Glasgow life

Monday 22 continued

Other events

German Language Cafe Borders Books. 28.3 Buchanan Street. 222 7700. 7pm. l’ree. 'l‘hc (ioethe Institut in Glasgow help you master another language.


Queen’s Park v Everton llampden Park. the National Stadium. l.etherb_v Drive. (332 l275. 7.30pm. £5 (£2). Pre-season friendly.


10 Minute Talks llunterian Museum. L'niversit)‘ Avenue. 330 422]. lpm. Free. Dr Donal Bateson talks about nobles. merks and bawbees »- the money of Scotland.

Other events

Scottish Screenwriters Group Borders Books. 283 Buchanan Street. 222 7700. 7.30pm. (‘ome and join other like-minded people to talk about the finer points of screenwriting. Badger Watch Scottish Wildlife Trust. New l.anark. 01555 665 202. 8pm. £5: children £ 1. See badgers in their natural enviromnent. Meet at the visitor centre and be prepared for a 30-40 minute walk.

Wednesday 24


From the Library of a Justified Sinner (‘('A. 350 Sauchiehall Street. 352 4900. 7pm. £4 (£2.50). An informal evening of poetry and readings b_v contributors of the recently published Pocketbook. Justified Sinners edited by Ross Birrell and Alec l’inla_v which includes esstt)‘s. poems. extracts and contributions from lid“ in Morgan. Douglas (iot'don. Tom Leonard. Alasdair (ira_v and many more.


Glasgow Graded Athletics Meeting Scotstoun Leisure ('entre. Danes Drive. Scotstoun. 287 4725. Free. (ilasgoxv’s top athletes flex their muscles in this competition.

Celtic V Ajax ('eltic Park. Kerrydale Street. l’arkhead. 55l 8653. 7.45pm. £l4 £17 (£7 £10). The Dutch giants come to (ilttsgtnx' for a pre-season \varm-up.


10 Minute Lunchtime Talks on the Scottish Colourists llunterian Art Gallery. l'niversit)‘ of (ilasgoxv. 82 llillhead Street. 330 5431. lpm. l‘ree. Ten minute talks on the Scottish (’olourists exhibition. Intimate I‘l’ft’lll/S.

Other events

Tomorrow’s World Roadshow Sli(‘(‘. Firiniestoii Qua). 0800378985. l0am—-7.30pm. Free. See the future of

Scotland Street School Museum Museum Of Education. 225 Scotland Street. 287 0500. Mon—Thu 8. Sat 10am—5pm; Fri 8 Sun

1 tam—5pm. Free. Designed in 1904 by Charles Bennie Mackintosh and now home to archive material on education in Scotland er'l‘ 1872 onwards. Reconstructed classrooms give a flavour of Victorian. Edwardian, World War II and 19(50s school days.


108 THE LIST 18 Jul— Aug 200?

Pollok House

Pollok Country Park. 2000 Pollokshaws Road. 0t0 6/110. Mon-Sun

2nd Floor. M King; Street. 5552 7080. Tue 1pm. lhu

Glasgow Mela

What’s a Mela? Mela is the Sanskrit word for gathering and it's the annual festival run by the Scottish Academy Of ASlan Arts.

What happens? It's an exciting day of multicultural entertainment with live music. dance. fashion. workshops. stands and food.

Who’s performing? There's the Indian Bhangra act Boota Mohammed and Party. South Asian British fusion band Anakhi and Japanese Taiko drummers Mugenkyo as well as samba. steel bands and Chinese dancers.

Anything else? As welt as all the muStC and dance there will be the Oceanic Multicultural fashion show. workshops and plenty of exotic foods to taste. The kids can also be amused by inagi(:ians. puppet shows and a mini fun fair.

I Glasgow Me/a. Ke/Vingrove Park. 423 2294. Sun 28 Jul.

science and tecltnolog} toda) through eight lones filled with fun interactixe exhibits and demonstrations b) the

BB(‘ shovx ‘s presenters. See prex ieu.

Book events

J.L. Mumford Borders Books, 283 Buchanan Street. 222 7700. 7pm. The veteran \xar gamer and fanlas} (iames Master introduces his new nox el. [iii/ml}. as he talks about the histor} of role-playing games.

Other events

Tomorrow’s World Roadshow Sli(‘('. l‘innieston Qua). 0800 378985. llltllll 5pm. Free. See \Vcd 24. Writing Historical Fiction Borders Books. 283 Buchanan Street. 222 7700. 5.30pm. l‘i‘ee. (‘omc and get some top tips on writing historical liclion.

Trace Your Ancestry Borders Books. 283 Buchanan Street. 222 7700. 7pm. 'l'ake a step back in time \\ ith (iordon .\Icl’hail.

Bat Walk Scottish Wildlife 'l‘rust. .\'e\\ Lanark. 01555 ()05 2(i2. 8.30pm. £2.50. litijo} a gentle stroll \xhile finding out more about bats found on tlte reserx e. .\leet ill the \ tsilnt' centre.

Other events

Tomorrow’s World Roadshow Sli('('. l-‘innieston Qua). 0800 378985. l0am 5pm. l-‘ree. See Wed 24.


Celtic v Parma ('eltic Park. Kerrydale Street. Parkhead. 55l 8653. 3pm. £l0 £13 (£5 £8). Some of Italy's

Tpn‘. Sun (Spn‘ in‘ats Sun 13pm. 5‘13 ($72: under 10s free. An hour-long mechanical ballet

10am—5pm. 5.713 (515.713: family ticket S,‘.‘:(5.f')0.. One of the n‘ost elegant 18th century buildings |.". the country this historzc house features some of the finest Spanish paintings in Britain from the collection of Sir William Stirling Maxwell. Sharmanka Kinetic

slttl‘s ()l‘ the \Vtit'ltl ('tlp slitttlltl be on shovx at this pre-season friendl).

Other events

Tomorrow’s World Roadshow Sli(’(’. l‘innieston Qua). 0800 378985. l0am 5pm. l‘ree. See Wed 24. Glasgow Evergreen Flower Show (ilasgoxv Botanic (iardcns. 730 (ireat Western Road. 334 2422.

10am 4pm. lace. A marquee adjoining the Kibble l’alace prox ides the setting for this (lispl;t}‘ and sale of s\\ eel peas. roses and carnations.

Sunday 28


Rangers v AC Milan [hi-ox Stadium. l'dmiston Drixe. 0870 (i()() I993. 3pm. The second Scotland Ital) clash in tvvo dax s promises to be another thriller.

Other events

Glasgow Evergreen Flower Show (ilttsgoxx Botanic (iardens. 730 (ireat Western Road. 334 2422.

l0am 4pm. Free. See Sat 27. Glasgow Mela Kelviiigi-oxe l’at'k. ()tago Street. 334 (i303. '\ da} of di\ersit) through song. music. dance. food and stalls based on the traditions of the Indian sub-continent. See photo caption.

Monday 29

Other events

Drawing Classes l’ollok llottse. l’ollok (‘ountr_v l’ark. 20o0 l’ollokshaxvs Road. filo (i4l0.

l lam lpm. £8 per session. See Mon

French Language Cafe Borders Books. 283 Buchanan Street. 222 7700. 7pm. liree. (ict back into the lingo

performed tug. Eduard ‘.'./()()(tet‘ f Bersadsk‘, kinetic sculptures 't‘ade fron‘

scrap metal and tang,

igures. The pertcrn‘av‘ce tells stories of "un‘an rife. foll:es and death. \i‘li’orks‘ioes for

before that trip to the l)ordogne this

Tuesday 30

Book events

Kevin Sampson Borders Books. 283 Buchanan Street. 222 7700. 7pm. The author of l’mw/w: :lii'rrvr/(rvs and ()ullun'x reads from his neu book. ('lub/uml.


10 Minute Talks llunterian Mtiseum. l'nixcrsitx‘ Avenue. 330 422]. lpm. l't‘ee. Jeff I.iston looks at "l‘hc Beasts from the liens' and tells the stor_v of the Jurassic monsters of the

Other events

Science Fiction/Fantasy/Horror Writing Group Borders Books, 283 Buchanan Street. 222 7700. 8pm. Learn more about \xriting for these different genres.

Wednesday 31

Book events

Michael Cobley Borders Books. 283 Buchanan Street. 222 7700. 7pm. (ilasgoxv-based fantas} \xriter. Michael ('oble}. reads from his debut no\el. .S/Ir/(llHt'kfllflt‘.

Other events

Ceramics in Pollok House l’ollok llouse. l’ollok ('ountr) Park. 2060 l’ollokshau s Road. 6106410. 2.30pm. £5 (£3.75). A themed tour of this lidwardian countr) hottse. Science Fiction/Fantasy Discussion Group Borders Books. 283 Buchanan Street. 222 7700. 7pm. Join in a group discussion on science fiction and fantas}.

:i‘aior religions. Dal-s Chi/"s: Of Sal/7f Je"" O" The Cross and the story

(x. ’(}I|Ll|\)i" 'll SLOIHN \l

The Tall Ship At Glasgow Harbour

groups and l)fl\.'£ll(} nertom‘ances axadable in. ar'ri’ingement.

St Mungo Museum of Religious Life And Art

13 Castle Street. 55:53 L’fifii', Mon -l‘hu 8 Sat 70art‘ -:'>pn‘: iii 8 Sun

' lélllt—fitfll‘. free. Ari aux/(it'd ‘.‘.'|i".llillf] museun‘ of \.'.’().'l(l faztlls. l(?{l’.l.lll‘.(l :1 /en garden, l)f:(‘.(?i(?SS ar‘. works from the worlds six

through ‘.'.(§"(lS and pictures.

The Tall Ship At Glasgow Harbour

14:0 Stehcross Road. .3130 0031. Dd") ‘itfan‘ -»:">t>n‘. §‘~1.f>i1

£45.25: accoii‘oa'aed ensure" free). Find Out {10(le Glasgows n‘antin‘e frontage autumn: the 8V (MW/oi}. the Otttx Clyde t> sail-'13; shit) still .ifloat

in the UK.