. his first major one-man show in almost a decade. See prey iew and llitlist. NEW SHO‘.‘.’. ANTHONY WOODD

(formerly Malcolm Innes (iallery' l. 4 l)undas Street. 558 ()544/5. Mon l‘ri 10am 6pm: Sat 1 lamr4pm.

Mixed Exhibition l'ntil Tue 30 Jul. Sporting and natural history paintings. John Forgan Wed 31 Jul Sat IOAug. Recent watercolours and mixed media works by contemporary painter John l-'oi'gan. l'eaturing scenes of lidinburgh and liast l.othian. NEW SHOW.

Edinburgh Museums

This section lists museums currently showing temporary exhibitions. For details of other permanent attractions, see Edinburgh Life, page 109.


36 l)undas Street. 556 6366. Mon l’ri llatn 6pm; Sat 10.30am 4pm. George Birrell and Kathleen Conboy Sat 20 Jul Sat 3 Aug. Recent paintings.


’l‘rayerse 'l'heatre. l0 (’ambridge Street. 228 5383.

American Pride: Fish Eye Portraits from San Francisco 8- California Wallflowers t'ntil Sat 27 Jul. Photographs by Lil 'l'ainsh of San la'aneisco's gay pride celebrations. Dazzle Thu 1 Mon 26 Aug tl‘oyert. .\'ow in its 10th year. oy er 3000 exhibits by 50 contemporary jewellers. NE‘I.’ SHO\.':’.


166 High Street. 220 I044. l‘ri

l lain 5.30pm; Sat I lam 5pm. Unframed t'niil Sat 27 Jul. this new gallery and studio. set tip by photographic partnership Janeanne (iilchrist and Reuben l’aris. opens with an exhibition of original photographic and original art. (iraduates l‘rom Napier l'niy'ersity'. the duo


The Mound. 52‘) I288. .Mon Fri

|0am 44.45pm.

Money Matters t‘ntil Hi 6 Sep. A display on the story of money through the centuries.

THE DRAWING ROOM GALLERY 28 ('harlotte Square. lidinburgh. 243 ()365. Mon Sat 10am-5pm. .\'ot Sun. The Art of Illustration t'ntil Hi 6 Sep. An exhibition of work by met 40 of the world's best-loved picture book ttt'lisls.

working for the last three years at the ct'eatiye end of the commercial market. This new yenture w ill offer customers contemporary works to suit any home or (ill-ICC.

Royal Museum

Chambers Street, Edinburgh

Telephone 0131 247 4219, www.nms.ac.uk £4/£3

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