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Edinburgh Museums continued


llolyrood Road. 550 7800. Daily

l()am opm.

Walking with Dinosaurs l'ntil Sun 8 Sep. £8.95 (55016.50): family ticket L‘ “3.95-ng includes entry to Dynamic liarth. lixperience the magic of BB(“s acclaitned series Hit/king llilli Dinosaurs. This exhibition takes you behind the scenes of production and explores how dinosaurs liyed. died and how the BBC brought them back to life.


~12 High Street. 52‘) 41-12. .\Ion Sat l(lam 5pm.

Hero Worship l‘ntil Sat 28 Sep. ('hildren’s heroes from past and present including l)ayie (’rockett. Shirley Temple and Luke Skywalker are celebrated in this exhibition. ('ome along to take a trip down tnetnory lane. dress tip as your fayourite idol or add to the Heroes Wall of lame.


l-l2 ('anongate. 529-1H3. Mon: Sat Illam 5pm.

Jubilee! l‘ntil Sat 27 Jill. An exhibition of paintings. photographs and souyenirs depicting the celebrations of royal \‘isils.


.\'ew hay en Ilarbour. SSI 4lo5. Mon Stm noon 7-1.4Spm.

They’re Handed Doon t'ntil Tue 31 Dec. An exhibition looking at the history of the Paisley shawl and their adoption by \ewhayen lishwiy es.


53 High Street. Queensferry‘. 33l 5545. Mon. Thti. l’ri & Sat l()am»-lpm & 2.I5 5pm; Sun noon-5pm. l-‘ree.


Food for Thought A look at children‘s diet and eating habits over the past I50 years.


2 Chambers Street. 247 421‘). Mon Sat l()am~5pm (Tue 8pm); Sttn noon 5pm. Free.

Millennium Clock A chance to yicw Russian mechanical sculptor liduard Bersudsky's millennium clock. a kinetic sculpture. tneasuring nine metres high. Scottish Sports Hall of Fame l'ntil Wed 3| Jul. An exhibition highlighting the [00 nominations for possible introduction into the first Scottish Sports Hall of Fame at the Royal Museum. From now until Jun next year. Visitors will be united to nominate their own choices which will then be counted and submitted to a judging panel who will choose 50 of the nation's fayourite sporting figures for inclusion in the first eyet' permanent hall of fame. You can also yote on-Iine

w Mediating with Spirits, Shamans in Korea t‘ntil l‘ri 3| Jan. An exhibition exploring shamanism. an important eletnent of the Altaic culture that catnc to Korea in the l3th century BC. The show features dioramas and ritual objects used by shamans. many of which haye been donated to the National Museums of Scotland by the Korean goyernment.

Focus on the Forth t'ntil Sat l4 Sep. An exhibition of photographs taken of the sea bed of the birth of l-‘orth. The photos show the diyersity of liying samples and marine biology which exists on the sea floor.

Forbidden City: Treasures of an Emperor t'ntil Sun 15 Sep. £4 (£3); under l2s free; .\'.\IS members free. The Royal Museum is the sole yenue worldwide for this landmark exhibition

R. IL?

23 March - 8 September 2002

City Art Centre 2 Market Street Edinburgh

Advance Tickets 0131 228 1155

For further details call 0131 529 3993

Exhibition sponsor

The Royal Bank of Scotland


104 THE LIST 18 Jul-7'1 Aug 200?

“‘1” 4

of priceless treasures from the l‘orbiddcn (‘lly in Beijing. Two llllt‘tls Ul- llic‘sc‘ objccts haye neyer before been seen outside ('hina and are drawn from the collections of the ()ianlong limperor w ho ruled (’hina from I736 795. The objects include a sacred cup decorated with rubies, sapphires and pearls. an ornate ceremonial sttit of armour and a coronation portrait of the limperor by the Italian artist ('astiglione.

The Forbidden Cashmere Collection l‘ntil Sun l5 Sep. Running alongside. and inspired by the l'iH'l’ft/(lt’ll (‘in exhibition is a display of cashmere garments commissioned by Ballanty ne ('ashmere by leading contemporary designers.


Blackford Hill. 608 S405. .\Ion Sat Itlam 5pm: Sun noon 5pm. £3.50 tL‘3.5t)i.

World in a Spin l'ntil Mon 30 Sep. lixhibition and actiy ities looking at how the spinning earth creates night. day and the changing seasons.


I.ady St;tii"s Ilouse. l.ady Stair's ('lose. 52‘) 4‘)()l. .\Ion Sat lllam 5pm. Free. Men and Beasts t'nt‘il Sat 27 Jul. .\ collaboration between pttt‘l Valerie (iillies and photographer Rebecca .\Iarr comprising black and white photographs and poetry documenting man's relationship to beasts and the land at the tttrn of the century.


l'niycrsity of Dundee. 13 l’erth Road. 01382345330.

The Fleming Collection t'ntil Sat 7 Sep tl-‘oy er & l.amb (ialleries:

.\Ion l‘ri 9.30am S.3(lpm: Sat

9.30am 430me A major exhibition of paintings on loan from the l‘leming ('ollection in London which includes work by many of Scotland‘s prominent artists including James (iuthrie. l.eslie lluntet‘. l).\'. Cameron. Anne Redpath. l’etcr llow‘son. Barbara Rae and many others.

Dundee Print Open Exhibition 2002 l'ntil Hi 23 Aug t(‘oober (iallery: Mon l'i'i 9.30am 4.30pm). A yariety of printmaking including photographic. digital. book forms and three-dimensional prints.


l52 Nethergate. 01.382 900900.

Tue Wed. Sat & Sun 10.30am 5.30pm: Thu 8; I"ri l().3()am Spm.

OSimon Starling: ‘Djungel’ l‘ntil Sttn l l Attg. The first tnajor Scottish solo show for Simon Starling. lior the exhibition. Starling has taken the \ ix'id designs of the Atistrian architect and designer Josef l-‘rank as the starting point. l'sing lo woodblock prints made froin the timber of a West Indian cedar tree shipped in from Trinidad

Starling has hand-printed a tropical design by Frank onto lom of fabric. The other work in the show is based on a flower kiosk in Malmo which was designed in 1067. See Ilitlist.

Simon Starling: Artist’s Talk Thu Ib’ Jul. (v.3(lpm. Starling talks about the deyelopment of his new works in l)jtmgel and the sources that inspire him. Kristina Wangberg-Eriksson on Josef Frank’s Textile Design Sat 27 Jul. 2pm. Design historian Kristina Wangberg-liriksson giyes a brief history of textile designer Josef l’t'ank and considers his influence on Simon Starling's exhibition.

Dundee Print Open Exhibition 2002 l'ntil Sun 25 Aug tl’rint Studio). A yariety of printmaking including photographic. digital. book forms and three—dimensional prints.

Gunilla Klingberg ‘Spar Loop’ l‘ntil \\'ed 3| Jul tJute (’afe liar). The lirst lit a series of \ ideo works leattit‘itt.‘-' Swedish artist (iunilla Klingberg. 0.16 GRANARY PRESS I'ntil Sun I I .'\tlf—' ((ic‘llll‘t‘ Itit' Al‘llsls lituilxsl. .'\ retrospectiy e of the American independent press. ( iranary Books.


Albert Square. lll3t\2 432084. Alon Sat It).3()am 5pm; Sun 12.30 4pm: llltl l0.30attt 7pm.

86 Wildlife Photographer of the Year Exhibition l‘ntil Sun 22 Sep. .\'ow in its eighth year. the popular wildlife photography exhibition featuring the w inning and commended entries.

To Look on Nature l‘tttil Sun I5 Sep. Drawn from the permanent collection. an exhibition examining the theme of wildlife and wild ctt\ti‘ottttlcltls including oils. watci'colours. drawings and photography. featuring Keith lit'ttc‘lslt'. I)t‘l'L‘ls Rtilk‘l‘lsttll. ('ttltll (illtsttll. lloi'atio .\1c('ulloch and l’aul Sandby. Niall Benvie: a Judge’s View Thu IS Jul. 5.30 (v.3llpm. local wildlife photographer Betty ie leads a walk around the B(i Wildlife Photographer of the Year exhibition.

To Look on Nature the Rt) .lul.

l 1.45pm. An informal guided tour by (‘lara Young.


\Vesl llcndcrson \Vy lltl. (ll.“.\2 225232. Mon Sat Illam -lpm: Sun llam 4pm. Wonderful Mechanical Genius Sat 2" Jul Sun 3 .\'o\. £2. l’opular exhibition focusing on the textile heritage ill Til-\‘sltlt‘.

VISUAL RESEARCH CENTRE Dundee ('ontemporary Arts

l5: Xt‘lllt‘l‘gtllc. 0l3b2 .‘t-Ihllhll, \Vctl I'l'l ltl.3(lam 5.30pm: Sat A Sun

l2.3(l 5.30pm.

Works in Progress liri lt) .lul Sun

I l Aug (Visual Research ('entret. An exhibition of print-based works by artists on the (’ATS programme at I)('A l’riitt Studio.

Outside the Cities



Jail \Vy nd. lll7So 274000.

My Point of View Sal in Jul Thu I .Allg. The results til Lt scl’lcs til workshops led by artist Thomas lluebner in which young adults with special needs experimented with black and white photography. NE v

St Andrews


93 .\'oth Street. (H.334 —l7-l(il(l. .\lon Sat Illam 5pm: Sun 2 5pm.

Interface l'ntil Stiti 25 Attg. A group show of work by nine contemporary artists w ho all share a strong interest in science and are currently undertaking collaborations in scictttilic t‘cscat'clt. Artists include (‘lara l‘rsitti. .\lichele I.a/cnby. I.ouise K \Vilson. llideo I'lll'llld and Alistair .\lack.

Scottish Craft for the Summer l'ntil Sun 25 Aug. .\li\ed ct‘all exhibition with a distinctly Scottish theme including

jewellery by Melanie Allen. textiles by

Andrew lilliot metalwork by (bus Mann and glass by Inge l’anneels.



I)unsdale Road. (ll‘Sll 505000. .\lon I‘ri Illam opm.

Sit Up! l'ntil I‘Tl 30 Aug. (‘lassic chairs

dating from the I‘l3lls to present day. on loati frotn the pri\atc collection of Tony \Valker Interiors in Iitlinburgh. Items on show include Arne .lacobsen's .lni.

('ltai'les l'idlllt‘s. lli/t' (‘littir' and ’uitt'l'll/tfl by Hank ().(iehry.